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Mutsuki Hajime – Shigetsuya Drama Tracks Translation

Track 01

Track 02: Running at a King’s speed, a speed that transcends time and space


Hajime: Don’t concede just because it’s my idea!
Haru: It’s not what you think! Your idea is better. We should carry it out. What’s the matter, Hajime?
Why are you being angry all of a sudden?
Hajime: It pisses me off how you always concede and agree with my ideas instead.
Haru: But what I want to carry out is your plan so even if you’re pissed off, I’m also in a difficult position here.
Hajime: Then stand up for it!
Haru: I don’t want to! It’d be meaningless. I think your idea is better, so standing up for my own doesn’t make any sense, right?
Hajime: Meaningless? So you think it’s meaningless?
Haru: Hajime?
Hajime: Are you really like that?
Haru: Eh?
Hajime: Do you really think of me that way? Do you think it’s just a pain to clash opinions with me? Aren’t you just trying to run away? You’re so afraid that you’re too lazy to argue, and I hate you for that.
Haru: Isn’t calling me lazy going a little bit too far? I don’t understand why you’re being angry just because I agreed with your idea. What should I do then? Should I force myself to fight for something I don’t believe in? Would you finally feel satisfied if I did that?* Geez, what an oppressive King.
Hajime: …Haru.
Haru: Let’s stop this, Hajime. You seem to be very angry and I myself have lost composure. We should stop this petty fight.
Hajime: It’s not petty.
Haru: Hajime?
Hajime: For me, this is not just a petty fight, because it’s about my position. What you said just now is making me feel furious. I’ve had enough of this. You’re the last person I want to hear that from.
Haru: Hajime?
Hajime: I’m not a King. (walks out)
Haru: Hajime!

[2:06] (present)                                                                                                                 

man: Hajime-kun. Hajime-kun?
Hajime: Ah, sorry. I didn’t mean to stare into thin air.
man: You’re acting a bit strange. Are you tired? Could it be because of your hectic schedule? I know you’re the type who accepts whatever job he’s offered, but you’ve been getting a lot more job offers lately, right?
Hajime: I’m happy people still have interest in me.
man: As if we’d get tired of you! You’re so in demand that we were desperate to get you. And it’s because you’re an all-around performer.
Hajime: All-around?
man: You’re not just a charming and handsome King, but a wonderful, soft, and kind person. You’re an all-around celebrity.  We know ou’ve always had the former, and as for the latter traits, it’s something new and refreshing to see. Because of that, no matter what kind of job you get, you always fit their taste. You’re amazing, Hajime-kun. Could it be the result of taking on any job?
Hajime: It’s all thanks to the people who offered me such jobs in spite of looking for someone with experience. I’m glad it has made me grow as a person.

[3:36] (Hajime buys a drink from a vending machine and drinks it)
Hajime: (sighs)
Haru: Ah, Hajime! I finally found you!
Hajime: Ah. Haru.
Haru: Thank goodness I finally caught you. You weren’t checking your phone, were you?
Hajime: Were you trying to contact me? Sorry, I didn’t check my phone.
Haru: I finally caught you so it’s okay now. I’m done with today’s work, so I’m free to go home. It’s the same for you, right?
Hajime: Yes. You do know my schedule very well, don’t you?
Haru: As if you’re one to speak when you know the schedule of all Six Gravity members.
Hajime: Well, yes I do.
Haru: It’s too early to go home so why not spend this time leisurely together? Lately, I only have a few jobs with you, so I don’t get enough of my usual dose of Hajime.
Hajime: (laughs) What’s that supposed to mean?
Haru: After all, doesn’t working with a friend give you a sense of security? You get to chat during your free time, and it’s a nice stress reliever. But lately I haven’t been able to do it that much.
Hajime: It’s because you’re the most talkative of all talkative people.  While that thing about you doesn’t bother me, you should do something about the roundabout way you talk.
Haru: It’s fine to start off the conversation, you know. I’ll be good boy and listen to you intently.
Hajime: You? A good boy? Are you trying to be cute? Just so you know, you’re not cute at all. Minus ten points.
Haru: That’s so strict of you!
Hajime: Indeed, we do have some spare time. Let’s go, Haru.
Haru: Now we’re talking!

[5:30] Haru: Hajime, Hajime! Ta-dah! What do you think of these glasses I’m trying on?
Hajime: You look suspicious.
Haru: Suspicious?! How about this one then?
Hajime: You look even more suspicious.
Haru: How about this one?
Hajime: You look reasonably suspicious.
Haru: You plan to say that no matter which one I wear, do you?
Hajime: The one trying them out looks suspicious so it can’t be helped.
Haru: Hey, watch what you’re saying!

[5:53] Haru: Ah! I’ve always been thinking of buying something from this crepe stand ever since I saw it on SNS.
Hajime: A crepe stand? I can see people lining up.
Haru: I think it’s one of the popular crepe stands around, because I always see a “One hour to wait” signage. They say their crepe fillings are unique and the pancake has a mild flavor, too. You get to choose what flavors and fillings to include and I’ve read the number of combinations you can make are infinite!
Hajime: I see…
Haru: Only a few people know this, but you have a sweet tooth, right? I have one, too.
Hajime: Not really…
Haru: Do you realize you’ve been staring at the crepe stand? Just admit you wanna eat some.
Hajime: …Yes, I do. Let’s line up, Haru.
Haru: You look manlier when you’re defiant. But won’t we stand out if we line up? Today you don’t have what Shun calls “a mysterious magic spell that makes you invisible to fans.”
: Stop it with the idle talk. You were the one who brought up the topic in the first place. Let’s buy something that would help us conceal ourselves.
Haru: Got it~!

[6:58] Hajime: What do you think?
Haru: It suits you well! Black caps really suit you, don’t they? I’m so jealous. I have a hard time wearing caps.
Hajime: I bet it’s because your head won’t fit in.
Haru: It’s not like that. I’ve been told my head is kinda small.  It’s because of my hair. When I wear a cap, my hair copies its shape and it doesn’t go back to normal.
Hajime: After all, your hair is fluffy. 
Haru: Yep. Even though it’s been more than 20 years since I’ve been living with this slightly wavy hair of mine, there are still times when I don’t get along with it.
Hajime: It will be saying farewell someday so you should get along with it while you’re still together.
Haru: (rhetorical question) And what do you mean by that? …Ah, you’re gonna buy that?
Hajime: Yes, as a remembrance of this day.
Haru: Ehh? Now I feel pressured to buy something, too. I wonder which one I should buy.
Hajime: It doesn’t have to be a hat.
Haru: Is it okay if I go buy a decorative plant? I plan to add greenery in my room for Hokekyo-kun.
Hajime: Sure.

[8:13] Haru: (sits down) Haa~ I’m tired. When you plan on walking leisurely outside, you sure end up walking a lot.
Hajime: You can say that again. But you were also talking a lot the whole time. Didn’t that tire you out even more?
Haru: Hmm…it’s been a while since I’ve been with someone whom I can talk to without carefully choosing a topic. I was too absorbed that it didn’t tire me at all. Was I being too noisy?
Hajime: No, I’m already used to it. I’ve learned to treat it like background noise. Like a radio station.
Haru: Don’t treat me like a radio station.
Hajime: I somewhat feel strained today so it wasn’t bad listening to a radio station again after a while.
Haru: What’s with the sudden affection?
Hajime: Shut up, idiot.
(Hajime’s commercial plays)
Hajime: A King…
Haru: Hajime?
Hajime: Hmm?
Haru: I believe you really are a King.
Hajime: Why are you saying that out of the blue?
Haru: You have the courage to walk on any path, the strong determination to aim for excellence, an unwavering conviction, an unbiased kindness, the ability to give hope to people, and a lot more wonderful traits. You have a lot of traits that other people don’t have. We couldn’t think of a perfect word that could describe such a person, but when trying to come up with a word that people could easily understand, the word “King” comes to mind. It’s what you call a person who is admired by everyone, the embodiment of everyone’s ideals. I know you don’t like being called a King, but to be honest, I like it when someone calls you that. Deep inside, I’d think “Our King is amazing, isn’t he?” with my head held high. You’re not a conceited and negligent King but a true, real King.**
Hajime: A real King?
Haru: Yup. You know how being a King means being solitary. You keep moving forward even if something’s troubling you, because otherwise, you won’t grow. You have the strength to stay as a King. And that made me realize that you really are a King
Hajime: Haru…
Haru: All I can do is imagine it, but being a King, or being the person on the very top, kind of feels lonesome, because there could only be one person standing in that position. But you know what? I am always there in that top 2 position. I’ll be right beside you. And during hard times, I’ll be right behind you while supporting you all throughout. So, if you ever feel tired, it’s okay to take a short rest.
Hajime: Do I look tired?
Haru: A little bit. You seemed down lately.
Hajime: I’m not tired, to be honest. It’s just that…something has been weighing on my mind.
Haru: What is it?
Hajime: You.
Haru: I?
Hajime: Remember what people say about your latest visual? They say you look like someone who could betray a friend.
Haru: Ah, well, they do. Did I really look that evil?
Hajime: They were just talking about your role. Haru, it feels tough to get betrayed by you.
Haru: What do you mean?
Hajime: Even I have a pride of my own. Haru, people call me a King, but I never thought I was befitting of the title. But right now, if people call me a King, I want to be a man who is worthy of that position, not someone who just enjoys wearing the crown. Yes, people call me a King, but I want to be worthy of that position as well.
Haru: Hajime…
Hajime: But lately, you, the one closest to me, has been receiving certain comments.
Haru: What comments?
Hajime: Comments saying that you look like a betrayer.
Haru: What?
Hajime: Upon taking a closer look, you look like you’re not satisfied with me. You looked oppressed and unhappy.
Haru: Hey, wait a second! Those photos were taken while I was acting a certain role, remember? I was just doing an expression that fits the character. It’s different from the usual expression I wear behind the scenes.
Hajime: I know. It’s strange how I’m worrying about something like this. Because of that commercial, there have been lots of people calling me a King again. Like what you’ve said, we’ve been doing lots of individual jobs lately, so we don’t get to talk to each other much. On second thought, I am feeling a little tired, and a little lonely as well.
Haru: Back then, when we fought and you said “I’m not a King,” was that because you felt lonely?
Hajime: Oh, I’m surprised you remember it well.
Haru: I already told you, right? Rather than making you angry, it’s more like I made you feel hurt. At the very least, I didn’t forget that I did such a thing to you. It traumatized me, so I was never able to forget those words.
Hajime: I couldn’t say I completely agree with you on that, but roughly speaking, you are correct. I felt hurt and betrayed, and looked for an escape. So I ended up working part-time at a bar.
Haru: Eh? So our fight was the reason why you secretly did a part-time job?
Hajime: Haven’t I told you this yet?
Haru: No, you haven’t!
Hajime: It’s another solved mystery then.
Haru: Just how long did it take to solve that?…I see. Now I understand why.
Hajime: Haru, if I am really a King, make sure to watch me walk that path. If you have something in mind, tell me what it is, and if you don’t have anything in mind, then tell me so. From now on, I won’t hesitate. I won’t look back.
Haru: What a high-handed order.
Hajime: You can say whatever you want. Even if I don’t look back, I know you’re there for me. Am I right?
Haru: Of course. If something feels wrong, even if we’ve just met, I’ll grab that person by his collar and tell him what’s wrong without hesitation.
Hajime: Like how you intrude someone’s private space without hesitation.
Haru: I said I’m sorry, okay?
Hajime: I was just kidding. In fact, I might as well want people to do that. Not just you, but also Arata, Aoi, Kakeru, Koi, and Procellarum. I don’t mind being called a King, but I don’t want that title to measure my value as a person.
: I know. Everyone knows. I’ve always been with you knowing that.
Hajime: “Running at a King’s speed, a speed that transcends time and space.”
: Let’s do it altogether. With everyone.
Hajime: Sure.


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*Haru talks to Hajime by simply repeating his name (like what most Japanese people do), but at some point during his argument with Hajime, he switches to ‘kimi’ which shows that he’s starting to feel pissed off at Hajime. ‘Kimi’ means ‘you’ but it sounds rude unless you are of a higher position than the person you are talking to (e.g. CEO). In real life, when a friend suddenly calls you kimi, it means that person is pissed off. In anime, dramas, and the like, however, there are characters who use this pronoun often without the intention of being rude. A lot of characters in mobile games would refer to the player as ‘kimi.’ In some cases, like in songs, kimi may sound romantic.

**Literally, Hajime said, “You’re not a naked king but a real King.” The Japanese title of the popular story “The Emperor’s New Clothes” is “Hadaka no Ou-sama (The Naked King).” The King in this story is negligent of his role as a King and didn’t care about anything but wearing new clothes.


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