StPri 24-hour Livestream Relay Highlights (Aug 3-4, 2019)

Note: These are highlights of the first and last livestream + Jel’s livestream

StPri (Aug 3, 8pm-10pm JST)

Root: *introducing Colon* StPri’s Blue…piece of trash!
Colon: You won’t be saying my name? Hello! I’m trash!!!

There was a time when Root and Naa-kun were eating together and Root accidentally called Naa-kun “Nori-san” (nori = seaweed) instead of “Mori-san”

Colon: *accuses Jel of having smelly feet*
Jel: *accuses Colon of having bad breath*

*both insist they don’t have bad breath*

Naa-kun: Let’s just say you both have bad breaths.
Colon: If it’s both of us, then I’m fine.

upper: takenoko; below: kinoko
image credit: https://blog.gaijinpot.com/takenoko-no-sato-vs-kinoko-no-yama/

members who prefer takenoko: Nanamori, Riinu, Colon, Satomi
members who prefer kinoko: Jel, Root

Jel: Kinoko is better because you can easily separate the chocolate and the biscuit and you can give the chocolate to your friend who doesn’t like eating the biscuit part.

Root calls sharing the chocolates on kinoko “share happy.”

Root: Kinoko is better than takenoko because you can easily separate the chocolate from the biscuit and so it’s easier to share.
Riinu: But you never share your food.

What if you have a girlfriend and she asks you if you still love her even tho her cup size wasn’t your ideal size?
Root: I’ll love her the way she is.
Nanamori: I’ll hug her and change the topic

Jel (Aug 4, 12am-2am JST)

Jel played the game “Hannin wa Boku Desu” (I am the Criminal), a thriller/suspense game where you (MC) killed a girl and the goal is to convince your friends (and probably the police) that you’re not the killer.

In the beginning, he did a Shinichi Kudo impersonation.

While he was playing the game, he was using a different voice for each character and he would even dub or read the ads that pop-up in between.


He particularly likes the character named Midori and said she’s his type.
He also said he likes girls with side bangs.


He said the character named Akai was an ikemen and that if he were to be dubbed, his seiyuu would be Kaji Yuki (Jel said “Kaji” but I think he meant Kamiya Hiroshi bc he was copying Kamiyan’s voice whenever he reads Akai’s lines)

From time to time, he would complain about how he was voted last place for the Popular Guy Ranking (voted upon by StPri members themselves, close friends and other staff such as illustrators) and in his livestream with Satomi, he said his goal is to at least be ranked 2nd.

There was a character named Aoki who was singing a song while taking a bath and Jel was able think up of a melody for the lyrics on the spot. Afterwards, he gave himself a complement by calling himself a genius.

Because it was already time for Root’s livestream (in fact, he extended for 30 minutes), he wasn’t able to finish the game, though he did say he’d continue it if he has some free time.

StPri (Aug 4, 6:30pm-8pm JST)

StPri Rankings
These were voted upon by StPri members themselves along with a few close friends and staff such as illustrators.

Member who’s most likely to become rich
1. Nanamori (seems to be type who has no greed and doesn’t really have anything to spend money over except basic needs)
2. Root
3. Riinu
4. Satomi
5. Colon
6. Jel (seems to be the type who doesn’t care about money; easily deceived)

Member who’s most likely to engage in two-timing
1. Colon (looks like the type of guy who’d date anyone he thinks is pretty)
2. Jel
3. Root
4. Nanamori
5. Riinu
6. Satomi

Member who will probably marry late
1. Nanamori (too busy, Jel: I don’t think he knows the importance of marriage.)
2. Root
3. Riinu
4. Satomi
5. Jel
6. Colon (seems to be the type that would marry early, but would also divorce early)

Popular guy ranking (disregarding internet popularity)
1. Satomi (Riinu: He emits pheromones.)
2. Root
3. Nananamori
4. Colon
5. Riinu
6. Jel (Colon: He stinks. Satomi: His nose hair sticks out. Root: He’s a pervert.)


Honeyworks translations

Woah, I never thought I’d be posting utaite stuff on my blog. But I did and here it is lol.
StPri members out there to bully Jel LMAO.
I hope you guys also had fun! Otsupuri!


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