Mido Torao [4am Dusty Love] RabiTV Translation

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Chapter 2: A Façade

Minami, Haruka, Touma: …
Touma: He’s late.
Minami: He indeed is.
Haruka: He’s late! He told us we’ll be meeting up at 10am so why isn’t he freaking here yet?!
Touma: I already thought how it was very odd for Tora to set up an early meet up time. Don’t tell me he overslept!
Minami: What a problematic situation. At this rate, I have no choice but to compose the song by myself.
Torao: Hey.
Touma: Waa! You surprised me! Tora, you’re finally here!
Torao: Were you waiting for me?
Haruka: More like you made us wait!
Torao: Why can’t you just honestly say that you were waiting for me? Even when seducing women, it’s important to be honest with yourself.
Minami: I was waiting for you, Mido-san. Where will you be taking us today?
Torao: Haha. Unlike Haruka, you sure are very honest, Minami.
Minami: Yes, I am very honest when it comes to my desires.
Torao: First off, we’ll be having lunch at a hotel. I called for an excellent chef.
Touma: Woah! A personal chef? Now that’s Tora for you!
Torao: …Of course.
Haruka: Will there be desserts?
Torao: Yes! What do you want? I’ll give you anything you ask for.
Haruka: A-anything? We’re doing this in celebration of your birthday, right? It feels kinda weird how you’re asking us what we want.
Torao: Weird? There’s nothing weird about it at all! After all, people need me because of the things I have. Alright, let’s go!
Minami: …

Torao: So, how’s the hamburg stake? Tastes great, right?
Haruka: Well…yeah. It tastes very…high class.
Minami: My, oh, my, Isumi-san.
Touma: I didn’t know truffles taste like potatoes.
Torao: That was a funny joke, Touma. Could it be that you’d rather eat a hamburg steak prepared for school kids? Ah, by the way, that was also a joke.
Haruka, Touma: …
Minami: Do you usually eat this kind of meals, Mido-san?
Torao: Yes, if that’s what you want to hear.
Minami: Okay…
Torao: After this, how about we go for a drive? By the way, there’s champagne for Touma, and chanmery for you and Haruka.
Haruka: This is not what we asked for.
Torao: What do you mean?
Haruka: We didn’t come here so that you can please us. We came here because we wanna know more about you. We want to know who you really are.
Touma: Haru…
Minami: Isumi-san…
Torao: Who I really am…?
Haruka: Yes. We don’t need these fancy meals. And it’s not because we want you to like us. You’ve been restraining yourself with that itinerary of yours filled with things you don’t really enjoy doing. What does the real you want to do?
Torao: Haha…the real me…
Touma: Yes, what we want is the real you. Didn’t you tell me before how you’ve always wondered how your life could’ve been if your weren’t born into a rich family? If you’d ask us, we’d say you’re a member of ZOOL, and we want to know what that Torao wants.
Minami: If you are currently not being yourself, then there is no meaning to having this lunch at all. Please be honest with yourself and do the things you really wish to do, because what I will be making is a song that you will sing.
Torao: Weren’t you expecting me to be like a son of a Mido?
Haruka: What are you talking about all of a sudden? Have we ever expected anything from you?
Minami: The opposite is also true, of course.
Torao: Ahaha, okay. You will be the first guys, and it’s okay to get yourselves excited, by the way
Touma: First guys? To do what?
Torao: The first guys to go with me to Usamimi Friends Park

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Chanmery, pronounced “shanmeri”is a non-alcoholic party drink in Japan. It is a combination of the words “champagne” and “Merry Christmas.”

Source: Tombow Beverage


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