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Yuugen Romantica Mantenka: Mary the Ghost Caller (CV: Toriumi Kousuke) Translation

Track 01: Mary-san’s School Broadcast – Remember

Hello? Do you remember the Seven Mysteries of Nanagiri Academy? One of them is Mary-san’s school broadcast. If you stay at the academy until late night, they say you will hear an announcement calling your name, even though no one else is around. Even if you ignore it, you will start receiving phone calls. Little by little, Mary comes closer to you. And finally, he will tell you this.

I’m right behind you.

Ahaha, what a nostalgic story. I can clearly remember the time when I first called you out. At that time, all I did was scare you. I, who didn’t know how to act in front of my first love, was just running in circles. Even so, you were willing to face me. You grew to like me. Now that we are lovers, I still think about how glad I am that you were the first human I fell in love with. Thank you for being by my side, senpai. I love you. Now and forever.

Or so I thought.

I’m sorry. I couldn’t remember even your name. One by one, they are fading away — my memories of you, your smile, and the face you make when you’re angry or feeling shy. They are fading away, one after the other. This is the last one. Once I forget this feeling, you will be gone from this world forever.

I loved you, senpai.

Ah, welcome back home, senpai!

As always, it feels great hearing you say “I’m home.” and replying back with “Welcome back.” How was your day at university?

You seem to be feeling down. Did something bad happen when you were there? Anyway, instead of talking here at the entryway, let’s go to our room. But before that, don’t forget to wash your hands and gargle, okay?

Oh, I see. You had a nightmare again. A nightmare where I forgot about you. Even though it was just a dream, I would like to apologize for making you feel sad.

Well, that’s true, but in a way, I hurt your feelings. But don’t worry, senpai. Ever since I fell in love with you, there wasn’t a single day when I forgot about you. And I will not change even in the days to come.

Don’t mention it. I’m glad that you’re not feeling worried anymore. Besides, I should be the one thanking you, because I receive lots of things from you everyday.

I feel really happy. I also had fun at Nanagiri Academy, but when I graduated and we decided to live together under the same roof, I realized having a place to go home to feels this warm and cozy, not to mention the person I like is waiting for me. My life now feels like a dream. Thank you, senpai.

Is it really okay that you’re living with someone who doesn’t pay the rent? After all, this is your chance to finally live alone.

Ahh, no! I’m actually very happy about it! It’s just that if someone sees me, people might think this room is a distressed property.

Was there anything funny about what I just said? I’m glad you’re smile is back tho. It’s getting cold so I’ll go prepare a hot drink, okay? Please wait for a moment. Oh, by the way, umm…you might be feeling tired if you fall asleep in class. We planned to go out today but should we just cancel it?

Is it really okay? Waah, thank you, senpai. I’ve always wanted to watch that movie, and it willl be two times more fun if I watch it with you. We still have time before the movie so why not we relax for while?

Oh, before I forget, I should setup the answerphone. While it’s true that most people use smartphones these days and having a landline phone seems unnecessary, it makes me feel more at ease knowing that we have a landline phone at home. Oh, by the way, there are lots of messages left on the answerphone. Is it really okay to just leave the messages there even though you’ve already listened to them?

They are messages from me?! It’s just embarrassing so please delete them! I’ll be deleting those you don’t need anymore, okay? Let’s see….menu…delete recordings…WAAAAH! Please let go of my arm! Are you really that fixed on not getting them deleted? Aaah! Aaaaahhhh!

Sorry, I just panicked. Are you alright, senpai?

Ah, what a relief. It feels a bit embarrassing being pushed down like this. Can you please move?

Yes, I will not delete the messages on the answerphone anymore.

What?! What kind of condition is that?! You leave me with no choice, but at least close your eyes first. (kiss) Was that enough?

I’m afraid I can’t do anything more than that! You’re teasing me, aren’t you? I suggest you don’t overdo it or else you’ll get cursed.

Track 02: The Peaceful yet Turbulent Cinema

Note: Youjutsu means youkai magic/techniques.

Now we only have a few minutes before the movie because of the fuss a while ago. Where is seat F-Q…Oh, these are our seats! I’m happy we got a front seat.That aside, we seem to be the only ones around. After all, not much people watch movies at this time of the day and couples are probably watching romance movies.

Oh, the movie is starting! I’m excited!

Ahh, I love Japanese horror! The way the atmosphere gradually feels heavier gives me a feeling beyond words. Waaaah! What’s the matter? I feel embarrassed when you hold my hand…! Senpai? Are you trembling? The movie sure does have a lot of emotional impact, doesn’t it? You seem to be really scared. Should we go outside?

You don’t look fine at all, but if you insist. Why not we do this?

Allow me to possess you, because I can’t hug you here the same way I do at home. Did this make you feel calmer?

I’m glad to hear that. Oh, it’s hard to focus on the movie with me talking close to your ear, isn’t it? I will stay quiet for a while then.

Is that so? Let’s have some small talk while watching the movie then. That way, you have something else to listen to in case you need a distraction.

Oh, this part was in the trailer. If I’m not mistaken, after this part, the ghost appears from behind. (horror sound effects play inside the theater)

You can’t scream loudly in a movie theater, senpai, though there are no other people around so I think it’s okay. The way your scream reverberated throughout this almost empty theater was wonderful! This is starting to feel fun! Why not we add some sense of realism by sending chills at the back of your neck?

You were in perfect sync with the movie. After all, my hands are very cold. Look, you’re getting goosebumps on the parts where I’m gently touching you. Are you okay? Simulating what’s happening on the screen makes the movie feel a lot more thrilling, doesn’t it? What do you want me to do next?

Don’t say that. You’re very adorable when you’re scared so please let me scare you more. Look, the tension in the movie is gradually rising. Shouldn’t you be staying on your guard? Make sure you look at the screen. (Mary blows air into your right ear)

Surprise. You always looks so adorable when you’re scared.

What? Ah, sorry. I went too far. I’ll stop now. I’m just right by your side so let’s watch it until the end, okay?

The movie was very impressive, wasn’t it? I liked how the ghost crawled out from the screen and I felt nothing but a sense of fellowship. The plot twist at the end was surprising, wasn’t it? It turns out that one of characters was not a ghost but a monster! After all, he was defeated using a bazooka.

Yes, I wished the creepy feeling in the first half was sustained until the end but overall, it was a nice movie. (takes a bite of food) This limited-edition burger tastes good! Have some fries, senpai.

You seem to feel very comfortable being here, don’t you? To tell you the truth, before I came to Nanagiri Academy, I would go to shops like this. I go there not because of the food but because a lot of people gather even at midnight. It seemed fun so I found myself going there as well. At that time, I never considered taking a human form so all I did was quietly hide myself in a corner. I find comfort by just being with someone else. I was an existence that was feared by people and I’ve always been wandering alone ever since my life began. This might be the reason why I was subconsciously looking for warmth.

At that time, I never though I’d have a life like this. I’m sure the people in this place, or even the people in this world, wouldn’t believe that a scary man from an urban legend found a lover and is currently living a happy life.

Oh? Was that a power outage? Stay there, senpai. It’s dangerous to move around in a situation like this.

Ah, I understand that you would feel scared because we just watched a horror a movie. Wait a minute (Mary draws closer to you) I’m just by your side, so don’t worry.

Good girl. Do you still remember the time when we just met? I went to your house with you and took the circuit breaker down because I was panicking. At that time, you were still scared of me, so you threw your phone away in shock when I called you.

Yes, you did! Can’t you remember? You were shocked by my youjutsu– (bells ring) Huh? What was that? The sound of…bells?

Ah, sorry for staring into space all of a sudden. It was nothing.

Oh, the lights are back. Temporary power outages like this aren’t really unusual, are they? Our conversation got cut off midway. Umm…what were we talking about again?

Oh, exactly! You threw your phone away because…because…I wonder why.

Ah, I can’t seem to remember why at the moment. How odd. Could it be because I’m tired?

You might be right. Let’s go home now and take a rest.

But…how could I possibly forget a moment with you, senpai?

Track 03: You Can Do It, Shy Boy!

Oh, there’s something wrong with how these cables are connected. But if I interchange them like this…alright! With this, your network connection should be back by now. (the students gave Mary a round of applause)

Don’t mention it. Umm…i-if you will excuse me. (runs away from the crowd)

Sorry to keep you waiting. Let’s go, shall we?

I was surprised I was asked to fix the wiring of the LAN cable in the laboratory.

Yes, I’m fine and was able to solve the problem. It’s just that I’m not used to normally interacting with people. After all, when I was at Nanagiri Academy, I didn’t really talk much with the other students. It might take some time before I’m ready to go to university with you. But as you can see, I’m slowly getting used to it. It’s fun staying at home but I also want to be with you.

Huh? I can hear the voices of the students who were at the lab. They must be looking for me but I’ve reached my limit…I feel sorry for them but let’s hide! No one else is looking, right? (transforms) If I am this small, I can hide anywhere. This space might be a bit narrow but let’s hide here, senpai! (You and Mary hide inside a locker)

(sigh) Now I feel calm. Lockers are the best hiding place, aren’t they?

It was Hanawo-san who taught me this decades ago. He said lockers are the best choice if two people want to stay alone by themselves. By the way…umm…I heard this kind of situation is supposed to be romantic. Can you feel your heart racing right now, senpai?

Aaaaah! I understand it feels nice to hug me in this form but isn’t it the guy who’s supposed to be hugging his partner in a situation like this?!

I’m happy that you’re having fun but…this doesn’t feel romantic at all. I’m already glad we were able to hide though. Huh? If I were to hide, wouldn’t it be easier to just do this? (Mary possesses you.)

If I possess you, I won’t be taking up any space. I should’ve done this earlier.

Could it be that this situation is making your heart race?

The way you panicked is a good piece of evidence that it is indeed the case.

Is that so? I’m glad your heart is beating for me. I read on the internet that girls like situations like this. They said moments like this are a relationship milestone so I wanted to try it myself, too. I knew you’d feel that way if it’s just the two of us in a narrow dark space. A place with only the two of us. I bet your heart is racing at this moment.

At first, I thought couples can do what they usually do in a situation like this but don’t worry, I’ve done some research on what to do at a time like this. Hmm…what was it again…if you don’t want anyone to find out we’re here, stay quiet, okay? (kiss)

I knew I can do this without feeling awkward because you can’t see me. Also, your voice sounded cute but please stay quiet. No matter what I do to you, please accept it. (kiss) Wow, you did great! You did a good job suppressing your voice. Your cheeks are turning red. I’m glad you willingly accepted that kiss. According to my research, one can also take off his partner’s clothes and tease her by speaking near her ear…but I think it’d be too much. Of course, if that is what you want, then I shall do my best. In that case, we’ll be doing things like that. (You get out of the locker)

Ahh! Senpai! Why did you suddenly go outside?! …Ahh…the students saw you! Sorry for what I said a while ago. I wasn’t myself when we were inside the locker. Shall we deceive them and run away?

(someone approaches you) Huh? This person seems to be talking to you in a friendly manner…Ahh! Senpai, this is what people refer to as “flirting”! Get away from him!

Senpai!!! Hey, student! Don’t just grab senpai’s hands! Where are you taking us?!

How revolting. How dare you force senpai to come with you even though she clearly doesn’t want to! Those who aren’t nice with senpai…shall be cursed. (the people around panic) Those who commit wrongdoings deserve to be punished. Please reflect on what you have done for a few moments. (phones are ringing) No matter what you do, the incoming phone calls will not stop. Let’s take this chance to run away!

Umm…I’m very sorry for what I did a while ago. Despite myself, I got angry and acted without thinking. After all, I shouldn’t be using youjutsu in the school premises.

Really? Was I able to save you? What a relief. I’m happy that I was able to help. But I myself was surprised by what I did. There was this burning feeling deep inside my heart. I never felt anything like this back then. Falling in love feels wonderful, doesn’t it? You get to learn lots of new things and your world becomes filled with color. Falling in love might not always be about good things, but for me, who used to have nothing at all, it is something that makes me feel happy. Umm…thank you very much. I wouldn’t have a life like this if it weren’t for you. (bells ring) Huh?

Ah, it was nothing. I think it was just my imagination. Let’s go home now.

Track 04: The Incessant Memory Lapses

(bells ring) I’m hearing those sounds again.

Ah, sorry. I haven’t been feeling very well lately.

There’s no need to worry because youkai don’t catch colds. Here, I prepared a cup of coffee.

No problem. Oh, what are you reading, senpai? Oh, that’s the handscroll I received from Hanawo-san when I graduated. If I remember correctly, it’s entitled Nanagiri Academy’s Pandemonium.* That handscroll made by Hanawo-san is great, isn’t it? Every detail about my life ever since I arrived at the academy is written there, as if it were a novel about me. I wonder if he made it for me so that I can have a yearbook of my own.

Ah, this brings back memories. It even has pages about the day we met. Huh? I wonder what’s that. Look at this caption. “Going to Nanagasumi to investigate a doll.” I wonder what it means.

What? This thing happened before?

Uhh…sorry, I couldn’t remember anything about that. I’m sure it happened because you said so, but I don’t know why I couldn’t remember it. It’s definitely something I shouldn’t forget. Could it be that…(bells ring) What was that? I can hear those sounds again. Did you hear the sound of bells ringing just now?

As I thought, I’m the only one who can hear them. I thought I was just imagining it but I think my memories are getting erased.

Every time I hear the sound of ringing bells, a memory fades away. Now that I think about it, I heard this sound when I first felt I was out of shape. This might be someone’s evil intention. After all, this town is known to be easily penetrated by youkais from other places. Could it be that…

Yes. If that is the case, we need to stop that youkai. If I continue to forget my memories, it’ll become a big problem. If I go to Nanagiri Academy, the other youkais will surely be able to help me on this matter. I’ll call them to ask if I can meet up with them.

Please give me a moment, umm…what do I call you again?

Sorry, I couldn’t remember your name and how I usually address you. My memories are fading away one after another. I know you’re someone important to me but…at this rate, I…

(drinks) Ahh~ This black tea tastes great! I’ve calmed down a bit now. I didn’t think I’d contact them after a long time in this condition. Even though I just contacted them all of a sudden, they gave me a warm welcome and even gave me some tea. I should thank Hanawo-san again later. He even asked Hifumi-san and the others for help, too.

Huh? Of course, I remember them…Uhh…sorry. You seem to be the only one I’ve forgotten about. I wonder why my memories about you are the only ones getting erased from my mind. They are like grains of sand. I want to hold onto them, but they’re slipping through my fingers, and it’s impossible to pick them all up again.

Ah, don’t worry! The youkais at Nanagiri Gakuen are very skillful so I’m sure they’ll be able to stop whoever is causing this. There was no need for me to say that, though. Sorry. So…I called you “senpai” right? It might be too late to say this but is it really okay for you to walk outside this late at night? Wouldn’t this make the people at your house worried?

Oh, so you live alone? Isn’t it sad to be alone in a house?

Huh? I’m sorry. Did I say anything that offended you?

You look like you’re about to cry. It’s my fault, isn’t it?

Are you really okay? But if that’s the case, then I’m glad.

Huh? Ah, what have I done. I just carelessly dropped a valuable gift.

Yes, I couldn’t help but bring the handscroll Hanawo-san gave me. I was panicking before we left so I ended up bringing it. Huh? Look at the last page, senpai. If you look at it in the dark, there’s a faint glow.

Can you see it? I wonder what it says. They’re letters, aren’t they? Huh? “Love between a human and a youkai is an immoral act. Those two who have committed such a wrongdoing shall be obliterated by the people of this world.” What is this message for? Could this be why my memories are fading away?… Now I understand why the only memories I forget are those involving you. It seems like this wasn’t the evildoing of some youkai, but of the majority of the people in this world who think that a human and a youkai cannot possibly fall in love with each other and live together happily. It may merely be a trivial thought in the minds of a lot of people, but they seemed to have accumulated into a powerful force against me. Just like how we youkai are born from people’s beliefs or wishes, what is trying to tear us apart now are the thoughts of the very same people. This must be why I keep on hearing the sound of ringing bells. After all, those sounds remind you of a typical exorcism. A feared youkai from an urban legend feared falling in love with a human and living a happy life is impossible. This must be why those memories are taken away from me. Those moments with you cannot possibly happen.

After all, to most people, I am just a monster.

(bells ring) I’m hearing those bell sounds again! I can’t take this anymore! The ringing won’t stop! Please listen to me carefully. I was born as an urban legend, an existence dependent on the beliefs of people. What change my life as a wandering spirit was the day of your entrance ceremony. The moment I saw you, my world was filled with color. I learned to identify the emotions budding from inside me. You changed me. But if I forget even this, I will go back to how I used to be. I will go back to being the Mary that frightens everyone in school. Please run away before that happens!

Yes, I only have a cloudy memory of it but I still remember. I know you wouldn’t leave me behind. But you have to stay away from me. Remember not to answer my phone calls no matter how persistent they may be. Please promise me that. I’m sure you already know how my youjutsu works — how I can call any person even if I don’t know their number and how I can move from one place to another in an instant.

I’m sorry, senpai.

Oh, she ran away. I can’t blame her though. Who wouldn’t run away if a youkai suddenly appeared after receiving a call from an unknown number?

Sorry. I didn’t mean to scare you. But she had to run away or else she’d be in danger. I couldn’t remember what kind of person you were. I couldn’t even remember the sound of your voice (bells ring) One by one, they are fading away — my memories of you, your smile, and the face you make when you’re angry or feeling shy. They are fading away, one after the other. This is the last one. Once I forget this feeling, you will be gone from this world forever.

I loved you, senpai.

Track 05: The Shadow with an Eerie Smile

(phone ringing) Hello, this is Mary-san. I’m right behind you. (person runs away)

Hearing a human scream feels great. I want to hear more. I don’t feel satisfied no matter how many people I scare. I feel somewhat empty deep inside, as if I should be doing something more fun at this moment. Oh, there is a number saved in my contacts. I don’t know who the owner of this number is but I think this person can give me a fun time.

(phone ringing) Hello, this is Mary-san. There must be something special about you for you not to be scared of me, aren’t you? This seems to be a lot of fun. I’ll be going to where you are now. (Mary ends the call)

My, what a lovely lady. What an adorable scream. Just hearing it fills my heart with satisfaction. You can’t turn around to look at me. Once you see Mary-san, you cannot run away.

You seemed unafraid in spite of my threats, aren’t you? You’re asking me where I’ve been? I’ve always been in this town, scaring humans every night. Tonight, I’ve decided to call you. I’m happy that my expectations were met.

Who knows? All I know is that this is my first time meeting you. But for some reason, my heart is beating fast. Perhaps I am feeling excited at the sight of the frightened expression you have on your face. (Mary possesses you)

I don’t usually possess humans, but you are special. Let’s enjoy this moment to our hearts’ content, shall we?

You seem to be finally panicking, aren’t you? Unfortunately, you can’t do anything against a youkai who is possessing you. You will not be able to resist whatever is done to you. How should I start?

Hmm? Even if you tell me to remember, it’s not that I’ve forgotten something, isn’t it? I don’t know what you’re talking about but I like how your face has turned pale. Your cheeks feel colder than my hands. How dare you play alone outside until late at night. Naughty girls like you should be punished. I’ll be starting with your arms. I just sent a faint electric current through your arms so it shouldn’t hurt. But now your arms are paralyzed. Next, I’ll be immobilizing your legs. (You fall down) Now you can’t even stay standing. At this rate, you can’t even move, can you? I shall play with you as if you were my doll. So, what does it feel now that you can’t run away? Don’t worry. Your arms and legs may be paralyzed but they can still feel sensations. I’ll prove it by caressing the skin of your fingers all the way to your shoulder. What an adorable response. As I thought, you are different from other humans. When I look at you, I feel a wave of satisfaction inside me. Please show me more of that horrified expression. (Mary blows air into your left ear)

Ahh, this so fun! I cannot afford to let go of you. I want to take you with me to the depths of the abyss. What if I just possess you like this forever? No matter where you go or to whomever you ask help for, you can never run away from me. I will keep you company day and night. I’ll take you anywhere even to the depths of hell.

Can you hear yourself? You’re telling me you won’t run away. I’ll never let you go. I will be with you even at midnight. I’ll follow you no matter you go.

But why? (Mary leaves your body) Isn’t this something humans are afraid of? Don’t you want to cry and run away?

Your face looks very pale but why are you agreeing to my demands? If you’re not aware who I am, let me tell you. I am Mary-san, a monster that frightens people.

Why are you telling me it’s not true?

Why are you hugging me? Let me go! Why are you acting that way? Every human I’ve encountered were scared and ran away from me and here you are, hugging me. Please let me go. (Mary pushes you away)

Why are you crying? I didn’t mean to make you cry. There’s this painful feeling in my heart. This should be my first time meeting you but I feel like I’ve met you somewhere before. But I don’t know when or where. I can’t remember.

Track 06: “One More Time”

Could this be perhaps a room where someone lives alone? I found myself coming here without even giving a thought. But why do I have the key to this room? This is supposed to be my first time coming here but I feel strange. This place kind of reminds me of something. Oh, it’s interesting how there’s a telephone even though the person living here is just alone. The messages on the answerphone were left undeleted. An answerphone…? Why do I feel somewhat uneasy? Pardon my rudeness but I shall listen to the messages without the owner’s permission.

“I’m so happy about having a telephone at home that I left a voicemail for no reason. It seems I’m the first one to leave a message here, doesn’t it?” (laughs)

“Where are you, senpai? There were lots of people and I suddenly lost sight of you. Huh? Could this be the telephone at home? Ahh! I’m so sorry! I called the wrong number!”

“I’m done grocery shopping and I’m heading home now. Please go ahead and take a bath without me. Make sure to wrap yourself warmly with a blanket afterwards so that you won’t feel cold.”

“Umm…I suddenly felt like wanting to tell you something but I’m feeling too embarrassed to tell you in person. I’m glad I met you. Thank you so much, senpai.”

Why did I say all these? When did I even leave these messages? To whom was I talking to? I don’t even have anyone to call and talk to like this. I can’t remember. My head hurts. Who is the person living here? Maybe I should call that number. (Mary calls you)

Hello? This is Mary-san. I still can’t remember anything about you. But I felt like I should call you or I’ll be losing something important. Can I go behind you?

Okay. I’ll be there in a moment.

For some reason, I feel like this has happened before. But I can’t remember the details. I’ve always lived as an urban legend who scares and threatens people for his own sake. I know my life is supposed to be nothing more and nothing less than that, but I feel like I lost something important. And then, I realized someone was there for me. Someone was always smiling by my side. But I can’t remember who it was. I can’t remember that person’s face or voice or the way she smiled. But when I tried thinking about it, the thought of you came to my mind. I missed you so much my heart hurt. I want to hear the sound of your voice. I want to apologize for making you cry. I cannot identify what these feelings are. There’s always this voice inside my head saying that if I just ignore those thoughts and forget you, my life would be a lot easier. But I can’t bring myself to completely forget you. Still, I said a lot of unforgivable things and pushed you away. Even if you’re enclosed in my arms, can you tell me you won’t run away?

Sorry. My hands are shaking and I’m scared of hugging you. This feels strange. I feel anxious and relieved at the same time. I feel like I belong to this place.

Is it okay if I reply to those words?

I’m home.

Huh? Waaaaaaah!

Welcome back home, senpai. As always, it feels great hearing you say “I’m home.” and replying back with “Welcome back.”

How could I forget such a thing? No other words make me feel as strongly connected with you the way those words do.

I’m home, senpai.

I can see light. The spell is…gone?


Yes, I remember. I remember everything from our life together at school to the days we spent together under the same roof. Sorry for coming back late.

I’m sorry for making you cry. You were looking for me, weren’t you? Your body feels cold. I thought my memories of you will be completely erased to the point where I can’t come back anymore. But it seems they weren’t. Even if we were against the beliefs of this world, my love for you was never taken away. (bells ring) I can still hear those bell sounds. But I didn’t forget anything. Like me, an urban legend, those sounds were accumulated from the beliefs of the people of this world. Even so…I’m not sure if my voice will reach them but let me say this: The majority of the people in this world may think that a youkai and a human living happily together is strange. Even I don’t know if our love is right or wrong. After all, there are many things I still don’t know. So at least give us some time. I don’t need more than a hundred years. I will stay with this person and be her man until the very end. And by that time, I’ll leave the judgment to you. I’ll let you decide if love between a human and a youkai is right or wrong. (bells ring) The sound of the bells are fading away. They’re gone. Could it be that you’re still worried? At the very least, I’m not hearing any bell sounds anymore. Also, there is no need to worry. No matter how many times I forget you, now matter how many times my memories get erased, I will fall in love with you, over and over again.

Track 07: Mary-san’s School Broadcast – Bloom

Hello? Do you remember the Seven Wonders of Nanagiri Academy? One of them is Mary-san’s school broadcast.

There’s no way you’d forget me, isn’t there? And of course, I won’t forget you, too.

Senpai? It’s time to wake up, senpai! You’re gonna be late for class! You promised we’ll be going to university together today, right? If you insist on waking up late (low voice) I won’t be happy about it.

What?! Okay, fine! I will grant your request so please get out of bed. (kiss) Did this wake you up? …Don’t go back to sleep, senpai!!!

Mary-san’s school broadcast always sounded lonely. But one day, his school broadcast was heard, and his voice had a hint of nervousness.

That was the day I decided to confess my feelings, the day I took my first step. I never regretted doing that. From here on, I will be committing mistakes as I struggle on finding out how I’m supposed to live my life. I am worried about a many things, but it’s okay. Those worries are also what makes falling in love wonderful.

Did you make sure you didn’t forget anything? Do you have all your textbooks with you? Oh, isn’t that the handscrool from Hanawo-san? This hidden message seems to be one of Hanawo-san’s pranks but I never thought it’d become a reality. As usual, no one knows about our relationship, even the university students and even the movie theater staff.

We can’t be so sure that something like this will not happen again.

Please don’t worry! I won’t make you feel hurt anymore. Let’s live each day at our own pace. And who knows? Someday, the flowers of our relationship might bloom. I’m sure they’ll someday learn that there’s nothing wrong about the love between us. Until that day comes, or even after that day, please stay by my side.

Alright, let’s go, shall we? But before that (kiss)

Let’s our best again today, senpai!

Track 08: Free Talk

Hello. This is Toriumi Kousuke, the voice actor of Yuugen Romantica Mantenka’s Mary. Thank you for listening. We have just finished recording the whole CD but I will be doing a short free talk.

How was it recording the shockingly revealed 5th season of Yuugen Romantica?

It’s amazing how the series has now become as long as five seasons, and I was amazed when I realized it’s my fourth time participating in a Yuugen Romantica CD. Having five seasons is just…amazing. It wasn’t really that tough and the recording was fast-paced.Anyway, it’s all thanks to the fans. The recording went smoothly, most likely because it’s my fourth time…which is why there shouldn’t be any problem but Mary’s personality gave me a hard time, because around half of the time, I had to be careful and speak at a slow pace. But basically, he’s a kind and adorable person, and I like him as a character. Also, when he transforms…I never thought I’d talk to a dummy head mic using a voice like that. There is a scene like that every time and it’s always a fun experience.

Do you have any recent memorable experiences?

A memorable experience? I don’t think I can possibly think of one. Something recent? I wonder if I recently had something that I can consider memorable. Hmm…this question is hard. Something memorable…memorable…I can’t really recall anything but it’s not because I get drunk to the point of not remembering what happened. Now that I think about it, I haven’t been doing anything eventful. And I think a lot of people feel this way, too. At most, all I could think of are the delicious food I ate and the nice [alcoholic] drink I had. Sorry.  

Please give a short message to the listeners.

Yuugen Romantica has reached its fifth season thanks to you. There aren’t much situation drama CDs out there that become this long so Yuugen Romantica is definitely an amazing series. Of course, we, the cast and staff, are very happy about it. And this is all thanks to your support. It will probably take a lot of hard work to extend the series until a sixth volume, or say, a tenth volume, because the writers will have to come up with a lot of new situations, but it’s a great series so I’m sure it will be worth your continuous support. Again, this has been Toriumi Kousuke, the voice actor of Yuugen Romantica Mantenka’s Mary. (Mary voice) Goodbye.

Hello? Thank you for listening to this more or less 60-minute situation CD. Ah, you don’t have to be afraid. This is just me, Mary. I was worried about you so I possessed you without letting anyone know. I was watching you the whole time while you were listening to the CD but I can’t fight this feeling anymore. Can I…hug you even just for a while? I will never forget you, because I’m always watching over you. Don’t worry. Also, there’s something I’ve always wanted to tell you. I’ve rehearsed a lot so allow me to say it.

Welcome back home. Will you be eating, taking a bath, or spending time with me?

But regardless of what you choose, I will just be by your side.

I’m looking forward to many more years with you, senpai. (kiss)


You can read the bonus CD translation here.
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*While hyakki yakou is similar to what Westerns call “pandemonium,” they are not exactly the same. (source: Foster, Michael Dylan (2009). Pandemonium and Parade: Japanese Demonology and the Culture of the Yōkai. University of California Press. p. 9.)

Mary-san is an actual urban legend in Japan. According to the urban legend, Mary is the name of a Western doll owned by a girl. Unfortunately, the girl lost her doll until one night, she received a phone call from Mary. For more details, you can read this.

Nanagiri is spelled like this: 七霧
七 means “seven” and 霧 means “fog” or “mist.”

I can’t believe how many times I typed the word “sorry” LOL. Mary and his lack of self-confidence is too precious. I wanna hug him AAAAAAAAHH.

Special thanks to Melanie!


6 thoughts on “Yuugen Romantica Mantenka: Mary the Ghost Caller (CV: Toriumi Kousuke) Translation

  1. THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR TRANSLATING THIS !! Yuugen romantica is my favorite drama cd series & Mary is my favorite so im really happy someone translate this ❤

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Hello kon! I’m glad you liked it :DD
      I can’t blame you for loving Mary :”)) he’s such a good boy
      Have you read the bonus CD? He was freaking fanboying over the MC jdjasjdjashsd how cute >///<

      Liked by 1 person

        1. I’m not really sure since I was just asked to translate this ^^;
          But I’m assuming it came as a bonus when she ordered it at Animate International


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