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Mutsuki Hajime – Shigetsuya Drama Tracks Translation

Track 01: Hisashiburi no Ou-sama*

interviewer: This concludes the interview. Hajime-kun, Haru-kun, thank you very much for today.
Hajime: Thank you very much.
Haru: Thank you very much.
interviewer: You two have been becoming busier lately, haven’t you?
Hajime: We were able to graduate from university so now we can finally focus on work. So this all might be because our time is more flexible now.
: Now it’s easy to arrange our schedules. And because we have more time on our hands, we’ve been trying out new things to challenge ourselves, right, Hajime?
Hajime: Yup. As for me, I’ve been doing shootings outside Kanto, and a commercial with large-scale preparations.
Haru: That’s right. We feel like wanting to do individual jobs once in a while.
: Speaking of commercials, I saw your recently released commercial, Hajime-kun! Lately, advertisements aimed at young people are usually light and have a modern feel, but your commercial was surprisingly deep and profound.
: I think their objective was to do something different so that the commercial would stand out. I hope I was able to meet their expectations.
interviewer: I’m sure you did! Even a man like me thinks you looked cool! It made me want to drive a car after not doing so for some time. Did you drive the car by yourself?
Hajime: Half of it was done by me. Earning a driver’s license was worth it, but I don’t drive at all.  The completion of the commercial was all thanks to the latest technology and editing.
Haru: I’ve driven a car for a few times so I’m better than Hajime when it comes to driving…I think.
Hajime: Shut up, Haru.
interviewer: (laughs) It’s okay. If I remember correctly, the slogan in the commercial was “Running at a King’s speed, a speed that transcends time and space ”? In those words, I felt the command and power of a ruler, like a black King!
Hajime: A…king?
interview: Uh…sorry, did I made you feel uncomfortable?
Hajime: [2:09] Ah, it’s okay. Around the time when we debuted, I was called a black King by the people around me, and this guy right here teases me by calling me that.
Haru: What? I wasn’t teasing you!
Hajime: You liar. As time passes, there have been less people calling me a King, but lately people started calling me a “King” or “ruler” again. Maybe it’s because of the commercial.
interviewer: I think so to. Everyone was reminded of your being a King, even I!
Hajime: But I’m not a King…
interviewer: You are one! I really mean it. After all, you give off the aura of a King. I’m already used to talking with celebrities and famous people because of my job, but it still felt different when I was interviewing you.
Hajime: …..As someone whose job is to be a special person for someone, I always appreciate how people feel that way.
Haru: Umm…I think it’s time for us to leave, Hajime.
interview: Oh, sorry! I took your time without noticing. As usual, I will be sending the interview to your agency once it gets published.
Hajime: Okay, thank you very much. I’m looking forward to reading it.
Haru: Once again, thank you very much!

[3:35] (Hajime sees his commercial)
Hajime: (CM) “Running at a King’s speed, a speed that transcends time and space.”
Hajime: A King, huh?
Haru: (from a distance) Hajime?
Hajime: Coming.

Haru: (opens door) Hajime, are you there?…Looks like he’s not.
Hajime: Haru, I’m here.
Haru: Hajime? (approaches to where Hajime’s voice is) Hajime? Ah, you’re here! If I just knew you were here, I could’ve just gone straight to the balcony instead of having to pass through your room.
Hajime: Stop complaining over walking a short distance. Also, how about knocking and waiting for a reply before entering my room?
Haru: Eh? Ah, I should’ve done that first. Sorry. I felt too at-home. After all, you put a sign on your door when you want to be alone, right? And if you don’t open the door, I just quietly leave.
Hajime: (sighs) Of course you should.
Haru: [5:05] Did you just sigh? I said I’m sorry, okay?  After all, you need to practice good manners even with friends.* So…what’s the matter?
Hajime: What do you mean?
Haru: What are you doing here in the balcony? Aren’t you feeling cold?
Hajime: …No. Also, I’m not really doing anything.
Haru: Really?
Hajime: Yes. I was just staring into thin air.
Haru: When you say that, are you really just staring into thin air? You’re over 20 so why not smoke a cigarette or drink alcohol? I’m sure it’ll help you take your mind off things a bit.
Hajime: As if I need to show off to someone. Though I’ve experience smoking a cigarette, the smell of smoke clings onto me so I never thought of smoking just because I wanted to. Also, I don’t go so far as to stock up on alcohol, and you probably know this already.
Haru: You’re really serious about this, aren’t you?
Hajime: Yes, I am. How about you? What are you here for?
Haru: I was asked to hand you these stuff from the agency. Here you go! A script, photos, and all kinds of things.
Hajime: Okay, thanks.
Haru: Don’t you wanna go back inside? Staying here for too long is not good for the health.
Hajime: Hmm? Is it really that cold?
Haru: Could it be that you become stronger when it’s cold because you were born during winter? Even if you’re okay, I’m starting to feel really cold so let’s go back inside! Come on, let’s go.
Hajime: Okay, fine.
[6:47] (the two go inside)
Hajime: I had to go to the agency early this morning. How about you? We’ve been together since this afternoon’s interview.
Haru: I went there just before the interview. The shooting ended earlier than expected and after that I went to the agency so that Tsukishiro-san can brief me about my schedule.
Hajime: Shooting? Is it for the drama where you act as a doctor?
Haru: Yup. It’s a medical drama with a senior at work playing the lead role. I am their co-worker and a popular ikemen among the nurses!
Hajime: But surgeons are often described to be nimble-fingered.
Haru: I’m glad I only have a few scenes where I have to act like I’m doing surgery. When I was in grade school, my younger sister laughed so hard over my embroidery. I’m aware of the fact that I’m not good with threads and needles.
Hajime: From your appearance alone, I could tell how you’re not very good at dealing with minor details.
Haru: I hear the exact opposite from other people though. Do I really look like a detail-oriented person?
Hajime: At first, yes. But in reality, you’re not.
Haru: I agree. I don’t pay much attention to details, though I think it doesn’t mean that I’m not skillful with my hands. It’s just that my hands are big, so delicate tasks are not my thing.
Hajime: Haru, did you know that generally speaking, that exactly means that you’re not skillful with your hands?
Haru: I envy you for being able to do things skillfully. I bet you can even make artistic embroidery.
Hajime: Is there such a thing as artistic embroidery?…Uhh, when were these photos taken again?
Haru: Ah, that was when all Tsukipro idols did a stage play. This is Kisosekai, remember? I think in this package, there’s a photo booklet and a random set of other photos. What do you think?
Hajime: The photos were taken well.
Haru: [8:58] Let me see them, too…Ah, you’re right! Yup, these shots are great! (flips through the pages of the photobook) These kind of clothes fit Koi and Kakeru well, don’t they? (flips to the next page) Oh! I rarely see Kai do this facial expression.
Hajime: Arata and Aoi are portraying their roles well, too. It was a nice experience. I don’t act in stage plays very much, but it was fun doing a play with a fantasy theme.
Haru: After all, we don’t get much acting roles in fantasy-themed dramas, do we?
Hajime: That’s right….I rarely see you do this facial expression.
Haru: Oh, what a handsome man!
Hajime: You said it! In this photo, you look like someone who has an ulterior motive and would betray us all at the last moment.
Haru: Ah, lately I hear that from the staff and fans every time new official photos are released. In the drama I mentioned earlier, the character I play is also kinda hiding a dark secret. Do I really look like that kind of person?
Hajime: I don’t know what other people think, but I know for sure that as a result of having such roles, you are starting to fit into that image. When you wear an expressionless face, your face looks sharp.
Haru: Really?
Hajime: Yes, I see that sharp expression when you’re angry. Your usual expression changes immediately into that sharp expression, and the angrier you are, the quieter you become.
Haru: Is that so? I almost never get told that so I’m not aware it.
Hajime: It’s because you rarely get angry in the first place. I’ve only seen that expression of yours once.
Haru: Ah, when we were in high school, right? I still remember it, too. It was my first time having a serious fight with you. When you’re angry for real, you look soooooo scary!
Hajime: [11:06] You liar. You didn’t look scared at all.
Haru: That’s not true! Because you were sooooooo scary! Who wouldn’t be scared if a King gets really angry? If I didn’t look scared to you, it just means my high school self’s attempt at showing off was a success….You were really scary. You rarely get angry like that, too, Hajime.
Hajime: Do you still remember why we fought?
Haru: Eh? Umm…what was the reason again?
Hajime: I don’t remember it, too. I’ve forgotten the details. It was the fight itself that stayed in my memory, leaving out the reason behind.
Haru: At the very least, we didn’t hold a grudge for each other afterwards.
Hajime: That’s for sure. In the end, I gave in. I knew we’d someday have a fight like that. Our friendship wasn’t perfect, and I didn’t really opened up everything to you, so on that day, all my pent-up emotions blew up.  
Haru: We had to decide for a school event, and when we had a discussion, we had contrasting opinions. And I conceded.
Hajime: As usual, you were the one to concede. You always concede too easily, and that got me annoyed. I remember telling you, “Fight for the idea you worked so hard on thinking of!”
Haru: [12:55] You sure did. That made me feel conflicted, because I honestly thought your idea was more rational. It’s not that I conceded, it’s just that I got convinced that your idea was better. 
Hajime: You always think you should agree with me.
: And you always carry out an idea of mine when I think it’s the best. I’m not biased in judging opinions. I just chosoe what I think would yield the best results. I just happened to meet you who often comes up with good ideas.
Hajime: As time passed, I got to know that you think that way, but on that day, I had no idea. I felt like I was betrayed, and I overreacted. I was the one who started the fight, wasn’t I? I’m sorry, Haru.
Haru: Why are you apologizing now? How many years has it been since it happened?
Hajime: Who cares.
Haru: Hajime, I’ll apologize, too. Sorry. At that time, I made you feel upset because of something I did. I didn’t realize you were expecting something from me. But I betrayed your expectations. And that was why you got angry. I’m really sorry.
Hajime: You don’t have to apologize. Besides, we fought because I had a selfish wish.
Haru: And what was that?
Hajime: I didn’t want to be a King.

–end of track 1–
read track 2

Special thanks to Melanie! ^^


*Hisashiburi means “it’s been a long time since…” and ou-sama means “king.” The title describes how it’s been a while since Hajime was last called a King by the people around him.

*Kanto – the region in Japan where Tokyo is

*Shitashiki naka ni mo reigi ari (親しき中にも礼儀あり) is a Japanese proverb which says practicing good manners is important even between friends

Hajime’s way of speaking, unlike Haru’s, has a some sort of manly/firm tone to it. He also uses words/conjugations that people would normally use in formal writing, but not in conversations.

Please do point out any corrections especially because I am not a hardcore Tsukiuta fan lol.


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