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[A3!] Hisoka Mikage – Mankai Playback Backstage Story Translation

Baking a Cake with my Treasured Friends

Chapter 1

Izumi: Hisoka-san’s birthday is drawing near.

Tsumugi: Anything you want us to do for you?

Hisoka: Hmm…

Homare: You may ask for more than you usually do.

Azuma: If you can’t think of anything…can we know what you usually do on your birthday before you came here?

Hisoka: We used to bake a cake and eat it together.

Izumi: How about we try doing that, too?

Guy: That sounds like a great idea.

Azuma: We usually leave things like this to Omi, but doing it ourselves once in a while sounds fun.

Tasuku: But is there anyone in our troupe who can bake a cake?

Tsumugi: I’ve never baked cakes aside from the cooking lessons I had when I was a student.

Homare: The same holds true for me. I have never baked a cake and all I did was eat one.

Azuma: I think Guy can bake a cake. Don’t servants do that kind of stuff?

Guy: I have never baked one when I was in Zafra. However, there was a time when I made curry with Utsuki and accidentally caused him trouble. 

Azuma: Really?

Tasuku: Can we really do this?

Hisoka: I wanna eat a cake with marshmallows…

Izuma: We’re doing this for Hisoka-san! I’ll help you out, too, so let’s do our best!


Guy: It’s a good thing we have a recipe made by Fushimi.

Azuma: I know, right? It even includes photos so shopping for ingredients was easy.

Izumi: As long as we follow his recipe, I’m sure we can bake a delicious cake…probably.

Tasuku: Probably?!

Tsumugi: Let’s start then! So first, we…

Homare: The first step when baking is washing one’s hands!


Hisoka: (looking intently at the marshmallows)

Homare: Those marshmallows will be placed on top of the cake. You are not allowed to eat them.

Hisoka: I know…but I wanna eat them.

Guy: I also prepared marshmallows for you today, Mikage. Would you like to have some?

Hisoka: …! Yes. Thanks, Guy.

Homare: Since today is your birthday, you seem to be asking for even more pampering than usual. To think you would ask for more despite having people who carry and feed you marshmallows everyday…

Hisoka: Stop talking and focus on baking.

Homare: Listen to what I am saying!

Guy: Is this how you melt the butter?

Izumi: Guy-san, why are you immersing butter in hot water?!

Guy: According to Fushimi’s recipe, we must melt the butter by heating it. Sorry, I should’ve added flour first.

Izumi: You shouldn’t do that, either! …A-anyway, please remove the butter from the hot water. 

Azuma: (chuckles) Now I understand why Guy said he caused trouble before.

Hisoka: What a surprise…

Tsumugi: Umm…anyway, Tasuku, mix this bowl of egg white until it starts to form bubbles.

Tasuku: Okay. (starts mixing)

Azuma: Don’t we have an electric mixer?

Tsumugi: Oh–

Tasuku: (still mixing)

Tsumugi: But mixing seems to be a good workout for Tasuku.

Azuma: (chuckles) I think so, too.

Tasuku: Haa…that was tiring.

Guy: Takato…

Tasuku: …What?

Guy: Is that really something you should do manually?

Tasuku: Pardon?…What do you mean?

Guy: We have an electric mixer but it seems unused. I thought you particularly wanted to mix it by hand, so I did not tell you.

Homare: Oh, he is right. If you used the electric mixer, then you could have saved your time and energy.

Tasuku: …

Tsumugi: …

Azuma: (chuckles)

Hisoka: Muscle man mixer…

Tasuku: Tsumugi…

Tsumugi: Ahaha…you were already mixing when I realized we have a mixer…But I thought it was okay because you were the one doing it. Look at how you mixed it so well.

Tasuku: Haa…

Izumi: I wonder if we can finish this…


Izumi: I’m glad we somehow managed to bake a cake.

Tasuku: That was tough…

Azuma: But it was lots of fun.

Hisoka: It looks delicious…

Tsumugi: Let’s eat it, shall we?

Izumi: I’ll serve the cake after I finish slicing it.

Tsumugi: Thank you.

Hisoka: …

Tsumugi: What’s the matter, Hisoka-san?

Hisoka: Please save one slice…

Tsumugi: …? Okay, I’ll keep one slice in the fridge.

Chapter 2

Winter Troupe: Happy birthday!

Izumi: Happy birthday, Hisoka-san!

Hisoka: Thanks…And thanks for baking a cake with me…

Homare: Our cake’s quality is so splendid that I think I can compose a new poem at any moment.

Izumi: I’m glad you like it. Let’s eat!

Hisoka: (eats the cake) It tastes good.

Tsumugi: Yep. It tastes good for something made by amateurs.

Hisoka: I think it tasted better because we baked it together.

Homare: Hearing you say something like that feels strange.

Tsumugi: Both the cake and frosting are so fluffy! Good job, Tasuku.

Azuma: (chuckles) He ended up mixing everything manually.

Tasuku: Haa…what a waste of time.

Guy: I want to be able to mix as well as you.

Tasuku: I suggest we use the electric mixer next time.

Homare: Have you eaten your slice, Hisoka-kun?

Hisoka: Yes. It was delicious. If you won’t eat yours, can I have it?

Homare: Do not poke my cake while you are still asking permission to eat it!

Izumi: Ahaha. Hisoka-san looks so happy. I’m glad we decided to bake a cake. 


Hisoka: Zzz…

Izumi: Looks like he’s fast asleep.

Azuma: It seems bad to wake him up, so I think it’d be better to carry him to his room.

Tsumugi: We’re leaving it to you, Tasuku.

Tasuku: Geez…

Guy: Let me help you.


Izumi: Maybe I should go to sleep.

Hisoka: …

Izumi: Oh, Hisoka-san. I didn’t know you’re awake.

Hisoka: Is the cake inside the fridge?

Izumi: Yup.

Hisoka: …Thank you for today. I’m glad I was able to celebrate it with the Winter Troupe again.

Option 1: Did you have fun while baking?

Izumi: Did you have fun while baking? 

Hisoka: Yes. It was fun, the cake tasted good, and I got to bake it together with you and the Winter Troupe.

Option 2: Did you receive gifts?

Izumi: Did you receive gifts?

Hisoka: Yes. When I woke up, I saw gifts beside my pillow.

Izumi: Ahaha, it’s as if you got gifts from Santa! Have you opened them?

Hisoka: Not yet but I think it includes marshmallows. I can’t wait to open them later.

Izumi: I’m glad you enjoyed your birthday! 

Hisoka: Back then, my birthday was nothing special and I didn’t celebrate it with anyone. But when I met August, he would celebrate my birthday and Chikage’s birthday every year.

Izumi: So when you said you used to bake a cake and eat it with someone, you were talking about Chikage-san and August?

Hisoka: Yes.



“I like your birthday, December, because unlike April’s, I can make a normal birthday cake.”

“It’s starting to burn…”

I used to celebrate my birthday by baking a cake with April and August. August wasn’t that good at baking, but he had fun every time we baked a cake.

“This year, I decided to make your cake special,” said August as he placed the finishing touch – a star-shaped marshmallow. Its shape was distorted, but for me, it was the most precious gift I’ve ever had.

I was so excited to eat it. But at that very moment, August’s earpiece suddenly rang.

“Sorry, but we have a mission.”

There was an agent who made a mistake while on a mission and we were asked to provide assistance.

“But I wanna eat the cake…”

“We have no choice but to follow their orders. Just put up with it.”

“Let’s just celebrate your birthday again after this, okay?” said August as he smiled like he always does.


I became impatient. I wanted to finish the mission as fast as possible so that we can all sit together and eat my birthday cake…After all, I’ve always waited for this day.


“What is that idiot doing?!”

April came to save me when things went wrong due to my recklessness. I accidentally dropped the necklace I was wearing, but he managed to pick it up.

“You know what’s gonna happen if you lose this, right?” said April on our way back. I couldn’t bring myself to reply.

Upon arriving at our hideout, August was already there.

“December broke his necklace.”


“Looks like he acted rashly because he was in a hurry to come back.”

“Why did you act recklessly, December?! Making a small mistake can cost your life!”


“I doubt I can withstand losing a precious family member on his birthday…So please…be more careful from now on,” said August, looking both angry and sad.

Afterwards, we had to report about the mission and were given individual tasks to do. The three of us weren’t able to eat the cake and my birthday came to an end.

That was the last birthday I celebrated with August and April.

(end of flashback)


Hisoka: That was the only kind of birthday celebration I knew, so I asked the troupe to do the same thing. And I’m glad I did.

Izumi: That’s good to hear. Anyway, now that you’re part of the Winter troupe, they’ll teach you lots of other ways to celebrate your birthday!

Hisoka: Yup. They taught me about surprise parties last year, and I can’t wait for my next birthday to come.

Izumi: Next year, let’s celebrate your birthday again with the Winter troupe! By the way, I thought you were looking for the cake.

Hisoka: Oh, I almost forgot. I’ll go get it now.


Hisoka: …

Chikage: Did the Winter troupe throw a party for you?

Hisoka: Yes…Here you go…

Chikage: Oh, a cake with marshmallows on top.

Hisoka: I made it with the Winter troupe. I want you to try it. Just one bite will do.

Chikage: Haa…you leave me no choice then…

Hisoka: How was it?

Chikage: It tastes sweet…

Hisoka: It should taste good because we followed Omi’s instructions.

Chikage: Well, ignoring the sweet taste, I guess it tastes good.

Hisoka: It’s not a cake if it’s not sweet.

Chikage: …Happy birthday.

Hisoka: Thanks. Chikage…let’s talk about August.

Chikage: Sure.



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