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[DREAM!ing] Hakka Shigure Character Story translation Chapter 6

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Shigure: It seems that we are finally complete.
Yuuma, Senri, Touji: Huh?
Takaomi: I’ll be the one to play the bass.
Senri: Shishimaru?!
Yuuma: Are you really fine with this?
Takaomi: There’s no way flute sounds would fit a Uribos song.
Yuuma: Thanks. I feel relieved, to be honest.
Senri: Oh, now I get it. Remember the DVD Hakka-senpai lent us? No wonder “Uribos” sounded familiar. Shishimaru sometimes wears a t-shirt with that name written on it!
Takaomi: Don’t tell me you chose Uribos’ debut song because you expected me to come.
Shigure: I was just hoping you would join us. Alright, we do not have much time left. Let us continue the rehearsal.

Mamoru: Hello, everyone! This is Hodo Mamoru, the president of the press club, and I’m here to chronicle today’s great moments! The long-awaited Shinonome Academy Club Fair has finally begun! This year, each club shall be showcasing their unique performances on the Yume stage. Oh, what do we have here? Our first performer is a circle that was recently recognized as an official school club — the Light Music Club!
Senri: Hello, Yume theater! Let’s rock ‘n roll!
Takaomi: Stop it with those lame ad libs, you stupid rabbit.*
Touji: I need to concentrate…Today, I am the greatest drum master in the world.
Yuuma: You can do it, guys!
Shigure: I am certain that they will be fine.

And so, the Light Music Club’s performance started amidst loud cheers from the audience.

Masachika: Could this song be…?! (falls over)
Yosuke: What’s wrong?
Masachika: Nothing. It’s just that I was overwhelmed by their wonderful performance.
Yuuma: Wow. They’re really good.
Shigure: …

Illuminated by the dazzling spotlight, the three boys looked like they were having the best time of their lives. I gazed at them with narrowed eyes. So this is what enjoying one’s youth looks like, huh? But supporting the Light Music Club from behind-the-scenes is probably the best thing I can do to enjoy mine.

The Light Music Club’s performance was a great success. Due to this, the practice room was filled with students who wanted to join the club the next day. However…

Senri, Touji: (sighs)
Yuuma: Cheer up, guys! I know all the students left after finding out that you can’t really play instruments but it’s not a reason to feel down!
Senri: Thank you for recapping what just happened and for comforting us by saying the painful truth.
Shigure: It seems that there really is a limit to what motor imagery can do, and the only way to learn how to play an instrument is by actually practicing.
Takaomi: I’m leaving now. Bye.
Touji: Ah, wait a minute, Shishimaru-kun–
Senri: What the hell is with that guy? Speaking of Shishimaru, I can’t believe even he can’t play his assigned instrument!
Shigure: Even the founding members of this circle cannot play instruments in reality. And that is why we named ourselves the Yume (Dream) Light Music Circle.
Senri, Touji: Really?!
Yuuma: I see…
Senri: Then there’s no way joining this club will make me popular…I’m going back to my room now. Bye.
Touji: Let’s call it a day.
Yuuma: Bye, Hakka-senpai.

Alone in the practice room, I collected the handouts and DVDs, closed the windows and doors, and decided to leave the room as well.

Location: hallway

Shigure: It seems that there’s no need to come back here again…

The light music circle was a group that would inevitably disband on its own. Albeit its revival being short-lived, I was able to keep myself busy thanks to them.

(flashback) Shinya: You look happy.

I heard the sound of the door locking as I rotated the key. Before I could hear the sound of my own sigh, I did my best to suppress it.

Shigure: I think it’s time…

It’s time to do what I should be prioritizing. I must unlock that drawer and confront what’s inside.

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The reason why Takaomi calls Senri a rabbit is that 兎 (the ‘to’ in ‘Nito Senri’) means “rabbit.”


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