[Translation] StPri Livestream Highlights (January 5, 2020)

Note: Always keep in mind that StPri members like to make fun of each other but they’re doing it to make us laugh. Please don’t take everything seriously.

Nanamori decides to introduce the members by enumerating their strong points (or at least that was what he originally planned to do)

Nanamori: Rinu has a good voice but that’s the only good thing about him.

Nanamori: Jel is funny but that’s the only good thing about him. He also has a sexy voice and is good at impersonating people’s voices.

Nanamori: Root is a very talented and skilled person. He works hard without saying much unlike Colon who’s always like, “I’m doing my best here.” (Nanamori didn’t mention Colon’s name but he was obviously impersonating Colon.)

Nanamori: Lion-san (Satomi) is a hard worker, too, like Root. He has a handsome voice but he’s lewd. He’s a pervert.

Nanamori: Colon is a good-for-nothing monkey.

(The members started calling Satomi “lion.” Satomi told them to stop it but of course, they kept on using the word until the last minute of the livestream.)

Nanamori: We will be releasing a happy song for the new year!

StPri’s live-action MV, Amore Mio

This is actually connected with the previous video they uploaded which is about a couple, Kenta (voiced by Root) and Hitomi (voiced by Jel). They want to get married but first, Kenta has to officially tell it to Hitomi’s father (voiced by Nanamori) who is a yakuza boss. Hitomi warned Kenta that her father might kill him especially if he fails to hold his laughter. In the end, Hitomi’s father approves of Kenta because of the latter’s tsukkomi skills.

StPri will be giving away signed albums! (Please check their official twitter if you want to participate)

Rinu: It felt really embarrassing dancing in front of all those people. During our rehearsals, I kept on making mistakes and I saw a woman laughing quietly at me.

Nanamori: There was this guy who was kind enough not to look at me but sometimes our eyes would meet. I think it was love (laughs)

Jel: I actually felt guilty because I can hear the three men (Hitomi’s father and his two underlings) say that it felt so hot wearing those hats. I saw them remove it every time we weren’t filming.

Nanamori: I kinda feel attached with the guy I dubbed. When I watched the video we dubbed and saw him, I thought he was me.

Root: I was dancing with all I’ve got that my head would turn sideways. I was worried that my face might be getting caught on cam.

Colon: You know, you should just show your face. You can do it.

Root: No, I don’t want to~

Satomi: We started working from 6 in the morning until night so please rewatch this MV until your phone breaks.

Colon: We had to retake a few scenes not only because Root’s face was accidentally getting filmed, but also because I kept on making mistakes. I always forget what step to do next (The members rewinded the video and saw at 1:28 how Colon’s movements looked a bit hesitant.)

While filming, Colon admitted saying he wanted to be seated next to a girl of his type.

Nanamori: Please try counting how many times the program host licked the spoon.

A behind-the-scenes video will be uploaded on January 6, 2020. This video will be the last video among their series of daily uploads.

StPri Year-end Party

According to Nanamori, Satomi has a low tolerance for alcohol.

Rinu and Root were singing a lot (karaoke) while drinking.

Jel arrived two hours late. According to Rinu, he didn’t drink much.

At some point, they moved to Rinu’s house (or in Naa-kun’s words, “the new StPri house”).

Colon was so drunk that there were a lots of stuff about the party he couldn’t remember.

According to Rinu, Jel spilled his drink five times.

Colon woke up and noticed his socks were wet. He didn’t know why and he just laughed and went back to sleep again.

When Jel woke up, he noticed his phone was gone and he found it mixed with Tsu-chan’s (Rinu’s pet) food. According to Rinu, it was Root who did it (Root denied this.)

How the members spent the New Year

Nanamori: I went to a shrine and bought a fortune slip. The result was “fairly lucky.”

Satomi: I got a fortune slip online and the result was “very lucky.”

Nanamori invited the members to go to a shrine together.

StPri’s Goals This Year

Colon: This year, I’ll be taking care of my health so that I won’t get sick. I also want StPri to have 1 million subscribers.

Satomi: We will continue trying new things.

Root: Please watch our new MV! We’ll promise to bring you to the next stage and show you an even better performance. We will definitely make this another good year. I promise to work hard again.

Jel: My goal is to become the no. 1 entertainer, the no. 1 person who can make people smile.

Rinu: Last year was awesome but we will make this year even better and continue to make you all happy! There were things that I was hesitant to do but this year, I want to do try them out and feel glad that I mustered up the courage to do them.

Nanamori: We want to become even better this year. We still have lots of things in store for you and we will work harder this year! Please continue to support us!

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