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Alice=Alice vol 4 translation (Mad Hatter) CV: Toriumi Kousuke

Track 1: The Wonderful yet Crazy World

Alright, my dear dormice, let’s start another tea party, shall we? I shall be the one to serve today’s tea, but only to the one who pleads to me adorably. So, which of you can please me?

Ahh, you’re doing well Marie-chan. I like the look in your eyes. But I want to see more emotion. Wag your tail more sexily. Yes, like that.

[0:57] You’re doing great, too, Colly-chan. I can see how your ears are quivering in excitement. Could it be that you’re not only after the tea but something else as well? I could tell from the look on your face, you know?

Hmm…how should I decide…Cling on to me, you two. Make sure your arms, legs and tails are entangled all over me, and show me a face that tells me how you want to drink my tea so badly.

[1:28] (Laughs) Very good. You two are doing a great job. It seems I have no choice but to serve tea to the both of you. Are you feeling very happy right now? (chuckles) I knew it. Wait here while I prepare your t– hmm? What in the world is this tea cup? It’s chipped. (throws the cup away) Huh? This one is chipped, too…and this one, and this one…all of them! (throws all the cups away) Goodness gracious. While they make my perfect beauty standout even more, it does not change the fact that they miserably let themselves become imperfect. I’m so sorry, my dear tea cups. There’s no way I’ll use you, because you look inelegant. You do not deserve to be here. (throws another cup away) (sighs) Now I suddenly feel quite gloomy. Forget about the tea. Let’s just eat some sweets. I wonder which of them is splendid enough and is worth being eaten by me. Huh? (Alice falls from above) AAAAHH!

[3:00] Ahh…that hurt. What is going on? I would’ve hit my head really hard on the ground if it weren’t for this caterpillar cushion. Goodness gracious! Now my clothes have become filthy! And the position of my hat is way off! After trying my best to always keep it in that perfect position… Are you alright, my dear dormice?

Huh? Where are you two going? What in the world is going on? Hmm? Who are you?

Ahh what an ugly face! Unlike my face, I can’t bear looking at yours for too long. Goodness gracious! My eyes are as delicate as glass and are getting scratched because of you! I can’t believe this thing had to disturb our tea party. What a bad day!

Why do you looked scared? I am the one who’s supposed to be trembling in fear here.

So, would you care to explain how you got yourself here?

[4:26] You fell down a hole? (laughs) It’s as if you’re claiming that you’re Alice. Or could it be that…you really are Alice?! You’ve got to be kidding me! But Alice is supposed to be a unique existence rivaled by no one else in this world. Alice is considered to be a top-class dessert that everyone wants to taste. Of all women in the world, why did she have to be someone who just ruins my radiant beauty? Why did Alice have to be someone who knows no shame? Aaaah, nevermind!

[5:16] What’s the matter? I know that I’m the most handsome man in this world but can you please stop staring at me? It disgusts me to be stared at by someone like you. Being looked at by those eyes makes me feel even filthier than before.

Huh? You have no idea what this place is? Are you serious? Don’t tell me you came here not knowing what you got yourself into. (sighs) You look so pathetic that you leave me with no choice but to explain. You see, this is Wonderland, a place filled with desire and pleasure. Once you come inside, there’s no way out. This place is wonderful, but crazy. The look on your face tells me you don’t believe me, though. How about looking around to see for yourself? Can you see that mushroom sofa, the carpet made of spiderweb, the bagworm moth lamp, and the walls made up of candy sculptures? I bet a room as stylish as this doesn’t exist in your world. Ahh, I guess I should also introduce myself then. You might already know me because of this elegant and stylish hat that I’m wearing, but as you can see, I am the Mad Hatter, also known as the Most Beautiful Man in the Universe. And those two dormice are my loyal and adorable servants who follow my each and every order. The one wearing high socks is Marie-chan and the one wearing boots is Colly-chan. They’re so adorable, aren’t they? Or are you too stupid that you can’t follow with what I’m saying? Anyway, that ends my explanation. Never would I waste my precious time explaining things to someone as stupid as you. Also, may I remind you that you just ruined our tea party?

[7:22] Your apologies are futile so can you just shut up? The sound of your voice is so annoying. I’ve noticed since a while ago how you smell so good, though. (breathes in) What a sweet scent, a scent that makes me want to take a small bite.

Mmm…What a fragrant smell. Let me taste you some more. Mmm…

Now I understand why Marie-chan and Colly-chan suddenly jumped at you. You see, these two have a stronger sense of smell than I. This just proves how the eyes tend to become blind the moment the nose smells something nice. Appearance aside, what lies beyond that proves that you are indeed the one and only Alice. Who would’ve thought you’d make me feel this thrilled and excited even though I just tasted you a little bit? Not bad. Since you falling on the table scattered all the cookies and chocolates on the floor, you will be our dessert for today.

[8:56] (chuckles) Running away is pointless. Where do you plan to go, anyway? You came to this world not knowing anything about it, right? Go on and try recklessly going outside this room. If you do that, the others will be able to sniff you out and you’ll just get eaten. Like I said, just tasting you a little bit makes one crave for more, because you’re the most delicious dessert one can ever have (tastes Alice).

There is no one in this world who doesn’t know your existence. All of us want to eat you. Everyone is after you. The Black Rabbit who had always wanted to died would probably jump at you first. After all, he’s got himself convinced that he’ll go back to being mortal after eating you. Or maybe that crazy Cheshire Cat would come at you first. Knowing him, he might already be watching you now from somewhere.

[10:03] Ahh! What have I done?! I got careless and accidentally talked about cats. Nettle rashes are forming on my skin. Ahh, my body feels so itchy! I’m allergic to cats!

Ahh, anyway, if you’ll just get eaten by the lowly beings outside, just stay here and I will be the one to eat you. Don’t worry, it’s not gonna hurt. In this world, pain feels just the same as pleasure. It will be no one else but I who will eat you, and I am sure it will be pleasurable to you as well.

(Alice tries to escape) You seriously still think you can escape? (claps his hands two times) Colly-chan, Marie-chan, don’t let today’s tea time snack run away. I have an idea. You can just surround her so that she can’t escape.

Good girls. Seeing you chase after her whilst wriggling your tails is such a nice sight.

Aww. Too bad you were caught. I did thoughtlessly take a few bites a while ago, but now it’s time to savor your taste for real.

And I’ll tell you how delicious you are.

Track 2: The Tea Party’s Rules

First, I’m going to restrain you so that you can’t move. Marie-chan, pin down her right arm, and Colly-chan, pin down her left arm. Yes, like that. Make sure she won’t be able to escape, okay?

Stop right there, Colly-chan. Who said you can take a bite on her arm? Marie-chan, seeing you twitch your nose while drawing closer to Alice just shows how much you want a taste of her, too, doesn’t it? I can’t blame you two, though. After all, Alice smells so good. You want to taste her, too, right? I will let you do so, but only after I taste her. If you do your job well, I will let you have your turn, too. That being said, make sure to restrain her properly.

Alright, I wonder where should I start. Maybe I should just start with your nape. It looks so soft. I wonder what it tastes like.

[1:14] What in the world is this flavor? It tastes so sweet that just a little bite is enough to make my teeth melt. This is my first time tasting something like this, a flavor that is not just sweet, but has a rich depth of flavor.

Mmm… (chuckles) I saw you twitch. Does that mean you’re already feeling a sense of pleasure even though I just took a little bite?

I told you being eaten by me feels good.

Mmm…Can you feel your body shaking in pleasure? Oh my. My beloved dormice, are you really craving for Alice that much that you’re starting to drool? Sadly, it’s not your turn yet. You have to wait a little longer.

Oh, what if I tear all of your clothes so that I can see every part that I touch? I want to know if each body part has its own unique taste. Leaving you tied up somewhere and gazing at you while my dormice and I enjoy our tea party is not be a bad idea either. (breathes in) That aside, you really give off a tremendously fragrant scent. Ahhh. Where is that scent coming from? (sniffs) Hmm…here? (sniffs) Or maybe from your back? Hmm…I wonder where that sweet scent is coming from. Maybe it’s coming from under your arms. (breathes in) What a sweet smell. But this seems to be not the only part of your body that smells this way. Maybe it’s coming from the nape. (sniffs) This part smells nice, too, but I don’t think the scent is coming from here. Can you find it for me, my two dormice?

[3:44] Stop struggling, you’re giving my dormice a hard time.

So, were you two able to find where the scent is coming from? Ahh, look at how you got intoxicated by her scent. I know how you feel. It’s a scent so good that you feel high and enthralled, right?

Her whole body gives off the scent? I see. I guess there’s no use in trying to find its origin any further. I hate to admit it, but it seems that you really are Alice, despite your unsightly appearance. Not bad. Now that the two have mentioned it (breathes in) I also realized how your whole body gives off a nice scent. Yup, there’s no doubt about it. Each and every part of your body gives off a very nice fragrant smell. You’re like a sachet that has came to life. Ahh, I’m such a genius for thinking up of such a beautiful metaphor! Oh my goodness! [5:00] I was disappointed by your physical appearance but the scent you give off smells very good. And I’m sure you taste good when eaten, too. Just imagining how you taste like makes me shiver in excitement. It makes me want to eat you from head to toe. (tastes Alice)

Track 03: The Mad Hatter’s Reward for His Dormice

Oh, what’s the matter, my dear dormice? You look very displeased about Alice’s arrival.

Oh, now I understand. Sorry, I unconsciously complimented you too much that it seems like the two got jealous of you. Ahaha, they even put handcuffs on you. You see, these two are my two adorable, loyal and determined underlings and I am their master, so to speak. Of course, they won’t allow their master to be taken away from them, will they? But because of your sweet smell, they also feel the urge to eat you. What a dilemma indeed. Oh well, I guess I have no choice but to give my two devoted jealous dormice a reward. Go on, you can have a taste of her now. I’ll just hold her down from behind while I enjoy watching you taste her.

[1:27] There’s no use in struggling at this point. Do you know what situation you are in now? You’re restrained by handcuffs and my dear dormice are licking you from both sides. Look at the mirrors on the wall. Can you see how disgraceful you look?

What a surprise. I didn’t know you feel embarrassment from time to time, too. What’s the matter? I though you didn’t like this. Why not try struggling even more?

Ahh, yes, just like that. You look so desperate to escape that it looks funny. Did you particularly like her flank, Marie-chan? I see how you’re licking it quite aggressively. It seems that she tastes so good you can’t get enough. (laughs) How about you, Colly-chan? It looks like her scent has made you intoxicated for good that your eyes are out of focus.

Seeing my dormice eat you with great delight makes me want to taste you some more, too. Hmm…maybe I should take a little bite again. Mmm…Your flavor tastes stronger than before. This just means getting eaten by my dormice made you taste better. It felt good being eaten by my dormice, right? After all, it was I who taught them such refined skills. Which is why…mmm…I bet you’re gonna feel even better once I eat you…mmm…and in turn taste better as well.

[3:44] What’s with that rude glare? Knowing that you’re against it makes me want to do it even more. Hmm…these clothes are getting in the way. Marie-chan, Colly-chan, strip her blouse off.

Struggling actually makes it easier for them strip your clothes off, you know? The more you struggle the more your body is getting exposed. Just stay still, okay? Remember how I told you that one must not interfere with my tea party? You are the dessert on the plate so watch your manners. This bare naked back…mmm…delicious…It’s so addictive.

Yes, keep that up, my dear dormice. Taste and lick her body just the way I do. Let your tongue caress her skin to your heart’s content. Yes, like that. Perfect. This feels great. Let me have a look at your face. Ahh…fair skin with a tinge of pink. (kiss) It’s so delicious. Alright, this ends my sample tasting session. It’s time for the main event. Chu. Ru. Ri.*

Track 04: The Alluring Dessert

I’m sure you won’t be able to escape if I sit on your lap like this. I’ll remove your hand cuffs, but in exchange, you’re gonna take my clothes off for me. You understand? (the Mad Hatter removes Alice’s hand cuffs)

Alright. First, untie this top tier ribbon of mine. Hey, wait a second. Who said you can untie it in that boring normal way? It’s too mediocre if you do it that way. You have to untie it in a way that is befitting of my sexiness and beauty. For example…ahh! You can bite the tip of the ribbon and untie it using your mouth.

Yes, just like that, erotically and elegantly. Perfect. I knew you could do it. Hnn…ahh! How beautiful! Try to look more closely. You don’t get to see a chest as perfect as this everyday, right? Hnn…! Ahh…stop that! Your tongue is touching my skin. I did tell you to take my clothes off but I never said you can eat me yet. Could it be that you can’t hold yourself back anymore after seeing my perfect body? I can’t blame you for feeling that way, though. Alright, since the mood is building up, it’s time to start the tea party!

[2:15] (Kiss) Your lips are so soft and it tastes (kiss) good. It tastes fruity and sweet like a jam made of ripe strawberries.

Your sweet scent seems to smell stronger the more I approach this part. I have to taste what lies under that garment. Oh, I have an idea. What if I use my lips and do this–*

The scent smells stronger now that I can see what lies under those clothes. I feel like I’m peeling a fruit. Maybe I should peel it some more, once again using my lips….

Now I have peeled half of it. I’ll save the other half for later. (breathes in) Ahh, what an alluring scent. (kiss) If I bite something that smells this good, I wonder how delicious the honey inside would be. Hmm…where should I start then?

Oh, since this is a very special and rare tea party, I should have Colly-chan and Marie-chan take photos of us as a remembrance of this moment. Aha…ahahahaha! I’m sure that just looking at those photos would send pleasant shivers down my spine. Ahahaha! What a marvelous idea. Alright, let’s do it. (claps hands twice) Marie-chan, Colly-chan, prepare a screen and lighting equipment.

Isn’t it obvious enough? I am asking my dormice to take 360 degree images of our grand tea party.

Look at how I look so sexy and handsome with my upturned eyes. What a beautiful man I am!

[5:05] (sighs)…Oh, I didn’t mean to stare off into space. I was too mesmerized by myself. Going back, should I start with your index finger?

Haa, I knew it! Your finger is like a piece toasted bread topped with a lavish amount of honey. Look, honey is slowly dripping from it. Mmm…I want more. Your fingers are not enough. I want to eat the parts in between, too. Mmm…ahh…You seem to be enjoying this too, eh? I’ll do it some more then. Mmm…mm–?

Marie-chan, Colly-chan, if you take shots from that angle, the flowers in the background would cast a shadow on my face! Also, there’s not enough light here. Fix the position of the reflector board! Make sure you do your job well, okay? I won’t allow the existence of any imperfect photographs of me.

Going back, I wonder which part should I eat next? (breathes in) Ahh…this swelled part of your chest smells as sweet as maple syrup. What a nice smell. I’m sure it will be dripping with sweet honey once I take a bite. Ahh…this is so perfect. I can’t get enough. Okay, without further ado, I’ll be taking a bite now. (Marie and Colly are causing a commotion) Mmm…it tastes as delicious as I thought it would be. Ahh, lots of honey are spilling on the floor, too. And it smells so good. (breathes in the smell)

[7:27] What’s the matter?! Can you stay quiet, you two?! Huh? The stand is casting a shadow over me? AAH! Who cares about that?! I’m busy here–ahh, the honey is spilling. Mmm…huh? Is it just me or do your lips feels softer than before? Mmm…it feels like eating a chewy candy. Mmm…why not enjoy the taste of my honey, too? Mmm…it tastes delicious, right? Ahaha…I feel your body getting warmer after having a taste of my honey. Mmm…(breathes in) You really do taste good. At first, I though you were just an unattractive and disgraceful woman, but now, I can’t stop wanting more of you. It’s been a while since I’ve tasted something this good, and I’m feeling very ecstatic.

Next, I shall let you eat me. Not every one gets that chance, you know? Feeling excited? I’m sure you’ve been waiting for this all this time. Come closer and cling on to me. Come on, now.

Ah…ahh! Wait a second! Wait for my signal first! Ah..ahh! What? You can’t hold yourself back anymore? I’ll let you know what I taste like, then. Come on, now. Yes, as if you’re licking a cone of ice cream. Make sure to use your tongue. Ahh…yes, just like that. Perfect. Ahh…ahh, stop! I know it tastes good, but if you keep on eating that part, it’ll disappear. Ahh…my body feels warm. My heart is racing too fast that the rest of my body can’t keep up! I’ll prove it to you. Try placing your hand on my throbbing chest.

[10:41] My heart is beating really fast, right? Alright, next is this finger. Come on, now. Eat it. Ahh…I’m getting eaten. My supple finger is inside your mouth. Ahh…I feel like I’m being gulped down. Ahh! How immoral and decadent of me. This feels so good. I love it. Keep it up. More, more. This is my first time feeling this way. I doubt I’ll ever get enough. Come on, now. Eat me as if your life depended on it.

That’s no good and is not enough to excite me. Put more force into it. I won’t be satisfied if you continue doing it that way. Try eating my shoulder. Don’t lick it. Bite it. Come on, now. You have no right to refuse.

Do you seriously call that a bite? Use your teeth and bite me with all your strength.

That’s still too weak. Put more strength into it. More…more…more!!!

Yes, just like that. Perfect. Push your whole body onto me, yes, just like that. Mmm…I knew you could do it. But I know you are even more capable than this. Come on, now. Don’t make me wait.

[12:49] Why are you hesitating? Do you honestly think you can escape at this point? Do you seriously think you’re allowed to disobey me? Hmm…could it be that you’re actually a fool? If not, then do as I say right this instant. Come on, now. Just do it.

Ahh…this feels great. How kinky. This is it. I’ve been waiting for this day to come. Ahahaha! Perfect. Things are starting to get more fun. Now this is what I call a real tea party. Come on, now. I know you want more. Eat to your heart’s content. Lick me. Bite me. Indulge. Tastes good, right? Savor the taste of my perfect body.

Ahh…this feels so good I feel like I’m gonna die. I can’t even think straight anymore. Ahh…so warm. This feels so great.

Huh? Ahh! What in the world have I done?! Sweat is all over my face and body and my hair is disheveled! This can’t be happening! I can’t believe I look so disgraceful! I’m so ashamed of myself. This can’t be happening!

(claps his hands two times) Marie-chan, please prepare some tea as soon as you catch your breath, of course, using a new set of cups. Roast some leaves, make milk tea, and don’t forget to add brandy as a finishing touch. Come on, now. Hurry up.

(sighs) I need to fix my hair.

Join me at the dining table. What? You can’t stand up? You leave me no choice then.

If you struggle, I’ll let you fall down on the floor. Just stay still while I carry you to your seat.

Track 5: The Best Lips for the Best Black Tea

(Marie pours tea.) Thanks. Just leave the tea there. Colly-chan, hand me my brush and mirror! Hmm…this means I have to remove my hat for a while. (removes hat) Ahhh goodness gracious! My hair is sticking on my forehead because of sweat! (fixes his hair) This will do. And lastly, a hat as a finishing touch. (puts hat back on) Ah, I look so handsome. I want to stare at my handsome face forever but I can’t let the tea get cold either. (drinks tea) Mmm…great job, you two. It doesn’t just tastes great, it also smells good. Perfect.

You’re probably feeling thirsty. I’ll let you drink some tea, too.

[1:28] Mmm…It tastes better than the usual black tea, right? After all, you just drank it from my mouth, a cup of finest quality. Huh? You see my hands shaking? Oh, this is probably withdrawal symptoms, as usual. Good grief. Well, this actually happens from time to time, because even I can’t help but tremble at the sight of my beauty. Maybe I was born to be the main character of a tragedy. Mmm…huh? The tea is starting to taste different from before. Could it be because your honey got mixed with it? Does this mean we’re drinking our original blend of tea? It tastes quite good. Let me drink some tea using your mouth, too. I want more of that original flavor. Mmm…ahh…I wonder why the more I drink this tea, the more my hands tremble. Maybe the trembling will stop if I eat more of you. Mmm…this is no good. The tremors are not getting any better. Give me more of you. (The cup that the Mad Hatter is holding falls to the ground and breaks.) Mmm…ahh…But that was a new cup and the tea tasted good, too. What a waste. I think I am trembling because I still haven’t had enough of you.

This ends our short break. From here on, I’ll be eating more of you.

Track 6: Spicing Things Up with an Aphrodisiac

As far as I remember, there are still lots of parts that I haven’t tasted yet. Ahh~ You’re clothes are really getting in the way. I’ll be eating you so you won’t be needing those anymore. First, I’ll be stripping your skirt off.

Mmm…eating your thighs feels like eating pudding. I love it. Oh, I was able to leave a mark. What a beautiful petal. I’ll leave lots of marks all over your body so that everyone would know that you are my dessert. Next, I’ll be eating this part.

Who said you can cover it with your hands? Don’t you dare interrupt my tea party. Come on, now. Take those hands off. Are you gonna stay stubborn? Okay, then.

All I have to do is pin your arms down like this. What a wonderful sight. It’s as if your fair skin is just waiting for me to eat you. Alright. I wonder where should I start? Should I start with your soft left thigh? I like how it looks plump and soft. But it doesn’t mean I’ve forgotten about the right one. In fact, I like it more than the left one. Your earlobes look soft, too. I’m sure they taste sweet when licked. (kiss) Ahh, it tastes great. So, what part of you tastes the most delicious? [2:22] Tell me.

Why are you not saying anything? Are you trying to tease me? Could it be that you can’t tell which part of you tastes best? Well, I guess it doesn’t even matter if you can’t give me an answer, because I can just discover it on my own. Your belly looks delicious. Mmm…it’s as smooth as a pancake. I doubt I’d get enough of this! Mmm…let me savor it some more. Ahh…this tastes so good I feel like I’m gonna go insane. (laughs) I feel like all the screws in my head came loose and my brain just melted away. I want more…more…mmm…I need to leave a mark on your skin or else someone might steal you from me. Mmm…here…and here…mmm…Is there still any part without a mark yet?

Look! The flowers I’ve planted all over your body has finally bloomed…But goodness gracious. I’m sure seeing me taking labored breathes wasn’t a beautiful sight at all. Oh, I think it’s because of this room. I need to prepare a beautiful venue for my beautiful self. (snaps fingers)

(laughs) Look at how our surroundings turned into a flower of gardens! What’s with the surprised look on your face? Have you forgotten you’re in Wonderland?

[4:38] These flowers…(breathes in) They smell so nice. For some reason, the scent they’re giving of is so alluring and seems to penetrate deep into my head. (sniff) Huh? I wonder why my body is trembling and is starting to feel warmer than before. (breathes in) (laughs) I wonder why I’m feeling so high. (laughs) Oh, now I know. It seems that the scent of these flowers works like an aphrodisiac. Also, you can notice that Marie-chan and Colly-chan are affected as well. The scent of these flowers, combined with yours, seem to have made them feel high, too. You see, they also want to eat you. Oh, I’ve got an idea. Colly-chan, Marie-chan, help Alice sit up and make her sit on my lap.

If we are facing each other like this, then I can eat you from the front while my two dormice can eat you from the back. This way, all three of us can have a share of you.

My, oh my. The two of you can’t wait any longer, can you? Go ahead and eat to your heart’s content, then. Ahaha…how greedy of you to devour Alice like that. Alright! Let’s make this an even more exciting tea party than ever before! You, too, should enjoy it to your heart’s content!

[6:43] (sniffs) Mmm…I can smell your sweet scent mixed with the flowers’ fragrance. Ahh…I love it! My heart is beating too fast that I feel like it’s gonna burst. Mmm…(laughs) Did you scream because it felt good? But what in the world was that shrill scream? Try letting out a more cute and erotic voice for once. Mmm…this bulge right here is so chewy and delicious. Mmm…ahh…your honey tastes so good that I can’t get enough of it. The way it tastes now is no match against what it tasted like at first. Mmm…your honey is messily spilling on my tongue. Ahahaha…this tastes so good that I really think I’m about to go crazy. Are you having a great time, too?

Could it be that being eaten by me felt so good that you can’t express what you feel through words anymore? I like the look in your eyes, not to mention I like face the look on your face, too. You look like you’re about to tear up and it’s clear how your body is enjoying all this. Seeing that expression of yours makes me want to devour you even more.

Take a look at Alice, my dear dormice. She’s overwhelmed by a feeling of pleasure. This just means we need to eat her more so that she can feel even better.

[8:40] Tilt your chin upwards. I haven’t tasted this part around your throat yet, right? Oh, please. It’d be hard to eat you if you’re in that position. Cling on to me. Come on, now. Come closer. Hold onto me even tighter! I want to eat each and every part of you.

Wait, wait, wait. Wait a second. I did tell you to cling on to me but would you mind entwining your body around me more sexily? Do it in a way more befitting of my beauty — sexily, erotically, vigorously. You have to do it elegantly or else. Come on, now. I want to see the enthralled, intoxicated look in your eyes.

Yes, like that. Good girl. (kiss) As a reward, I’ll eat you where you like it the most. (sniff) Mmm…see? It feels best when I eat this part, doesn’t it? The way your body is twitching in pleasure proves that I’m right. [10:20] Oh, honey is oozing out again. It would be a waste to just let it spill on the floor. Let me lick it. Mmm…

Do you want to have a taste of me again? (laughs) Sure. Come on, now. Eat me. Now is the best time to do it because I taste even more delicious than before. There’s no need to hold back. Go and eat to your heart’s content.

Yes, just like that. Bite into me harder.

Perfect. You’re getting good at this, eh? Could it be that you’re starting to feel high to because of the flowers? (laughs) Great! That way, we can both enjoy even more. Mmm…It’s my turn now. Mmm…I’ll never get tired of eating your lips. My heart is filled with excitement every time. Mmm…

Track 7: The Eternal Tea Party

(laughs) You should be happy. Your delicious taste has won over not just my two dormice but me as well. The rumors were true. You are indeed the most delicious dessert in the world. Mmm…I finally acknowledge you. You’re a perfect fit for me who’s the most handsome man in the world.

Oh, please. I’m so tired of being in this position.

It feels more comfortable for the both of us if I lie down next to you like this, right?

Marie-chan, Colly-chan, this girl’s delicious legs don’t have much honey left, you know?

Yes, each of you gets to have one leg so no fighting, okay?

Alright. Let me eat more of you. From head to toe. I still haven’t eaten to my heart’s content. Come on, now. Make me lose myself over you. Mmm…You can eat me, too. I don’t care about anything else anymore. I want more. More. Mmm…eating this part of you makes you feel good, too, right? [1:35] Can you be honest about what you feel for once? Mmm…

Next, it’s my turn. Bite my finger. Really hard.

Put more strength into it. That doesn’t even count as a bite.

Ahh…perfect. My head is swimming and I feel my mind melting away. I wonder what’s happening to me. I’m so addicted to this feeling that I feel like I’m losing myself. Mmm…this feels so great I feel like I’m gonna die. (laughs) Bite me even more…more…more! Do whatever you want with me. Set yourself free and be yourself! Because that is what this world is all about. Let’s enjoy to our heart’s content. There’s no need to hold back, and I won’t even hold you back. Let’s go crazy. (laughs)

Goodness gracious. What a nice sensation. Ahh…I eat you and then my dormice eat you, too and then you eat me and then I eat you again (laughs) What a mess! I can’t even think straight anymore. Oh my god! (laughs) This is my first time having a grand tea party like this. How exciting. This is so fun and insane! I love it!

[3:34] Cling on to me so that it’d be easier for me to eat you. I still want more of you. You want more of her too, right, my dear dormice? Go ahead and make a mess of her. Mmm…Did you hear that? They said they want more. Mmm…We’ll eat you to your heart’s content so let’s continue this wonderful tea party forever. Mmm…my stomach is not even half-full yet so prepare yourself. And don’t expect this will be over anytime soon.

After all, this tea party will never end.

Track 8: Seiyuu Free Talk

Hello, this is the Mad Hatter Toriumi, or should I say, the Mad Hatter’s voice actor, Toriumi Kousuke. This concludes the drama CD’s recording.

To talk about my thoughts about the whole recording session, I honestly just acted out everything by simply going with the flow (laughs). Of course, I mean it in a good way. I was thinking there’s no need to overthink about how I should play this role. At some point, it became quite challenging, though. To those who listened to this CD, how was it? I enjoyed the recording session my own way while convincing myself everything was alright.

[0:55] Well, about the Mad Hatter, he’s quite a narcissist, but later on, he becomes to absorbed to the point of not caring about his physical appearance anymore. So, what were your thoughts about that?

If I were to be asked which part left a strong impression on me, I’d say every part did. At some point I was thinking “What the hell is this? What in the world am I doing?” so in that sense, I can say everything about this recording session left a strong impression on me. For better or for worse, I gave it my all. Yes, for worse…and for better. I mean it in a good way (laughs).

[1:46] The Mad Hatter has two dormice who serves him and follows his orders. Is there any animal you want to have at your home to make it obey your orders?

Hmm…well, speaking of mice, I used to own hamsters. And if I remember correctly, I had around four white hamsters. Some of them were Djungarians and some were pudding hamsters. They were very cute and I played with them, but whenever I do so, my eyes feel itchy for some reason. There was a time when I went to a hospital and took an allergy test, and that was when I realized that my eyes felt itchy because of the hamsters. But oh well, they were cute so I couldn’t help but play with them.

[2:50] As for my experience on using a dummy head mic, at this point, I don’t really have anything new to share. After all, it’s been a long time since I started dubbing characters using a mic like this. I couldn’t even count how many times I use it in a year. We actually meet quite often. You did a great job today, partner.

As for my short message to the listeners, how was your experience listening to Alice=Alice’s Mad Hatter? Some of you may not be familiar with the other characters’ stories, but they are very charming characters, so please listen to their CDs as well and sending feedback to Rejet would be a great help.

Once again this has been the Mad Hatter (laughs), Toriumi Kousuke. Goodbye.


More drama CD translations

Candy sculpting is a form of art in Japan and is called amezaiku.

Chururi is most likely a mimetic word that expresses the act of tasting something (or this case, someone) by means of sucking/slurping, or in other words, what the Mad Hatter has been doing during the whole drama CD. In the context of drama CDs, it is not unusual for the character to actually say a mimetic or onomatopoeic word. For example, I’ve listened to this certain drama track where the actor actually says the word gacha (sound of a door opening), and yes, he just wanted to let the person listening know that he opened a door.

*Track 4 – It was never explicitly mentioned what the Mad Hatter was exactly doing but he did what sounded like a kiss to me. While I think listeners are left to imagine what exactly is happening, my (weird) imagination tells me that maybe the Mad Hatter’s saliva reacts with Alice’s undergarment and so it slowly melts/evaporates away OR maybe he just stripped it off.

There is also an Alice=Alice otome game and there the main character’s defaut name is Asuka but when she arrives at Wonderland she is called “Alice.” I’m not sure which one came out first, but anyway, the game has 3 endings for each character, two of the endings have Alice staying (or dying) in Wonderland, and one ending has Alice being able to go back to her world along with the male character and then they live happily ever after. The Mad Hatter’s drama CD is loosely based on one of the routes where Alice stays in Wonderland (but in the game the turn out of events is still quite different). In this route, it is revealed that the tea served in the Mad Hatter’s tea party is addictive, which might explain why he has withdrawal symptoms (and why he thinks it’s nothing new).

The Black Rabbit was cursed to become immortal.

Most of the entertainment from this CD is derived from listening to the CD itself. A lot of times, he “tastes” Alice in between his endless speech about how Alice smells great and tastes good. Here are a few sample audios.

In the original Alice in Wonderland, there is only one dormouse in the Mad Hatter’s tea party.

In an Alice in Wonderland film released in 2010, the dormouse has a name, “Mallymkun.” My guess is that Marie and Colly’s names came from Mallymkun’s nickname which is Mally.

Thank you always, Melanie! You are the reason why this site is full of Torikou drama CDs lol.

Kudos to Torikou for his top-tier acting skills! I like how he really sounded like a narcissist lol.
Also, can I switch places with the dummy head m– \\slapped

The BGM tho. Top tier!


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