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[DREAM!ing] Hakka Shigure Character Story translation Chapter 4

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Senri: The Light Music Circle is currently recruiting members! Take these flyers for more details!  

A whole night has passed since I went to the cafeteria and talked about establishing a light music club in this academy. Nito-kun and I are currently handing out invitational flyers made by Mochizuki-kun. 

Shigure: Mochizuki-kun is really good at drawing, isn’t he? This Les Paul looks so lustrous and realistic.
Yuuma: What’s a “Les Paul?”
Shigure: It’s the guitar you drew, the Gibson Les Paul guitar.
Yuuma: Oh, it’s just that I sometimes see Shishimaru playing that guitar in the school garden and I decided to sketch him without him knowing.
Senri: You’ve gotta be kidding me! I never knew he plays instruments.
Touji: Ahem.
Senri: Hey there, Hari!
Yuuma: Are you here to get a pamphlet again?
Shigure: If that is the case, then this is your third time receiving one.
Touji: Is that so? I was not aware that it’s my third time coming here. Ha-ha-ha!
Senri: Could it be that you wanna be popular, too?
Touji: N-n-n-no! It is just that I started playing various instruments at a very young age but have yet to experience joining a club which specializes in music. Thus, I want to–
Senri: –be popular, right?
Touji: That is not what I intend to say!
Shigure: “Try a horse by riding him, and judge a man by living with him.” In other words, we can only fully understand things by experiencing them.
Touji: Exactly!
Senri: Anyway, if you’ll join, we have seven members in total!
Yuuma: Huh? Does that include me?
Senri: Of course!

With this, it has been confirmed that the circle will apply for club recognition.

At that moment, though, I could sense someone watching us intently while hiding himself.

Shigure: Alright. Let us have a discussion about the next steps we shall be taking.

Location: practice room

Senri: The first step is to assign positions, right? Also, what are we going to do about the original members?
Shigure: Since they rarely stay at school, let us disregard them for now.
Senri: Okay! I’ll be the vocalist and lead guitarist then! After all, it’s the vocalist who usually becomes the most popular member~
Yuuma: All I could play is a recorder flute…
Touji: I would like to be the manager! After all, I can use my influence and connections to promote our band.
Shigure: Since I also have council work, I will not be able to rehearse and perform with you.
Senri: Hey! No disbanding all of a sudden!
Shigure: I’m glad my work is starting to multiply even more.

Several days passed by in a blink of an eye. Today is the day before the club fair.

Shigure: Shishimaru-kun.
Takaomi: Huh? Why the hell are you here?

He looked at me with wary eyes as he removed his headphones. Instead of attempting to make him feel at ease, my face remained expressionless and indifferent as I opened my mouth to speak. 

Shigure: I noticed how you were keeping an eye on the Light Music Club.
Takaomi: …
Shigure: I noticed how you were watching us when we were having a casual meeting at the cafeteria, as well as when we were distributing pamphlets. Can I know why?
Takaomi: Tch. People who are stupidly engrossed over this whole “enjoy your high school life” shit are such eyesores.

Shishimaru-kun was about to put his headphones back on as if to say there’s nothing more to talk about.

Shigure: Is that so? I was merely wondering whether you are interested to join the club as well…because you are a “Matagi.”
Takaomi: What the— How did you know?!

A Matagi is a fan of the now disbanded but legendary Japanese band Uribos.

Shigure: Anyone who knows Uribos would think that you are probably a Matagi once they see your shirt. By the way, the Light Music Club plans to hold a performance during tomorrow’s fair but we are still lacking one band member.
Takaomi: …

The very reason why I invited him on the day before the fair is so that he would not have ample time to reasonably think about his decision.

Shigure: I actually like Uribos’ debut song.
Takaomi: (surprised)

Thinking that talking to him any further might merely make him stubborn and decline my invitation, I decided to leave the rooftop.

I opened the door leading to the rehearsal room and was met by the sound of a flute, an instrument that can easily drain one’s strength.

Senri: Yumapi~ I’m at the climax of the manga I’m reading but I can’t concentrate because of the flute sounds~

Nito-kun was lying on the floor while being absorbed in reading a manga book. Meanwhile, Harimiya-kun was in a corner of the room.

Touji: Hello, Hakka-senpai! I wrote something in calligraphy to express my aspirations as this club’s manager!  What do you think?
Shigure: “Goal: to hold a concert at the Bundokan*!”…?
Touji: Yes! Because after The Seatles* had a concert in Japan for the first time in 1966, the arena was dubbed “Rock ‘n Roll’s Eastern Palace.” And as the manager of Shinonome Academy’s Light Music Club, I, the magnificent Harimiya Touji, shall shape this band into a top tier Japanese music icon.
Senri: But shouldn’t we gather members who can play instruments first before aiming to have a concert at the Bundokan? …Omg, you’ve gotta be kidding me, right? Is this character gonna die for real?! Jeez~ Both fiction and reality are not being nice to me.
Yuuma: (plays the flute) (meaning: Cheer up, Nito.)
Touji: Nito-kun, Mochizuki-kun! If you continue with that attitude, our Bundokan concert will become very far from reach.

The boy on the rooftop aside, I have another trump card up my sleeve.

And albeit joining at the last moment, I’m glad to see him inside this practice room.

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“The Seatles” is a reference to The Beatles (from B, they changed it C. Get it? XD) and the Bundokan is a reference to the Budokan, an indoor arena in Tokyo. The Beatles’ first concert in Japan was held at the Budokan, and it was the first ever rock concert to be held at said venue.

The Matagi are traditional Japanese hunters. For a detailed explanation, you may read this article from Discover Tenkara.


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