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[DREAM!ing] Hakka Shigure Character Story translation Chapter 9

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After several days…

It was a weekday, and lunchtime has started.

Kiichi: Huh? That’s a newspaper from 10 years ago, right? Why are you reading something like that? Don’t tell me you wanna travel back in time.

Yosuke: Uhh…this is nothing.

Yosuke folded the newspaper and stuffed it into the innermost part of his table’s drawer.

Yosuke: This thing is like Pandora’s box. You shouldn’t open it or else, it’s gonna be like drowning in the sea.

Kiichi: What do you mean?

Masachika: Chairman, Yosuke-san, the Light Music Club is about to hold a livestream of their performance through our school’s official channel.

Kiichi: The Light Music Club? They were that circle that recently got permission to become a fully-fledged club, right?

Yosuke: Apparently the band got booed when the students found out they can’t really play instruments.

Masachika: Oh, we’re just in time for their performance. This laptop screen may be quite small but–?!?!

Yosuke: Why did you suddenly fall off from your chair? You okay?

Masachika: I-I’m okay…It’s just that I was overwhelmed by their wonderful performance.

Kiichi: It must be nice being a member of the Light Music Club. I’m happy to see them savoring the taste of youth while they still can.

Senri: Yay! Thank you very much for your loud cheers!

“Too bad they only sang one song.” “I wanted to hear more from them.” These were the remarks that we heard from the audience, who were now starting to leave the venue. 

Shigure: Our comeback performance was a great success.

Senri: Hakka-senpai! You were soooooooo amazing!

Takaomi: I didn’t know you can play the keyboard and make bass sounds with it.

Shigure: It has been a long time since I last used a synthesizer so I was quite in doubt whether or not I will be able to perform well. Fortunately, I was able to carry out a performance that did not disgrace Uribos’ name.

Touji: If you can play the keyboard that well, then does it mean you can play the piano, too? I presume these two skills are interrelated. 

Shigure: As for the piano…

For a moment, a thought came to mind — my late mother smiling kindly as her fingers touched the piano keys.

Shigure: There was a time when Yuni and I learned how to play it together. 

Touji: As I thought, you already have a well-established knowledge on the basics, eh?

Senri: Thanks to senpai, our comeback performance was a great success! I feel so happy! Which reminds me…

Takaomi: Huh? What the hell are you sticking your hand out for?

Senri: You’re such a party pooper! Can’t you see this is a hands-in to celebrate this day?

Touji: I see. After all, I was surrounded not only by the sound of my drums, but the sound of all of our instruments as a band. This indeed calls for a hands-in, doesn’t it?

Takaomi: Tch. Don’t you feel embarrassed doing things like that?

As Shishimaru-kun said this, he, too, joined hands with Nito-kun and Harimiya-kun.

In front of me were the three freshmen, forming a circle with their hands joined. I gazed back at them with the same brave look on their eyes. We followed our hearts. And we did it. 

I put my hand in, too.

Senri: Good job, everyone! It was the best performance ever!

Touji: We indeed did a great job.

Takaomi: It wasn’t bad…

Shigure: It was a really fun experience.

There is something I need to fix before I graduate from this school. But I guess I still have time to do the things I love.

After a while…

Rintaro: Alright! Please start playing your instrument!

Yuuma: (starts playing the flute)

Rintaro: That’s no good~☆ FGK!

Yuuma: Ef-gee-kei…?

Rintaro: FuGouKaku ☆ (You failed the auditions. ☆) Next please! To those who wanna join the club, don’t be shy to come here!

Yuuma: I failed the auditions… (sighs)

The president came back to Japan after watching a video of the Light Music Club’s performance. Now, he is holding an audition for those who want to join the club.

Shigure: If you drop out candidates that easily, we will not be able to get new members, President.

Rintaro: FYI, I came back all the way here just because I saw your performance. It was awesome! Of course, I have to choose the finest candidates who can perform at the same level.

Shigure: I’m glad the President came back but he can be quite hard to deal with.

Yuuma: If only I passed the auditions and became a member, I could gather information and finish the next arc of my manga.

Senri: Cheer up, Yumapi! You can just give it another try! Oh, we don’t have a guitarist yet. Wanna practice together?

Yuuma: But Shishimaru is the guitarist, right?

Takaomi: There’s no way I’d do a band performance with that stupid rabbit again.

Senri: That’s my line, dude! Also, have you forgotten we’re not in the same band anymore?

Shigure: Nito-kun, Shishimaru-kun, how many times do you have to say those things before the two of you feel satisfied?

Touji: Hakka-senpai! What if we allot 30 minutes for my drum solo the next time we perform?

Shigure: We shall discuss that once we have decided whether or not we will be having another performance.

Shinya: Shigure! Found ya!

Shigure: Shinya…what’s the matter?

Shinya: It’s just that I thought of joining this club, too, aside from the Cooking Club. So as you can see, I borrowed a melodica from the music room– Huh?! Where did all the black keys go? Maybe they fell off when I fell over a while ago…

Shigure: Let’s just look for them later.

Shinya: Thanks, Shigure!

Rintaro: Come here, Shigure-chan. Help me do the judging~☆

Yuuma: I practiced hard, though…

Senri, Takaomi: Get out of this band!!!

Touji: (gasps) I just imagined myself being part of a classical music ensemble! I shall make this dream come true!

Shinya: Waaah! The white keys are starting to fall off, too! Shigure~

Shigure: For now, it seems that my busy days are not yet over.


To be honest, I wanted more, but the story ends here (for now, I guess).


Feel free to leave a comment/thoughts about the story. (Please tag your comment with “Season 2 spoilers” if applicable)


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