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[DREAM!ing] Hakka Shigure Character Story translation Chapter 3

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I began slowly rotating the key and a defined sound reverberate inside the room, indicating that the drawer was unlocked. Stored deep inside the drawer was a leather-bound diary made in Italy. And beneath the glossy jetblack leather was…

Shigure: …

However, I closed the drawer and locked the diary inside, leaving it untouched. I went outside, carrying nothing but my credit card. I took a 20-minute walk to the nearest organic store and took time in thinking what additional ingredients to buy.

Shigure: So I’m done cooking dinner, eh?

For tonight, I made beef stew using a pressure cooker, prepared chopped salad consisting of 15 kinds of vegetables, and baked a few pieces of bread. The current time was 6:58pm — two minutes before Shinya arrives. I decided to spend those two minutes by casually cleaning the sink.

Shigure: Oh, Shinya’s calling. Yes?
Shinya: I’m so sorry, Shigure! An emergency surgery just came up, so I’ll be coming home late! Maybe past 10. You’d probably get hungry if you wait that long so you can go ahead and eat without me.
Shigure: Okay. I wish you the best of luck.

Shinya ended the call.

I checked the time. It’s 7pm.

Shigure: Three hours before Shinya arrives…

All of a sudden, there’s a blank space on my schedule. Left with nothing to do, I couldn’t help but be reminded of the jetblack notebook inside my locked drawer. 

Senri: Alright, how about this note?
Yuuma: Hmm…do, re, mi, fa….la?
Senri: Yup, that’s correct! But you’re too slow because you keep on counting on your fingers.
Yuuma: But I told you I can’t read sheet music, right?
Senri: (sighs) But I wanted to join the Light Music-slash-Popularity Club with you!
Yuuma: If you want to be popular, you should just join the gardening club like what Yanagi-senpai did. He said it’s fun being surrounded by flowers.
Senri: I bet that by “flowers,” he wasn’t even  talking about plants. Besides, the kind of popularity that Hanabusa-senpai has isn’t really what I want. What I want is to experience the ups and downs of an exciting high school life, having bandmates, being moved by music and being one with it! Don’t you think we can experience all this if we join the light music club?
Yuuma: Hmm…Playing instruments is not a bad idea…
Senri: Then come and join the light music club with me~!
Shigure: Shinonome Academy does not have a light music club.
Senri: Seriously?!
Yuuma: Hello there, Hakka-senpai…
Shigure: I cooked dinner but ended up making too much, so I came here to share it with other students .
Yuuma: —! Is there beef inside that pot?
Senri: Wow, it smells good– but before that, were you serious about this school not having a light music club? What about my dreams of having fun high school days?!

Another student from a distance was also shocked to hear this. 

I poured the beef stew in a bowl while thinking about how coming here was a great idea.

Shigure: Here you go.
Yuuma: Umm…the truth is, I only have 3 yen left in my daily allowance.
Shigure: I was the one who cooked this so there is no need to pay.

Almost instantly, Mochizuki-kun’s eyes sparkled as he indulged himself in the stew.

Yuuma: This is so delicious! …It’s been 5 days since I last ate meat.
Senri: This tastes so good! It’s awesome how you can cook, too, Hakka-senpai! Is there anything you can’t do?
Shigure: Thank you. Though if I am not mistaken, Mochizuki-kun also makes something in their kitchen from time to time.
Yuuma: Yes, I often make fukuregashi (steamed cake). They don’t have it here so I have no choice but to make one.
Shigure: Yes, when one does not have something, he should just make one.
Senri: Make…Exactly! We should just start a light music club of our own!
Shigure: This is exactly how I wanted this conversation to go. However, freshmen are not allowed to establish clubs on their own.
Senri: And here I thought I had a great idea…
Shigure: But there is actually another way. Have you heard of Shinonome Academy’s Yume Light Music Circle?
Yuuma, Senri: Yume Light Music Circle?
Takaomi: (shocked)
Shigure: It is currently inactive, but if it can gain a total of seven members, it will be qualified to be an official school club. In that case, the circle will not only be able to participate in the fair on Saturday, but will also have the privilege to ask for funding from the school.
Senri: You did say the circle is inactive but it still means there were people who joined, right? Who were they?
Shigure: The members consist of the president, the two dorm heads…and me.

End of Chapter 3
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Note about Chapter 1: Takaomi was practicing how to play the guitar.

*fukuregashi – confectionery made up of brown sugar, flour, eggs and baking soda. Usually found in Kagoshima prefecture (Yuuma’s hometown). (Source: http://kyoudo-ryouri.com/en/food/3234.html)


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