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Mido Torao [4am Dusty Love] RabiTV Translation

Chapter 1: Tetrarchy

Ryo: Hey everyone, are you interested in having solo songs?

Haruka: What? I see you’ve thought of some weird idea again.

Touma: Indeed, a solo song is an essential part of being an idol.

Minami: It seems like an opportunity you would give to a popular member of a group, doesn’t it?

Ryo: The main vocalists, Haruka and Touma! Subvocalists Torao and Minami! I wonder how people would react if I let these four people sing on their own.

Torao: Who knows? I’m not even interested to begin with.

Ryo: “Waah~! Torao and Minami usually just sing the chorus but now they’re singing solo! Awesome! Haruka and Touma singing by themselves feels different and they’re so cool as always!” My very own adorable ZOOL will be seen in a different light. Isn’t it exciting?

Touma: What are you thinking, Ryo-san? It’s my first time seeing you getting excited over us.

Haruka: I think it’s because his solo song was released recently.

Torao: Who are you talking about?

Ryo: Exactly! Riku’s solo song was great, right?

Minami: Did you perhaps come up with this idea because of Nanase-san’s song?

Ryo: (chuckles) Isn’t it such a wonderful idea? Wanna listen to Riku’s solo, Minami?

Minami: I shall take it into consideration.

Touma: Just because of Riku? Are you serious, Ryo-san?

Torao: Well, isn’t Ryo-san always like that?

Ryo: With that being said, I leave the composition of songs to you, Minami. Each of the songs will be released on your birthdays.

Minami: …

Haruka: Minami will be composing them? Can you?

Minami: I have been composing ZOOL’s songs because they are group songs with a predetermined concept. However, I cannot compose individual songs for people who I don’t even know very well.

Touma: Mina…

Torao: Haha. After all, we’re not close friends with each other like Idolish7. Right, Haruka?

Haruka: No one thinks we’re close.

Ryo: Yes, no one cares about your relationship with each other. What they care about is the entertainment you bring. I’ll leave the rest to you then, Minami. (leaves the room)

Haruka: So, what are we gonna do, Minami?

Minami: This is indeed a problem. I really cannot compose a solo song. Shall we hire a composer?

Touma: No, we’re gonna do this on our own.

Torao: Touma?

Touma: Let’s do this project! With Minami composing the songs for us.

Torao: …

Minami: I think I have already said this plenty of times but composing solo songs is impossible for me. I do not want to bear such a heavy responsibility.

Touma: Nothing will change if you give up before even trying! You’ll be making songs for us and they’ll be released on our birthdays! Aren’t you happy about that?

Haruka: Here we go again with Touma and his burning passion.

Torao: It’s nice that you’re passionate about it, but doesn’t Minami have a point? We don’t know each other very well, so I understand why he can’t compose our solo songs.

Touma: Are you trying to say that if we hire a composer, he can do better by just reading our profiles?

Haruka, Minami, Torao: ……

Touma: Come on, let’s give it a try. We can just start to get to know more about each other from now on. As for me, I know that Mina is good at fortune-telling, surprisingly loves ramen, and gives it his all when he needs to. Doesn’t it already mean that I know you well enough?

Minami: (chuckles)

Haruka: Minami?

Minami: Okay. Let us try it out then. I saw how Inumaru-san tried his best to make a pass at me, so I guess it wouldn’t hurt to give him a chance.

Touma: Make a pass?!

Torao: Hahaha. You really are one sexy guy, Touma.

Minami: He indeed is. I guess the people you make a pass at also feel this way, Mido-san

Torao: Not bad, right?

Minami: Not at all. It feels like walking on a soft carpet.

Touma: We-well, I honestly don’t like you to think I was really hitting on Mina, but that aside, I’m glad he’s finally agreed to compose the songs. Haru, Tora, you’re in on this too, right?

Haruka: If Minami will be composing then yes, I’m fine. Besides, I don’t feel like singing any song unless it was composed by Minami.

Torao: Fine with me. It’s showtime then. Watch me tell pick-up lines that feels just the same as having Touma lay you down on a soft bed.

Touma: Cut that out already!

Minami: I shall do my best to come up with something good. Allow me to consult with you on a few matters.

Minami: Hello, everyone. I would like to talk to you regarding the solo songs.

Touma: Sure! What is it?

Minami: I think it is necessary that I know more about you all before I start composing the songs.

Torao: Oh, you did say that when we first talked about it, didn’t you?

Haruka: So, what do you want to ask?

Minami: I shall start with Mido-san. Can you tell me more about yourself?

Touma: I see. After all, Tora’s birthday comes first.

Torao: Sure! What do you wanna know about me? The number of women I dated or number of women I rejected?

Haruka: I’m not curious about that at all though….

Touma: Is that really what you think about all day? Don’t you think about us at all?

Torao: I remember you guys when I brush my teeth. I’m sure that made you happy, didn’t it?

Haruka: I’m not happy about that at all….

Minami: (chuckles) I am pleased to hear that, Mido-san. However, I want to know you on a deeper level. I want to know things like places where you often visit, the things you usually do, the things you think about, and the emotions you feel. Would you please tell us about these things on our upcoming day off?

Torao: Haha. What a passionate way of inviting me to a date.

Touma: Does that mean we’ll be hanging out with each other?

Haruka: That’s a great idea! After all, Torao is a rich guy, so I bet on his days off, he rides in a limo and eats at an expensive restaurant.

Touma: Exactly! And his birthday cakes are probably made by his own personal chef!

Minami: Or maybe he rides on a luxurious cruise ship.

Torao: People never change. In the end, it’s not that they really wanted to be with me. They just wanted the things that I have. On my birthdays, all I do is spend a whole day with some girl, and it feels so dull. The cakes were made by an expert patissier, but it didn’t taste any different from a cake you can buy at a convenience store. I’m sure these guys are just the same as those people. Sure! I’ll show you what it feels like to have a luxurious day. Let’s hang out on our upcoming day off.

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