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Idolish7 Drama CD Translation Track 01

This is a translation of the drama track bundled with Idolish Vol. 1 DVD entitled いつかのための今日.

The Day that Leads to the Future

Riku: I can’t believe we’ll be having our first concert in three days!  We haven’t done it yet but isn’t it amazing?

Tamaki: I know right! Having concerts make us sound like idols!

Iori: But we are idols.

Nagi: Our first concert will be a very memorable day! Let’s turn it into the best night of our lives!

Mitsuki: Manager did her best to rent a big stadium! Let’s secretly do some special training to make our concert a success!

Sogo: Special training? Our song and dance rehearsals have been going well though. Do you mean something other than that?

Yamato: Does that include bunny-hoping while carrying a tire on the shoulder? I don’t have that much fighting spirit, you know.

Mitsuki: Well, you can do that if you want. Anyway, in idol concerts, there is another important thing aside from singing and dancing!

Yamato: Another important thing?

Nagi: Ohhh! Could you perhaps be talking about the cheers of the beautiful ladies?

Yamato: Now that’s important!

Tamaki: Do we practice screaming, too? Why?

Sogo: Maybe Mitsuki-san is talking about shills.

Tamaki: What’s that?

[1:02] Sogo: They are staff members who pretend to be fans and take the initiative to scream and shout so that rest of the audience don’t feel shy to do it, too.

Tamaki: Some concert organizers hire people to cheer the performers? Wouldn’t that mean they’re just faking it?

Sogo: But it’s very important in idol concerts, right, Mitsuki-san?

Mitsuki: No, because they’re just faking it!

Sogo: Ahh…I was wrong, then.

Mitsuki: I’m talking about one of the most important things in idol concerts! Both idols and fans look forward to it! Geez, does no one really know what I’m talking about?

Riku: Me, me!

Mitsuki: Yes, Riku?

Riku: Those parts that are inside parentheses!

Mitsuki: Parentheses?

Riku: Those parts in the lyrics that are inside a pair of parentheses. Like for example (starts singing) Shaking your heart~

Mitsuki, Tamaki: Say!

Riku: Shaking your beat~

Mitsuki, Tamaki: Shout!

Riku: Yes, that! The “Say!” and the “Shout!”

Tamaki: You’re right! I feel like those parts are very important in concerts.

Riku: I know right! They’re very important!

Tamaki: Hell yeah, they do!

[2:00] Nagi: Ohh! Now I understand! Hmm…so doesn’t that mean that part is also important?

Iori: What part?

Nagi: One, two, three, four, five, six, seven…!

Nagi, Mitsuki, Tamaki, Riku: JUMP!!!

Tamaki: Oh, so you were talking about that part! It is important, isn’t it?

Riku: Exactly! Parentheses are important! Idolish7 is an idol group that gives importance to parentheses!

Iori: Don’t turn us into idols with a weird description!

Riku: You should try it too, Iori! I’m sure you’ll understand the importance of parentheses afterwards!

Iori: Haa?

Riku: Try saying “Jump!”

Iori: Jump…

Mitsuki, Tamaki, Nagi, Riku: HIGH!!!

Iori: Jump…

Mitsuki, Tamaki, Nagi, Riku: HIGH!!!

Riku: How was it?

Iori: It kind of feels good.

Riku: I told you so!

Iori: Can we do it again?

Riku: Wasn’t that enough?

Mitsuki: Having a sense of unity with the fans is important and what brings out that sense of unity even more is fanservice!

Yamato: Fanservice?

Mitsuki: You don’t know what fanservice is?! It’s when idols on stage wink, point at you, or send you a flying kiss! …Hellooooo! I’m Izumi Mitsuki! Please cheer for us with all you’ve got! (sends a flying kiss)

[3:07] Tamaki, Nagi, Riku: (applauses) (screams)

Sogo: Mitsuki-saaaaaan!!

Mitsuki: Something like this. Just do it with confidence and the audience will go wild!

Yamato: A…f-flying…kiss? I don’t think it’s something suited for me.

Mitsuki: Stop saying excuses all the time! Imagine us as fans and try it yourself!

Yamato: You mean…right here, right now?!

Mitsuki: Yup!

Yamato: You’ve got to be kidding me…

Mitsuki: I know you can do it! Do your best, leader!

Yamato: Hello. I’m Nikaido Yamato.

Mitsuki: (high-pitched voice) Kyaaaah! Yamato-saaan! (clapping)

Tamaki: Yama-san, send us a flying kiss!

Yamato: …Uhh…okay…(does a very awkward flying kiss)

Iori: Ahh…I felt Nikaido-san’s gratitude…kind of.

[4:00] Sogo: Yamato-san was able to convey his feelings of embarrassment that I’m starting to feel embarrassed, too.

Yamato:So I get this kind of feedback after putting myself in a very embarrassing situation…

Nagi: Alright! I will teach you how do to it!

Riku: Ahh! Nagi seems good at fanservice!

Nagi: Ohh,just leave it to me! Hello, my angel! This is your boyfriend, Rokuya Nagi.

Mitsuki, Tamaki, Sogo, Riku: Wooooh!

Nagi: I will be sending a kiss to all the beautiful ladies gathered today. (sends a flying kiss)

(everyone else swoons)

Riku: You were so hot my heart became that of a girl’s!

Tamaki: Me too! I felt like wanting to fall for you!

Nagi: Thanks! Give it another try, Yamato! Come on!

Yamato: Hello! I’m Nikaido Yamato!

(everyone else screams and claps) (Mitsuki is screaming in a very high-pitched voice)

Yamato: Why not spend a wonderful night with this onii-san? (sends a flying kiss)

(the rest of i7 scream and cheer for Yamato)

Mitsuki: Nice one!

[5:05] Iori: It felt like he wasn’t his usual self though.

Yamato: That was so embarrassing. I’m doomed for the rest of my life.

Mitsuki: Now, let’s continue! It’s your turn, Iori!

Iori: What? My turn?

Riku: Woooo! Iori-kuuuun!

Tamaki: Ioriiiiin!

Iori: …I’m Izumi Iori. Thank you for coming today. Flying kisses aren’t my thing so…(winks)

Mitsuki, Tamaki, Sogo, Nagi, Riku: Kyaaaaaah!! Ioriiii!!

Yamato: That was so unfair of you, Ichi. You should do a flying kiss, too!

Iori: Why in the world would I do that and say “Spend a wonderful night with this onii-san.”?

Yamato: Are you mocking me?!

Mitsuki: Alright! Good job, Iori! The next one is Tamaki!

Tamaki: Alright!!! Watch me do a combination of a flying kiss and a wink! Hello! I’m Yhoftsrufbah Tfahmgafkhi!

[5:55] Sogo: Tamaki-kun! I suggest you don’t wink, send a flying kiss, and talk at the same time.

Mitsuki: You’re starting to look like Hyottoko.*

Tamaki: Oh…okay. I’m Yotsuba Tamaki. I’m counting on your support. (winks)

Everyone else: Wooooo!!

Mitsuki: Oh~ You even turned around! Nice one, Tamaki! Sogo, you’re next!

Sogo: Ah…okay! I’m Osaka Sogo. Please continue to support us.

Everyone else: Wooooo!!

Yamato: Send a flying kiss, please!

Sogo: (giggles) Please enjoy yourselves before going back home. (sends a flying kiss)

Everyone else: Wooooooo!!


Riku: Sogo-san, that was so cool and handsome of you!

Yamato: And here I thought Sou will feel too embarrassed to do it.

Sogo: I was planning to commit harakiri if I failed doing it. ^o^

Mitsuki: You don’t have to go that far, Sogo!Last but not the least, Riku! Do it with confidence!

Riku: Roger! Good evening everyone~~~~!

Everyone else: Good evening!

Riku: Are you all having fun?

Everyone else: Yes!!!!

Riku: Thank you for coming to our first live concert!

[7:00] Everyone else: Wooooooooooo!!

Riku: Ahaha…so…umm…

Everyone else: Flying kiss! Flying kiss! Flying kiss!

Riku: I hope you continue supporting us! I love you all! (sends a flying kiss)

Everyone else: Yaaaaaaaayy!!

Mitsuki: (acting as a fangirl) I’m dying!!!

Mitsuki: Alright! This concludes our special training!

Otoharu: Good job, everyone!

Idolish7: Thank you, President!

Otoharu: Thank you for the great performance during your first concert! We’re having sushi for today so eat to your heart’s fulfillment, okay?

Idolish7: Ohhhhh!

Yamato: Is this really okay, President? After all, our ticket sales weren’t so good.

Otoharu: Yes, after all, I used my own money. Also, you won’t probably be eating something as expensive as this in the next six months,so make sure to savor the taste!

Tamaki: (sobbing) I’m gonna miss you. Let’s meet again after six months. (starts eating)

Riku: I won’t forget you even after six months, Salmon-san. (eats)

Otoharu: Ah…ahaha…you don’t have to savor it that much.

Nagi: (takes a bite) Ohhh! Rolled eggs! It’s my first time eating eggs that taste this wonderful!

[8:18] Banri: I think I can always make rolled eggs though.

Nagi: Oh! Amazing! Could you perhaps be a ninja village chef?

Banri: I’m just an office worker…

Nagi: Ohoho! (takes another bite of food) OHHH! I accidentally ate a green demon.

Mitsuki: What’s wrong Nagi? You can’t eat wasabi? Wasabi is an essential ingredient of sushi and soba, you know?

Tamaki: I don’t think so.

Riku: Same, same.

Mitsuki: Geez, you guys are such kids! You won’t mature into a full-fledged adult if you can’t eat wasabi!

Otoharu: Tsumugi-kun, can you get me some wasabi?

[8:54] Tsumugi: Do it yourself, dad!

Otoharu: But I don’t want wasabi to stick onto my chopsticks.

Yamato: President! Mitsuki has something to tell y—(Mitsuki covers Yamato’s mouth)

Mitsuki: If you’re really a man in your twenties,you should at least know how to respect your superiors.

Tsumugi: (sighs) Your performance was great… I wanted more people to watch it.

Sogo: Cheer up, Manager! Thanks to you, we were able to perform on stage and it was very fun.

Tsumugi: Really?

Sogo: Of course! It’s a concert we will never forget! After all, it was our first time performing on stage. It was so fun that it was over in the blink of an eye. Thank you for making it happen, Manager!

Tsumugi: Sogo-san…

Iori: But still, a failure is a failure.

Tsumugi:  (taken aback)

Sogo: Iori-kun, we’re in the middle of a celebration!

Iori: You’re spoiling her too much, Osaka-san. But at least we were able to learn from it.

Tamaki: By the way, I noticed Iorin kept on glancing at Riku while we were performing.

Yamato: Ah, I noticed that, too. Why did you look so worried, Ichi?

[10:04] Iori: I-it was…nothing.

Riku: What? You were looking at me? Why? Did my pants get ripped?

Mitsuki: (laughs) Pants?!*

Iori: If that were the case, I would’ve dragged you into the backstage immediately!

Riku: Then why?

Iori: It was nothing. I was just worried you might make a mistake.

Yamato: You’re singing was great, Riku! I was amazed when I heard your voice.

Riku: Really?

Sogo: Yes!I was moved!You have a very nice voice!

Riku: Really? Isn’t that a bit exaggerated?

Yamato, Sogo: We’re telling the truth!

Riku: Ahh…thank you…

Mitsuki: Riku can’t believe his singing is being complemented.

Nagi: It was a concert that touched everyone’s hearts. Our feelings became one and transcended the star-filled sky.It was the greatest time I’ve ever had with the greatest members I’ve ever met.

Tsumugi: Nagi-san…I feel very very happy to hear that. I promise that next time…(Tsumugi started crying so her words started sounding incoherent)

Yamato: The atmosphere is slowly getting dramatic over there, isn’t it?

Nagi: Please don’t cry, my girl. We are feeling very happy and it’s all thanks to you, Tsumugi. Your cheers were loud and clear.

[11:20] Riku: I know right! I could hear Manager’s voice while we were performing. And it makes me feel very…(starts crying) happy.

Mitsuki: There, there. (pats Riku on the head) You did a great job, Riku! (cries) We did a great job.

Sogo: Even Mitsuki-san started crying…

Tamaki: Are you all done eating? Can I eat all that’s left? (Yamato hitsTamaki)Ouch!

Yamato: You’re eating too much!Also, can you at least try to say things that’d fit the emotional atmosphere?

Tamaki: Oh, come on! Anyone would wanna eat lots of food after dancing that much! I’m feeling very emotional over the salted salmon roes, herring roes, and flying fish roes!

Yamato: You’re eating too much roes!

Otoharu: (laughs) You all did a great job! In all honesty, I enjoyed your concert. You all worked hard today! Good job!

Idolish7: Thank you!

Tsumugi: I will make sure we can fill 10,000 seats next time. And I hope you will stay with me until that happens.

Riku: Of course! We will be working hard, too! Once again, we look forward to working with you, Manager!


*Hyottoko is a character whose mouth is skewed to one side.

*While the word pantsu may mean jeans or pants, it is more commonly used to describe underpants.


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