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[DREAM!ing] Hakka Shigure Character Story translation Chapter 2

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Senri: Oh come on, let’s enjoy being young! How about you, Yumapi?
Yuuma: I can’t read sheet music.
Senri: Seriously?! There goes my dream of joining the Light Music Club to be popular…
Shigure: So Niito-kun wants to join the club to be popular, huh? He reminds me of someone I know.
Shinya: Ahaha! The freshmen sure are getting hyped, aren’t they? Speaking of bands, are you guys really inactive for good? Last year, you and Kumarin-senpai–
Shigure: Don’t you have a surgery to conduct today? Are you really sure you can make it on time if you eat at that pace?
Shinya: Shoot! I almost forgot! I should eat faster–huh?! Why are my chopsticks pierced through the table? I remember myself just placing it above the table, though.
Shigure: I shall give you a new pair of chopsticks, then. Besides, this table is getting old. Let’s see if we can replace it using funds from the student council.
: Sorry…Thanks, Shigure.
Shigure: You said you will be home at around 7 ‘o clock, right? I will make sure to prepare dinner by then. 

Shigure: Okay. I am now done cleaning the room, organizing the books, and rearranging the food and drinks inside the mini fridge. I also took our clothes to the laundry and bought ingredients for today’s dinner. I think I’ve done all of my morning tasks…

During weekends when Shinya is not around, I usually spend my time doing routine tasks. 

Shigure: Huh? The president sent me a message. I am surprised to see him send documents this fast.

Subject: Dear Shigure-chan~ ♪

Here is President Kumarin’s instructions for the club fair!

Shigure: I looked through the documents, carefully understanding what needs to be done. It makes me glad to know that I will be busy until next week. 

I hurriedly left the room, ignoring the dull pain in my head due to lack of sleep. 

Mamoru: Hello, Hakka-kun! May I ask why the current vice president-slash-secretary-slash-PRO is visiting the press club?
Shigure : Sorry for visiting you during a weekend. I just wanted to inform you that this year’s club fair will be held at the Yume stadium.
Mamoru: Really?! Up until now, the club fair was usually held in the school gymnasium, but now you’ll be using the Yume system?!
Shigure: Yes. I was wondering if you could announce it through the school broadcast once the council has decided on the schedule.
Mamoru: Of course! Leave it to us! By the way, we were actually thinking of who to feature in our next documentary and you were nominated as one of our choices. We imagined the title to be something like “A Day in the Life of the Mysterious and Busy Hakka-sama.”
Shigure: Oh…what an honor. But in the meantime, please do take note of my request. Thank you.

As I closed the door of the press club’s room, I started mentally going through my schedule.

Shigure: First, I should make a reservation for the Yume System Hall and inform all club presidents through email. I did assign Asagiri to compute the estimated budget, but I have to constantly monitor the outflow of money to ensure the sufficiency of funds. Oh, I also need to inform the faculty within the day and contact the dorm heads. After that, I should buy ingredients for today’s dinner– oh, I did that this morning. Are there any more things that I should do today?

As I kept on thinking, my tasks began to multiply in quantity, and I can already picture myself robotically completing one task after the other.

Shigure: If they create a documentary about me, they will just find out how pointlessly busy and tedious my life is.

After sending emails to each of the club presidents, I felt my headache getting worse.
Shigure: It’s already evening…
Shinya will be back at 7pm. Being able to prepare dinner early means that I am already done doing student council work. In other words, I was left with nothing to do.

I closed my laptop and left my desk. A credit card in hand, I stood in front of the bookshelf. I inserted the corner of the card inside one of the thin gaps between Shinya’s books.

A key fell down on the floor. I picked up the piece of metal and slowly inserted it inside my drawer’s keyhole. I realized the consequences of what I was about to do, but turning back was not an option. I began slowly rotating the key and a defined sound reverberate inside the room, indicating that the drawer was unlocked. Stored deep inside the drawer was a leather-bound diary made in Italy. And beneath the glossy jetblack leather was…

Shigure: …

End of chapter 2
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