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A3! Spotlight for Actors translation (Sakyo Furuichi Interview)

Sakyo Furuichi (Autumn Troupe)

Lead actor in the Autumn Troupe’s 3rd play, Tales of Chivalry: Ginji the Wanderer

Lead actor in the mixed troupe play, Yin Yang Midnight

“My encounter with Mankai Company was the best thing that ever happened to me.”

What do you always keep in mind as an actor?

A long time ago, there was this person who made me realize how fun acting is. He taught me the importance of continuous learning. According to him, someone who enjoys any form of entertainment regardless of its genre will find it easier to be a skilled actor. He told me to be curious about everything because there will always be something to learn from them that will help me become a better actor. I took his advice seriously and ever since, I started exposing myself to different kinds of media without focusing on a single genre. I watched movies, TV dramas, and samurai films. I started reading light novels and shoujo manga, too. Then, I realized that what he said was indeed true. All of them had elements that are essential in acting. No matter how busy I may be, I make sure to allot time for learning something new each day.

What do you think would you be doing now if you never knew about Mankai Company?

My family was poor. From a young age, I was just desperately trying to survive each day. But my encounter with Mankai Company and acting made my life fruitful. I like how acting is something that you can do as long as you are interested in it, regardless of whether you are poor or rich. I only had a few blessings in my life but I can say with confidence that my encounter with Mankai Company was the best thing that ever happened to me. And I promise to return the favor.

How did collaborating with other troupes change your perspective towards stage acting?

What surprised me the most was how each troupe had a different approach towards stage acting. We usually have brainstorming sessions during rehearsals to improve our play. And I realized that different troupes have their own way of presenting their ideal play. As the lead actor of Yin Yang Midnight, I took the initiative to ask for suggestions from the other troupes. And I believe that was a better option than insisting on carrying out the Autumn Troupe’s acting style. I find it interesting how they shared ideas that would’ve been hard to think of if I were working with the Autumn Troupe alone. After the last day of the play, I was determined to gather everything that I’ve learned so that it can help our troupe improve. Also, this experience reminded me that the Autumn Troupe is a home where I belong.

We’re glad to hear that working with Citron, Guy, and Yukishiro [Azuma] encouraged you to bring the Autumn Troupe to the next level. In light of this, what are your goals for the future?

Mankai Company still has a long way to go. We need to think of better ways of entertaining our fans who always support us, as well as a more efficient way of gaining profit. While our goal is to win the Fleur Award, I believe that the new Mankai Company can achieve even greater heights. I will continue doing what I can to contribute to the company so that we can proudly face the pioneers who built its history. I believe Mankai Company has yet to reach its full potential. We shall continue to explore and find ways to improve ourselves so that our fans will continue to support us. Please expect more from us.


On play titles: Title translations from A3! Wiki (yaycupcake) were used for easy reference in case you want to look them up.

Special thanks to Terumi!


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