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[DREAM!ing] Hakka Shigure Character Story translation Chapter 5

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Shigure: Harimiya-kun, do you know what it takes to be a member of the student council of this academy?
Touji: W-what? Of course! One must not only be physically and intellectually skilled, but favored by a lot of people as well.
: Moreover, one must be able to deal with any situation. Do you know how they are able to attain that skill?
Touji: Is it by gaining more experience?
Shigure: Yes. If by any chance you are interested in running for a position in the student council, I suggest you try being a drummer alongside being the club manager.
Touji: Me…? A drummer…?
Shigure: The foundation of a band is its rhythm section. I believe being a drummer is quite similar to being a manager.
Touji: However, is it alright for the public to see the eldest son of the Harimiya family having disheveled hair and wildly playing the drums?
: No one said you have to go wild, though.
: We can solve that matter by keeping your identity confidential.
Touji: Oh, I did not know it is acceptable to conceal one’s identity by wearing a mask or disguising one’s self.
: Of course, it is.
Senri: Wearing masks sounds cool to me! Though I won’t be wearing one because I wanna be popular~
Yuuma: Even if Harimiya decides to be a drummer, all I could play is a flute.
Senri: Speaking of that, I have no idea how to play the guitar.
Yuuma, Touji: Really?!
Shigure: Since tomorrow’s club fair will be utilizing the Yume system, having proper knowledge about a particular instrument is sufficient to carry out a performance. After all, nothing is impossible when you’re dreaming.
Senri: So…what exactly do we do?
Shigure: For tomorrow’s performance, you will be covering a song. Please watch this DVD at least five times. Also, I prepared reading materials about the structure and mechanism of each instrument, so make sure to read them.
: Woah…you prepared all this for us? You’re so awesome, senpai. This guide is so easy to understand!
Yuuma: So…I’ll be playing the bass? I never got to hold one, though.
Touji: I see…so this is the structure of a drum set.
: Lastly, I want you to repeatedly engage in motor imagery. Imagine yourself playing your assigned instrument on stage. Given that you follow all of these steps, you will definitely be able to carry out a perfect live performance.
Senri: I feel very motivated all of a sudden! Wait a minute–do you realize how we’re finally starting to enjoy our youth as members of the Light Music Club?! Awesome!
Shigure: Youth…

Location: dorm
Shinya: Hey there, Shigure! Welcome back!
Shigure: Shinya…I thought you had a surgery to conduct today.
Shinya: It was postponed because of the patient’s condition.
Shigure: I see. Sorry, I haven’t prepared dinner yet.
Shinya: Oh, come on. That’s okay. Let’s just go to the cafeteria. Also, it looks like you have some good news, so why not talk about it while eating dinner?
Shigure: Huh?
Shinya: Lately, I noticed how there’s this unusual sparkle in your eyes, and your face looks fresh. You’ve been sleeping well, haven’t you? You look happy.
Shigure: Are you really talking about me?
Shinya: Ahaha! Of course! How long do you think we’ve been together? I’ll be reading a book for a while, though. Are you fine with waiting a little bit before we eat dinner?
Shigure: Of course.

Knowing Shinya, I was certain that he will not react to anything I say once he started shifting his focus to the book. I quietly drew close to my desk and brushed a fingertip over my drawer’s keyhole.

Shigure: Is it really okay…to be happy?

The night passed by. And the club fair has finally began.

Location: Yume stadium

Yuuma: (flute sounds)
Senri: Yumapi?! Why are flute sounds coming out from your bass guitar?!
Yuuma: Sorry. It’s just that no matter what I do, I just can’t imagine myself playing the bass.
Touji: And it was due to playing the flute all week long, wasn’t it?
Yuuma: It’s been a while since I last played one and it was fun.
Senri: It must’ve been nice to feel like a child again…That aside, what should we do, Hakka-senpai?! Our performance is about to start!
Shigure: It seems that we’re finally complete.
Yuuma, Senri, Touji: Huh?

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