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[DREAM!ing] Hakka Shigure Character Story translation Chapter 8

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Shigure: I was just thinking about how I envy you.

Takaomi: Huh?

Shigure: I envy you because you’re pursuing your passion and trying your best to improve.

Takaomi: Why are you jealous over something everyone should be doing? We shouldn’t waste our time doing something we don’t like, right?

Shigure: —

Takaomi: Hey, you okay?

Shishimaru-kun’s honest and straightforward words pierced through my heart.

Shigure: I’ll unlock the room.

Takaomi: Huh?

Shigure: Instead of practicing outdoors, you should use the practice room.

Touji, Shion: Oh.
Shigure: What’s the matter?

Harimiya-kun was holding a pair of drumsticks. Just like Shishimaru-kun, his hands were filled with bandages, too.

Takaomi: Touji, what the hell are you doing here?

Shion: This guy has been drumming on a cardboard box all night and it’s too noisy.

Touji: In all sincerity, I would like to apologize for causing you trouble, Mikekado-senpai. However, as the heir of the Harimiya family, I cannot afford to stay idle and remain incapable of a particular skill!
Shigure: I can see that Harimiya-kun as well is exerting his greatest effort on what he wants to do.

Mikekado: You can do whatever you want. Just don’t practice at the dorms at night.

As soon as Mikekado was out of sight, the two freshmen looked at me as if to urge me to unlock the door. But it turns out they were not the only ones around.

Senri: Huh? Why are you all here?

Touji: Can I ask you the same thing, Nito-kun?

Senri: Well, it’s just that things feel off. I feel like I shouldn’t be abandoning the Light Music Club after inviting you guys to join me.

It seems that Nito-kun as well came here to challenge and pursue what he is capable of doing.

Shigure: Let’s just talk once we get inside.

As I opened the door to the practice room, I wondered why I can feel my body relaxing and loosening up.

As soon as we entered the room, I told them my proposal.

Shigure: I thought up of an idea when I saw how all of you are bravely pursuing your respective endeavors. Let us redeem ourselves by doing a live performance without the aid of the yume system.

Senri: A live performance?! Are you serious, senpai?

Shigure: Yes, I am.

Touji: I would like to second the motion!

Takaomi: Let’s perform the same song as before.

Shigure: I shall be obtaining the score of the said song within this day and distribute it among you. But before that, we need to decide on the band’s role assignments. Shishimaru-kun, Uribos’ Babirusa was the best singer and lead guitarist of all time. However–

Takaomi: Yeah, I know. As of now, I’m not good enough to actually sing while playing the guitar. This is against my will, but I’ll let the stupid rabbit take the vocalist role.

Senri: It’s against my will to agree with your idea, but I’ll take it!

Shigure: We are now settled, then. Just like our previous performance, Harimiya-kun will be the drummer.

Touji: Leave it to me! However, who shall be in-charge of the bass?

Senri: How about you try being both a drummer and a bassist?

Touji: Huh?!

Takaomi: Are you stupid? How many arms do you think Touji has?

Senri: So I guess that leaves me no choice but to exert more effort so that I can be both a vocalist and bassi–

Shigure: Please leave it to me.

Takaomi, Senri, Touji: Huh?

Shigure: I shall be in-charge of the bass.

I was aware of the weight of what I just said but I did not know why I suddenly said those words. All I know was that after seeing how enthusiastic the freshmen were, I suddenly wanted to try things out as well.

Right now. At this moment.

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