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[DREAM!ing] Hakka Shigure Character Story translation

Having a hectic schedule and keeping myself busy is the best excuse not to do what I should really be doing.

Shigure: The student council meeting shall now commence. Today, we shall be discussing the school club fair which we planned to hold next Saturday.
: Hakka-chan…could it be that you don’t know how to read a clock?
Shigure: I know it’s 4am in the morning, but you’ll understand why I am holding a meeting at this hour once you see who’s on the screen.
Rintaro: Heyya! Thanks for showin’ up, guys! KSM?
Mikage: I can’t believe I couldn’t understand you right off the bat.
Shigure: Please speak in proper Japanese, President.
Rintaro: By KSM, I meant, “Kaigai kara no Sanka de Mengo.” (Sorry if I couldn’t show up in person) Anyway, I suddenly came up with a marvelous idea! I want this year’s club fair to be held in a dream!  I’ll leave the rest to you then!
Mikage: Ahaha. I see you’re asking us to do something absurd yet again, huh?
: While I understood that you want us to use the yume system for the fair, please do send me the details later.
Rintaro: Got it! I know the humid rainy season is about to start there in Japan, but here, it’s raining real strong! Anyway, I’m currently working on environment protection so it’s time for me to do my nightly patrols around the forest. Just contact me if you need help.
Shigure: President! Wait!
Rintaro: What? Forgot to say how much you love me?
Shigure: “The Yume Light Music Circle”. These were the words that unconsciously came to my mind. I’m sure the president has forgotten all about it. I just realized the rainy season is about to start in Ethiopia, so make sure to keep yourself warm and dry.
Rintaro: Thanks, Shigure-chan! Bye~!
Shigure: The president immediately ended the call, leaving me unable to say what I wanted to.
Mikage: Were you about to tell our president something?
Shigure: No, I wasn’t. I will be forwarding the president’s email to you upon receiving it, and as the treasurer, please do tell me our estimated budget as soon as possible. As usual, I shall be the one in-charge of the remaining tasks.
Mikage: Got it. As someone who holds multiple positions in the student council, you sure have it tough, don’t you?
Shigure: I don’t think it’s tough at all, though. In fact, I’d rather be busy everyday. I’d rather stay occupied with doing school tasks. If only I could stay like this forever… 

Shinya: Wow! Today’s breakfast is a buffet!
Shigure: You sure are full of energy even at this hour, aren’t you?
Shinya: Did you stay up again all night? You look kinda pale. Though well, I couldn’t really blame you because you had to adjust with Kuma-senpa– I mean, Kumarin-senpai’s time zone. Anyway, you did a good job.
Shigure: My face has always been this pale, though.
Shinya: Nu-uh! My eyes never lie! You need lots of nutrients and energy to compensate for the all-nighter you just pulled off! I’ll be the one to choose what you’ll be eating today.
: Thanks.
After Shinya filled my plate with a pile of food, I went to a vacant seat.

Senri: So, what club will you guys be joining?

My attention was grabbed by a voice from across another table.

Touji: Now that you mentioned it, I just remembered the club fair will be held next weekend.
Yuuma: It says on our handbook that students from the special class aren’t required to join clubs, though.
: Exactly. There are students who sign up as temporary members as their goal is to excel in extracurricular activities, but most of them end up being inactive all throughout the school year.

Shigure: Yes, like Hanabusa and Shibutani. Hanabusa joined the gardening club and Shibutani joined the tennis club, but they rarely show up.

Senri: Really?! So…could it be that you two aren’t interested in joining any club? I was about to ask you guys to join the Light Music Club with me, though.

Shigure: Light Music…

Takaomi: *about to spurt out the miso soup inside his mouth*
Senri: Ugh! Were you about to spurt soup out of your mouth?! Gross.
Takaomi: Shut up! And don’t look at me!

Shigure: Shishimaru Takaomi…I sometimes see him practicing how to play the guitar in the school’s rear garden. And the band shirt he’s wearing beneath his uniform is…

Touji: …
Senri: Huh? What’s wrong, Hari? You look unsettled. Your eyes will fall out if you keep shifting them like that.
Touji: Nothing! I was just surprised that such a club exists. Hahaha!

Shigure: Seeing how Harimiya-kun reacted tells me that maybe he is interested in joining the club as well.

Senri: Don’t tell me I’m the only one who wants to join! Oh come on, don’t you think it’s cool to be in a band? Let’s enjoy being young! Let’s make ourselves popular! How about you, Yumapi?
Yuuma: I can’t read sheet music.
Senri: Seriously?! There goes my dream of joining the Light Music Club to be popular…

Shigure: So Niito-kun wants to join the club to be popular, huh? He reminds me of someone I know.
Shinya: Ahaha! The freshmen sure are getting hyped, aren’t they? Speaking of bands, are you guys really inactive for good? Last year, you and Kumarin-senpai–

End of chapter 1
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