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Radio Station Twelve Hits Translation (Izumi Mitsuki)

Izumi Mitsuki (CV: Yonaga Tsubasa)

You’re now listening to Radio Station: Twelve Hits. Today’s host is Idolish7’s Izumi Mitsuki. In this program, I will be playing hit songs and reading your messages. This is my first time hosting a radio program alone, so I hope that by just being myself, I’ll be able to cheer you guys up or make you smile even just a little bit. Please do listen until the end!

[1:00] Spring has begun~! It’s starting to feel warm lately, isn’t it? Have you done something in celebration of spring? As for us, I made pizza at the dorm and ate it with everyone. All you have to do is thinly slice a few fresh onions, top it with cheese, and bake it! It’s very delicious and easy to make so I suggest you try making one, too. The members loved it! But I bought too much ingredients, so I gave the rest to Re:vale’s Yuki. We both like cooking, so we often give ingredients to each other. *giggles* When I gave it to him, he liked it and said, “Onions during spring are the best!” and got all excited. Spring is such a great season, isn’t it? After all, spring is a season where a lot of beginnings happen. Isn’t it exciting? Though well, I guess another reason why I feel excited is that it’s my birth month. Speaking of spring, do you all like cherry blossom viewing? This might be a bit early but we’ve already planned when we’re gonna do it. Whether or not we will follow the plan still depends on our schedules but we really think it’s important to celebrate spring by going to see cherry blossoms together. [2:16] We also did it last year, and it was so fun! There were lots of food, the adult members were drinking, and we played games like werewolf and the jukkai game (jukkai = ten times). I didn’t know the jukkai game was tricky until I tried playing it myself. I honestly don’t make the mistake of saying hiza (knee) instead of hiji (elbow), but when I said dansu (dance) ten times straight and was asked, “Where do you store your futon?” I answered tansu (cabinet) without hesitation even though the correct answer was oshiire (closet). It’s very tricky, isn’t it? Well, I’m pretty sure you can already imagine who among us made lots of mistakes. *giggles* Iori and Sogo got all the answers correct! Iori answers without hesitation, while Sogo was wondering why people think the game is tricky. [3:18] They were so undefeatable that at some point, it changed into a game of tricking one of them into saying an incorrect answer *giggles* Riku was all fired up that he even thought of his own questions! After saying tansu (cabinet) ten times, he’d ask, “What is Tamaki’s specialty?” and the correct answer was dansu (dance). 

Can I say something a bit off-topic? Don’t you agree that our center is so funny and adorable? *giggles* Thanks to him, the jukkai game ended up being a quiz about Tamaki. Even Iori and Sogo were surprised by the randomness of the questions. Tamaki was of course very happy about it and answered *Tamaki voice* “DANSU!” right away. As for Nagi, there were times when he’d answer a question wrong, though I’m sure he was doing that on purpose. I wonder if Nagi is listening right now….on second thought, I take back what I said a while ago!!! You’re adorable too, Nagi. *giggles* [4:18] Ah, as for Yamato-san and I, our performance was average, getting some questions right while also getting some questions wrong.

Ah!!! I wasn’t talking about cherry blossoms at all! The games were fun but we also enjoyed looking at the cherry blossoms. I hope we can go flower viewing again this year.

[4:48] Now, it’s time to read the messages you’ve sent. First off, I’ll be reading a letter from Mitsuki Mikazuki Mikanzuki-san, a 19-year-old female college student. *laughs* Your alias is so cute! I love oranges, too! “Hello, Mitsuki-kun.” Hello. “When I found out you will be hosting Twelve Hits, I felt so happy and excited! It’s almost time for Girls’ Festival so I want to greet you an advanced happy birthday.” Woah, thank you! That’s right. It’s almost time for my birthday! Back when I was kid, I was embarrassed to tell others when my birthday was because it’s the same day as a festival for girls. I even got teased for it when I was in grade school. But now, I actually feel very thankful, because people get to remember my birthday easily. A lot of people greet me on my birthday and it feels great! So thanks for your greeting, Mikanzuki-chan! “I have this friend that I first met on social media. We were both a fan of yours so we easily got along with each other. She’s cheerful and reliable that it made me think how maybe you end up liking idols that are similar to you.” [6:18] Ehh? Does that mean you became friends because of me? *giggles* Is that for real? I’m so happy to hear that! “We plan on meeting each other in person for the first time. We’ve talked to each other a lot online, but I don’t know if I can properly talk to her face to face. Can you give me advice on how to interact and become closer to her without letting my social anxiety takeover?” I see. How to become closer to a friend…hmm….I think the best way to get closer to someone is to start a conversation with them. It’d be nice if you’d talk about each other’s hobbies and find out what you have in common…though I guess you’ve already done that *laughs* [7:09] Ah! How about playing a game or sport together? If you just have fun and let yourselves get absorbed, you’ll eventually feel more comfortable being with each other. I sometimes play futsal with Trigger’s Tsunashi and Re:vale’s Momo, though on my first time playing with them, I was nervous. But in a few minutes, we made a goal and hugged each other *giggles* Right now, you are probably thinking “Even Mitsuki gets nervous?!” Of course, I do, like any other person. *giggles* But to be honest, when I was first invited by my senpais, I felt 100 times more excited than nervous, and hanging out with them felt 10,000 times more fun! Maybe the same goes for you, Mikanzuki-chan. You might feel nervous at first, but once you conquer that emotion, I’m sure you’re gonna have a good time. [8:15] I think it’s hard to feel comfortable right away, but the feeling of comfort slowly builds up the more you meet and talk with each other. I think being able hang out with someone without feeling shy or awkward is something that takes time. You might feel eager to cultivate that comfortable atmosphere between you but it’s perfectly fine to just work towards it at your own pace. Well, my giving advice took longer than I expected but anyway, I look forward to your first meet up with her! I hope it’ll become the best day of your lives.

And that’s it for the message reading portion. 

[9:00] Next, we have Nandemo Variety: Get to know Izumi Mitsuki! (nandemo = anything). In this portion, I will be doing requests that were gathered from my friends and colleagues. I shall explain the rules. Right now, I have a lottery box with me and inside it are pieces of paper where the requests are written. These requests were gathered from people with whom I am close or familiar with like Idolish7 and my other colleagues. I am obliged to do a request or tell an eye witness report, no matter how absurd or extreme it may be. I have no right to refuse and there are precisely no bounds or prohibitions.

Ehhhh? Do I really have to do this, too? This portion is definitely up to no good. Weren’t the members who did this before me forced to do odd things? *laughs* [10:05] The requests were nothing but weird stuff. I already know what the requests are because I was there with the staff when they were gathering requests from people. Everyone looked so excited with their requests that I’ve lost count on how many times I told someone, “Who the hell is gonna benefit from that request?!”

[10:25] I wish I get something easy. *gets a piece of paper from the box* Haa~ I’m feeling nervous. Okay, let’s read what it says…“As spring is a season where a lot of people start a new life, please give a few words of inspiration to the listeners.” Oh! This is from Sogo. [11:00] While most of the requests were only for one’s own interest, Sogo’s request was one of the very few heartwarming ones. I mentioned before how I was around while the staff were gathering requests, right? Sogo told me how I never fail to cheer him up, so he thought up of this request. I was so moved by what he has said that I cried and thought, “I’m so happy I decided to become an idol.” Ahh, sorry, sorry! I’m someone who’s easily moved to tears so sorry for the drama. *laughs* Alright! Now I’ll be doing Sogo’s request! Hmm….how should I start…uhh…to be honest, I was worried I’d sound self-important giving a short inspirational speech to others but as the idol Izumi Mitsuki, I’m offering these words to all the fans who are always supporting me.

To all of you who are listening right now,

Life may be tough as you have to deal with school or work, but you don’t have to push yourself too hard. I’m sure there is someone out there who knows you are doing your best. You’re awesome! You might be thinking you’re not enough but for me you’re already perfect! I hope these words will help you become stronger in life. Let’s go through this together, okay?

[13:05] Waah~  That was a bit embarrassing. Anyway, I’ll take this momentum to draw another request. *gets a piece of paper from the box* Let’s see what we have here… 

“Dear Mitsuki,

While thinking about my image of you, I wrote a stage play about a magnificent and splendid love story. Please read it for your cute fans.

Lots of love,


So now a staff member is carrying the script…ISN’T THIS TOO THICK?! It’s so massive that it almost looks like a lethal weapon! Don’t tell me I have to act out this whole thing with me playing all the roles!  You must be joking. [14:02] Anyway, the title is “Ninja Sentai Rabbit Ranger: The Stage Play,” a magnificent and splendid love story…the words are too crammed up and congested! (Mitsuki trailed off midway because he had difficulty reading the script.) What in the world is Nagi’s image of me? *giggles* Ah, geez. I couldn’t even understand the synopsis. “During the Sengoku period, a ninja was defeated and killed in war. After hundreds of years, a rabbit revives her and she awakens as a sentai hero.” This reminds me of Ainana Gakuen (Idolish7 Academy) and the time when we acted as policemen. How nostalgic. *giggles* (talking to the staff) It’ll take too much time to read everything so you can just remove this part.

Eh? You want me to act out this line?…You’ve prepared for this beforehand?! You know, it’s too obvious that you want me to do this. Okay, I’ll act out the line then.

*evil laugh* “You think you’ve won? This is my evolved form, my 17th transformation!”

[15:40] Nagi, isn’t 17 too many? This is the part when the main character thought she has defeated the last boss but the last boss comes back to life being ten times stronger, right? Please! Limit it to 13 transformations. Also, wouldn’t a last boss with 17 transformations make the last volume too long?!

I’m starting to get curious about the story, too! I’ll be reading the whole script later. Anyway, thank you for the effort of thinking this out, Nagi! I really felt how you wrote it with love and passion.

And that’s it for Nandemo Variety!

[16:30] You’re still listening to Radio Station: Twelve Hits. It’s about time to say goodbye. The next Twelve Hits host will be Idolish7’s Yotsuba Tamaki. He does radio programs with Sogo but he hasn’t hosted radio programs alone that often, has he? It will most likely be filled with Tamaki’s carefreeness so it’ll surely be an episode you don’t want to miss! I hope you look forward to Twelve Hits’ next broadcast! 

That was quick! I feel kinda sad to end this and I still wanna talk about a lot more things! I wonder if the listeners are also feeling sad that the today’s program is coming to an end.

Thank you very much for all the support! I will definitely return these feelings to all of you by performing on stage, and I hope it reaches you! To end this program, I shall be playing my solo track! If I were to describe the song in a few words, I’d say it’s a lullaby for adults. The melody and lyrics are kind and warm so I’m sure it’ll gently soothe and calm you down. Why not take some time to sit down, relax, and listen to this song while gazing at the crescent moon floating in the night sky?

Please listen to my solo track, Mikazuki no Veil.


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