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[A3! Backstage Story] Mikage Hisoka – How to Make Two Penguins Get Along

Chapter 1

Homare: Come on, now. Walk properly, Hisoka-kun. I have some marshmallows for you.

Hisoka: Marshmallows…(eats)

Izumi: Good morning.

Homare: Good morning, director.

Hisoka: Good morning…

Izumi: I’m surprised to see Hisoka-san waking up early today.

Hisoka: My part time job at an aquarium starts today. It’s only a short term job, though.

Izuma: I see. 

Hisoka: The staff said they will also ask me to take care of their penguins. 

Izuma: Wow, that sounds great! Good luck!

Homare: Make sure to properly carry out whatever they ask of you.

Hisoka: Okay.

Location: Aquarium

Staff: We’re done cleaning this area. Thanks for helping out.

Hisoka: No problem…

Staff: Next, I will be taking the penguins for a walk. Wanna come with me? You said you like penguins, right?

Hisoka: Is it okay?

Staff: Of course!

Hisoka: Okay.

Staff: Great. Let’s go to the penguin section.

Penguin A: Gak, gak.

Penguin B: Gak~

Sightseer A: Look at that! There’s a guy surrounded by penguins!

Sightseer B: They’re following him from behind. So adorable!

Staff: Ahaha. The penguins are following you. They seem to like you already.

Hisoka: I’m glad they do…

Penguin C: Gak, gak!

Penguin D: Gak?

Hisoka: They’re so cute…Huh?

Penguin E: …

Penguin F: …

Hisoka: Two of them are staying away from each other. What’s wrong with those two?

Staff: Oh…actually, they don’t get along with each other. This is Souffle and this is Biscuit. They’re both male. They always stay away from each other and they don’t look at each other, either. 

Hisoka: …Souffle, Biscuit, try getting along with each other, okay?

(Souffle and Biscuit face away from each other.)

Hisoka: Easier said than done…

Staff: They have always been like this. I noticed how they seem to understand what you’re saying, though.

Souffle: …

Biscuit: …

Hisoka: …

Chapter 2

Location: Mankai dorm

Hisoka: Souffle and Biscuit wouldn’t come close to each other. You seem to be someone who can get along with anyone, Penpen. What do you think I should do? (falls asleep)

(Hisoka’s dream)

Penpen: …kun. Hisoka-kun.

Hisoka: Nnh…? 

Penpen: Hisoka-kun.

Hisoka: Oh, hey there, Penpen. We meet again.

Penpen: You look like something’s troubling you and I wanted to help you out.

Hisoka: Does that mean you heard me talk to you?

Penpen: Of course. So, what’s wrong?

Hisoka: In my part time job, there are these two penguins named Souffle and Biscuit. They don’t seem to be getting along and they won’t even look at each other. Even so, I feel like they care for each other. I want them to get along but I don’t know how.

Penpen: Hmm…I think they care for each other despite not getting along.

Hisoka: Me, too.

Penpen: Maybe things will change if you continue talking with them and create a situation that would give them a chance to interact with each other.

Hisoka: Okay. Thank you, Penpen. I’ll try doing what you said.

Penpen: No problem!

???: …san? Hisoka-san!

Hisoka: I can hear someone calling me.

Penpen: I think it’s time for you to wake up.

Hisoka: If I feel troubled, can I ask for your advice again?

Penpen: Of course. Till then, Hisoka-kun.

Hisoka: Bye.

(Hisoka wakes up.)

Hisoka: Marshmallows…(eats)

Izumi: Oh, you’re awake. You’ll catch a cold if you sleep here, you know?

Hisoka: Penpen appeared in my dreams…

Izumi: Really? (chuckles) That sounds fun.

Hisoka: I asked for advice on how I can make the two penguins at my part time job get along.

Izumi: I see. What did Penpen say?

Hisoka: He thinks they actually care for each other despite not getting along. So I should create a situation that would give them a chance to talk with each other.

Izumi: I didn’t expect he could give advice that well! Caring for each other despite not getting along reminds me of…

Hisoka: Of whom?

Izumi: Nevermind. Hisoka-san might scowl at me if I told him the two penguins remind me of Chikage-san and him. That aside, having a job where you can spend time with penguins sounds fun and relaxing.

Hisoka: Yes, it is. Want to go for a visit?

Izumi: I’ll try going there when I have time.

Chapter 3

Staff: Let’s call the penguins. It’s time for them to eat.

Hisoka: Okay…Souffle, Biscuit, it’s time to eat.

Souffle: …

Biscuit: …

Hisoka: Eating together would make your food more delicious. Come here.

Souffle: Gak…

Biscuit: Gak…

Hisoka: Good boys.

Staff: Wow! This is my first time seeing them eat together. What did you do?

Hisoka: I just told them to eat together.

Staff: Really? No matter how many times I say that, they just won’t follow me. Maybe you have a certain aura that attracts penguins.

Hisoka: I’m not sure, either. But I’d be happy if that were true.

Staff: After all of them finish eating, let’s take a short break and then take them for a walk again.

Staff: Let’s go, everyone!

Penguins: Gak gak!

Souffle: Gak.

Biscuit: Gak gak.

Hisoka: Souffle and Biscuit are walking side by side. They’re getting along now.

Izumi: Hisoka-san!

Hisoka: Oh, hello, Director. Did you come to see the penguins?

Izumi: Yup. I went to a theater company to help them out and I decided to drop by on my way back. Huh? Who are those two penguins hiding behind you?

Hisoka: They are the penguins I mentioned before, Souffle and Biscuit. Souffle, Biscuit, this person is the director of the theater where I work at. 

Souffle: Gak~

Biscuit: Gak.

Izumi: (chuckles) Nice to meet you.

Penguin A: Gak gak?

Penguin B: Gak! Gaaak.

Izumi: Huh? The penguins are starting to crowd around me!

Penguins: Gak, gak gak~!

Izumi: They’re cute but…waaah! Hold on, guys! If you all push me like that I’ll fall over!

Location: near Veludo Station

Izumi: Haa, thanks to you and the other employee, I managed to keep my balance. I was startled when the penguins were pushing me over but they were so cute!

Option 1: They seem to like you very much.

Izumi: They seem to like you very much.

Hisoka: Whenever we go for a walk, they would follow me and eat the food I place on my hand. They’re very cute.

Izumi: Wow, that sounds like a lot of fun!

Hisoka: They seem to like you, too. They seem to enjoy walking with you.

Izumi: I enjoyed walking with them, too!

Hisoka: Being with penguins feels comforting. But today felt even more soothing because you came along. 

Option 2: Next time, I want to take my time and check everything out.

Izumi: I just dropped by after helping out a theater company so I didn’t have much time to explore the aquarium. But next time, I want to take my time and check everything out.

Hisoka: Aside from penguins, there are fishes and other animals, too. The fishes are beautiful and the seals look cute. 

Izumi: I can’t wait to see them!

Hisoka: While working there, I got to learn what kind of animals they have so I can tour you around on one of my days off. Let’s explore the aquarium together.

Izumi: Okay! 

Izumi: I’m glad I went for a visit, because I was able to see you enjoying your job and I got to interact with the penguins, too.

Hisoka: I’m glad you came, too. But it’s sad that my part time job there is about to end.

Izumi: I hope Souffle and Biscuit will become better friends while you’re still working there.

Hisoka: And for that to happen, I promise to take good care of them.

Izumi: Haha, Hisoka-san is like a mom to the penguins.



I just used the term “mom” for my self-satisfaction (LOL I’m sorry) and Izumi literally said “parental affection.”

Penpen is a penguin plushie that Hisoka received from Itaru.


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