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Natsume Minami [Dejavu] Rabbit TV Translation

You can read Torao’s RabiTV here.

Chapter 1: Tetrarchy

Ryo: Hey everyone, are you interested in having solo songs?

Haruka: What? I see you’ve thought of some weird idea again.

Touma: Indeed, a solo song is an essential part of being an idol.

Minami: It seems like an opportunity you would give to a popular member of a group, doesn’t it?

Ryo: The main vocalists, Haruka and Touma! Subvocalists Torao and Minami! I wonder how people would react if I let these four people sing on their own.

Torao: Who knows? I’m not even interested to begin with.

Ryo: “Waah~! Torao and Minami usually just sing the chorus but now they’re singing solo! Awesome! Haruka and Touma singing by themselves feels different and they’re so cool as always!” My very own adorable ZOOL will be seen in a different light. Isn’t it exciting?

Touma: What are you thinking, Ryo-san? It’s my first time seeing you getting excited over us.

Haruka: I think it’s because his solo song was released recently.

Torao: Who are you talking about?

Ryo: Exactly! Riku’s solo song was great, right?

Minami: Did you perhaps come up with this idea because of Nanase-san’s song?

Ryo: (chuckles) Isn’t it such a wonderful idea? Wanna listen to Riku’s solo, Minami?

Minami: I shall take it into consideration.

Touma: Just because of Riku? Are you serious, Ryo-san?

Torao: Well, isn’t Ryo-san always like that?

Ryo: With that being said, I leave the composition of songs to you, Minami. Each of the songs will be released on your birthdays.

Minami: …

Haruka: Minami will be composing them? Can you?

Minami: I have been composing ZOOL’s songs because they are group songs with a predetermined concept. However, I cannot compose individual songs for people who I don’t even know very well.

Touma: Mina…

Torao: Haha. After all, we’re not close friends with each other like Idolish7. Right, Haruka?

Haruka: No one thinks we’re close.

Ryo: Yes, no one cares about your relationship with each other. What they care about is the entertainment you bring. I’ll leave the rest to you then, Minami. (leaves the room)

Haruka: So, what are we gonna do, Minami?

Minami: This is indeed a problem. I really cannot compose a solo song. Shall we hire a composer?

Touma: No, we’re gonna do this on our own.

Torao: Touma?

Touma: Let’s do this project! With Minami composing the songs for us.

Torao: …

Minami: I think I have already said this plenty of times but composing solo songs is impossible for me. I do not want to bear such a heavy responsibility.

Touma: Nothing will change if you give up before even trying! You’ll be making songs for us and they’ll be released on our birthdays! Aren’t you happy about that?

Haruka: Here we go again with Touma and his burning passion.

Torao: It’s nice that you’re passionate about it, but doesn’t Minami have a point? We don’t know each other very well, so I understand why he can’t compose our solo songs.

Touma: Are you trying to say that if we hire a composer, he can do better by just reading our profiles?

Haruka, Minami, Torao: …

Touma: Come on, let’s give it a try. We can just start to get to know more about each other from now on. As for me, I know that Mina is good at fortune-telling, surprisingly loves ramen, and gives it his all when he needs to. Doesn’t it already mean that I know you well enough?

Minami: (chuckles)

Haruka: Minami?

Minami: Okay. Let us try it out then. I saw how Inumaru-san tried his best to make a pass at me, so I guess it wouldn’t hurt to give him a chance.

Touma: Make a pass?!

Torao: Hahaha. You really are one sexy guy, Touma.

Minami: He indeed is. I guess the people you make a pass at also feel this way, Mido-san

Torao: Not bad, right?

Minami: Not at all. It feels like walking on a soft carpet.

Touma: W-well, I honestly don’t like you to think I was really hitting on Mina, but that aside, I’m glad he’s finally agreed to compose the songs. Haru, Tora, you’re in on this too, right?

Haruka: If Minami will be composing then yes, I’m fine. Besides, I don’t feel like singing any song unless it was composed by Minami.

Torao: Fine with me. It’s showtime then. Watch me tell pick-up lines that feels just the same as having Touma lay you down on a soft bed.

Touma: Cut that out already!

Minami: I shall do my best to come up with something good. Allow me to consult with you on a few matters.

Touma: Mina…

Minami: What is the matter, Inumaru-san?

Touma: Isn’t your birthday coming up soon?

Haru: Oh, you’re right. After all, it’s June.

Torao: Really? Where will you go on your birthday, Minami?

Minami: I will not be going anywhere.

Touma: Seriously?

Minami: The only reason why I went out with Mido-san before is that there was a need for me to know him more and compose a song for him. However, I shall be making a song for myself so there is no need for us to go out together.

Haru: Well, if you say so.

Touma: H-haru! Hey, Mina, don’t say that.

Torao: Is that so? Anyway, if you plan on dating a girl then I can recommend a nice place.

Touma: Tora!!!

Minami: Okay. Thank you very much. There is no need to worry, Inumaru-san. I shall make the best song I’ve ever composed.

Haru: Isn’t that unfair, Minami?

Minami: Unfair?

Haru: Yes, it’s not fair. Torao showed us everything no matter how embarrassing it was. And he did it for you.

Torao: Hey! There’s nothing embarrassing about going to Usamimi Friends Park, you know!

Touma: I admit I felt a bit embarrassed though…

Haruka: Anyway, Touma and I will have to show our true selves to you, so it’s unfair that you wouldn’t be doing the same. Show us. Show us the coolest side of Natsume Minami.

Minami: Isumi-san…

Touma: Haru’s right! I feel like I’ll be able to understand the song more once I get to know you more.

Torao: Touma has a point, Minami. Let me be the one to invite you on a date this time. On our upcoming day off, let’s go out. And tell me more about yourself.

Haruka, Minami, Touma: …

Minami: Oh, my! It seems like I am now the one who is being passionately invited to a date, doesn’t it?

Haru: I feel like Torao is the one in control here.

Touma: I understand why he’s popular.

Minami: I wonder if they can change my world. I wonder if they can aim a machine gun while being in the midst of the dark and put an end to this cold world. Can they endow my songs with a soul? Okay. I shall tell you more about myself.

Chapter 2: Emotions Expressed through a Song

Touma: Mina…

Minami: What is the matter, Inumaru-san?

Touma: We did say we want to know you more but…why did you bring us to a cat café?!

Minami: Oh my, could it be that it doesn’t fit my image? Perhaps it would not be much of a surprise if it were Isumi-san or Mido-san.

Torao: Haha. So you’re a female cat, too? Sorry but I don’t have any hands left to stroke you.

Haruka: Waah! What the hell! Don’t you dare come close!

Touma: They seem to like you, Haru.

Minami: I agree.

Torao: Hey, Minami. Do you have any idea why all the female cats are approaching me?

Minami: Maybe because tigers and cats belong to the same family of mammals. (Tora means tiger.)

Haruka: Geez! I’ve already ran out of food to give so go to Touma instead!

Touma: …

Minami: My, oh my. You seem to be quite unpopular among the cats, Inumaru-san.

Torao: Maybe you did something they didn’t like.

Touma: I-I’m fine! I don’t like cats to begin with, anyway.

Torao: Haha. Acting tough, aren’t you?

Haruka: Seriously tho, of all places, why a cat café?

Minami: It was the result of my fortune-telling.

Haruka: Fortune-telling?

Minami: I wanted to know which place would bring us good fortune if we went to that place today, and my fortune-telling showed me a cat café.

Torao: So you decided by fortune-telling, huh? After all, you’re pretty good at it.

Touma: Will your fortune-telling really help us get to know you more?

Minami: Do you feel unsatisfied, Inumaru-san?

Touma: It’s not like that but… (sneezes) Ahh, my nose feels itchy.

Haruka: Are you allergic to cats?

Torao: What a miserable life you have there, Touma.

Minami: Now we have discovered another one of Inumaru-san’s weakness, haven’t we?

Haruka: Was that the reason why Minami’s fortune telling told us to go here?

Torao: Could it be that you want to know all our weaknesses, Minami? Now that’s frightening.

Touma: Didn’t we come here for a different purpose? (sneezes)

Minami: The truth is, any place would have been fine with me.

Haruka: Really?

Minami: Yes, any place…in the neighborhood park, by the riverside, even in the plaza in front of the train station. Being in common or public places cease to be just a normal place whenever I am with ZOOL. Hence, I have decided that any place would be fine.

Torao: That was very honest of you, Minami.

Minami: Of course. After all, it is my birthday today.

Haruka: I feel like Minami is acting more like himself.

Torao: You can say that again. It’s my first time being in a cat café and it’s not bad. It made me think of keeping a cat.

Haruka: Really? Make sure to show us once you have a cat!

Torao: Sure. I’ll invite you to come over to my house. You should be happy, Haruka.

Haruka: Huh? Why so?

Torao: A lot of girls will be lining up to meet you.

Haruka: Yeah…right…

Torao: I’ll make sure to invite Minami, too. As for Touma…

Touma: (sneezes)

Haruka, Torao: Nevermind.

Minami: It seems like Inumaru-san’s condition has gotten worse. Let us leave this place now.

Touma: I feel sorry that we have to leave the place because Haru seems to be having fun.

Haruka: What the hell are you talking about?! That’s not true!

Torao: Being honest with what you feel will make you more popular with the girls, you know?

Haruka: I-I don’t need popularity!

Minami: Are you feeling better now, Inumaru-san?

Touma: Yup. Sorry for ruining your plans, Minami.

Minami: It’s okay. They were not ruined.

Haruka: Are we gonna go somewhere?

Torao: Where will we be going next?

Minami: To a music studio where I used to go often.

Chapter 3: Dejavu

Touma: It’s nice we got to gather again for Mina’s birthday!

Haruka: Like I said, it just happened that we were together today because of work. Where’s the cake?

Torao: It’s from the same store as the cake during my birthday, Fonte Chocolat.

Haruka: Yay!

Minami: Thank you very much. Is it okay for me to slice it now?

Haruka: Wait! This part is mine, okay?!

Touma: Before that, let’s light up a candle and make Mina blow it!

Minami: I do not want to do that. I am not a child anymore.

Torao: So was I a kid for blowing a candle on my birthday?

Minami: Who knows? ^_^

Haruka: It’s okay to eat the cake now, right?

Touma: Geez! Why do you guys always just do as you please?

Haruka: Touma snapped.

Touma: Tora! Have you turned off your phone?!

Torao: I did it just now.

Touma: Haru, just wait for a little bit and this part with the biggest slice of strawberry is yours!

Haruka: Yay!

Touma: Mina! It’s your birthday today so why not be happy even for just a bit?

Minami: What an odd wish.

Torao: Touma sure does like putting stuff in order, doesn’t he?

Haruka: I know! He’s like a mom.

Minami: Is he not more like a mother-in-law?

Touma: This is what I’m talking about! Only the three of you are having fun by yourselves! Let’s talk about Mina’s song while eating! Come on, Mina, blow the candle!

Minami: It seems like I have no choice. (blows the candle)

Haruka, Touma, Torao: Happy birthday!

Minami: Thank you very much…

Torao: Why are you suddenly mumbling your words? It’s so not like you.

Minami: It is just that I have never experienced having my relatives celebrate my birthday for me.

Torao: Haha. So I guess this makes us the first guys, huh?

Haruka: You sure do like being the first one, don’t you?

Torao: Well, of course! Who wouldn’t if…

Minami: Please stop that, Mido-san. The matter you wish to discuss may not be appropriate for Isumi-san.

Touma: That made me panic! I thought you were gonna say something!

Haru: Don’t talk by yourselves and take your hands off my ears!

Touma: Like I said, let’s talk about Minami’s song, Dejavu.

Torao: I heard a draft of it when we went to the music studio. Were there any big changes after that?

Haruka: Didn’t you change the chorus a bit?

Minami: Oh, you noticed?

Touma: I took a video when we were there. Wanna watch it?


Haruka: Are kara sukoshi, otona ni nareta deshou ka. Kono uta wa, kikoeteiru kai? (I wonder if I was able to grow up since that day. Can you hear this song?) Were you thinking about someone while writing this?

Minami: I am not so sure, though I think there are many songwriters who write songs that way.

Torao: I didn’t know you were a romanticist, Minami.

Minami: But I cannot write a song without sounding romantic.

Haruka: And here I was expecting it’d be a funny video like the one I took on Torao’s birthday.


Minami: After all, we did not go to a place that is interesting enough.

Torao: But the hero show wasn’t funny! It was inspiring!

Touma: Anyway, I was surprised that Mina showed us how he composes songs.

Minami: It was because you all seem to be really looking forward to getting to know me more, and I was not able to think of any other way.

Touma: Mina..

Haruka: The song has a sad feel to it and it also showed a side of Minami I never thought he had. I felt his enthusiasm while listening to the song. He can probably hear this song.

Minami: Isumi-san, I…

Torao: There’s no point in hiding it, Minami. It’s obvious the lyrics was dedicated to someone. It might not be obvious but I’m a romanticist, too.

Touma: You seriously think it’s not obvious?

Minami: (chuckles) I guess you are right.

Haruka: Oh! I was able to take a funny video! Wanna watch it?

Torao: Really? Lemme see.

Female staff: Excuse me. You are Inumaru-san, right?

Touma: What? Umm…yes.

Female staff: My elder sister is a fan of yours!*

Touma: Oh, thanks.

Female staff: Can I take a photo?

Touma: I’m not at work right now so sorry, but I can give an autograph instead.

Female staff: Oh, that’s okay! Thank you very much!

Torao: Haha…Touma got dumped.

Touma: W-why did you take a video of that?!

Haruka: It just so happened it got caught on my camera so I thought of recording it until the end.

Touma: Was it really just a coincidence?!

Minami: Oh my, I was not aware that Inumaru-san got dumped while I was composing. I shall use it as a reference in composing your solo song.

Touma: I told you not to use Haru’s videos as references!

Minami: Ahaha.

Haruka, Touma, Torao: …!

Minami: What is the matter? Can you please not stare at me?

Torao: It’s my first time seeing you laugh like that.

Touma: After all, Minami always just chuckles softly.

Haruka: Your usual laugh just sounds gloomy.

Minami: Does it really sound that way to you?

Touma: Haha…I’m glad we decided to take this project on, even if it just started with Ryo-san making a decision on a whim.

Haruka: I think Dejavu will be well-received.

Torao: After all, it was Minami who made it.

Minami: Of course, it will. Like shooting a gun in the midst of the dark, I shall continue to let my songs, along with your voices, be heard…until it reaches him.



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