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Crazy:B – Honeycomb Summer Lyrics (Rom/Eng)


Fuzaketa T-shatsu no Design
Mitai na joudan wo mata iunda
Honne wo hagurakashite shimatte
Koukai shiteta toko

Hanikamu you na hyoujou de
Gomakasou toshiteru dake ja
Hanarete iku dake janai no
Otagai no kyori (What’s going on)

Mazui tenkai e hipacchau you na
Heta na shibai wa (No more so hot!)
Kekkyoku sugu ni miyabu rarerunda
Jaa isso sa, nugi sutereba ii ya

Atsui natsu no sei ni shichaeba ii
Zenbu akesuke ni
Enryo nashi hashiri dasou
Tsukinukeru ao ni
Isshun de owacchau no sa
Marude shinkirou
Dakara hoshiindayo
Wasurerarenai jikan (with you!)

Shashin foruda no samune ga kitto
Honeycomb Summer
Omoide wa nani hitotsu sutenai

Atsui natsu no sei ni shiyouze
Dive now!
Enryo nante mou iranai sa
Sarake dashite kure (Oh yeah!)

“Cause I’m Crazy:B!” Sou iu shuusei sa
Amai Memory no Honeycomb
Yokubattatte ii issai gassai wo
Zenbu kakaete motte ikouze
Koko e koi yo

English Translation

You’re joking again
About funny shirt designs
To avoid talking about
Your regrets

If you keep avoiding confrontation
By acting shy,
We will grow apart
(What’s going on?)

Your acting is so lame
It will lead us to a bad situation (No more so hot!)
I can see through you right away
So why not just cut that out?

Just blame it on the summer heat
And reveal everything
Let’s run eagerly toward
The clear blue sky
This will be over in a split second
Like a mirage
That’s why I want
A memorable moment (with you!)

I’m sure the thumbnail of my album
Is like a summer honeycomb
I want to keep all these memories

Let’s blame it on the summer heat
Dive now!
Don’t hold back
Be true to yourself (Oh yeah!)

“Cause I’m Crazy:B” That’s what I am
The honeycomb of our sweet memories
You can be greedy
And take everything with you
Come here


Hanikamu means “to be shy” but can also mean “honeycomb.”

I want to keep all these memories.
At 1:46 of the music video, Niki sang the word “memories” while looking at Rinne. (insert screaming sounds here)

Update (04/04/21)
This is basically a love song about Niki and Rinne. Please play this song during their wedding.
This song is basically about Niki and Rinne’s memories together.

Rinne and Niki already knew each other before Crazy:B was formed. They first met four years ago, and it was summer at that time. Niki came across Rinne on the streets. (This was probably when Rinne decided to leave his village to become an idol, so he was probably homeless.) Niki felt concerned and approached Rinne. While they were talking, Rinne suddenly collapsed (probably due to hunger), so Niki took him home. When Rinne regained consciousness, Niki fed him yesterday’s leftovers (the only food he had left) despite being really hungry. Later, Niki lost consciousness.

Upon waking up, Niki was surrounded with food that he thought he died and was now in heaven (LOL). Niki already ate the food when Rinne admitted that he just stole the food from a neighbor. Niki was afraid that he might get arrested too once his neighbor finds out who stole their food, so he couldn’t go against Rinne’s wishes. (Later on, however, Niki found out from his neighbor that Rinne didn’t steal the food; he kneeled down and begged for it!)

Anyway, with Niki’s help, Rinne was able to become an idol under Cosmic Production, and initially, he and Niki worked as a duo.


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