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[Drama CD] Idolish7: Radio Station Twelve Hits translation (Nagi)

Radio Station: Twelve Hits!

Hello. I am today’s program host, Rokuya Nagi! Radio Station: Twelve Hits is a talk variety program where I will be playing hit songs and read your wonderful messages. Sogo passed on the baton to me so my turn has finally come! I have lots of fun memories with Idolish7 and I feel very happy that I can share them with you. This special moment is dedicated to you, so please do listen to my voice until the very end.

The rainy season has started. Japan is a country boasting wonderful seasons, but there are probably lots of people who cannot handle the hot summer season and the rainy days of June. I am also one of those people. There was a time when Mitsuki told me, “Rainy days are fun, too! You should try and find out why. ” And so, I gave it some thought. During rainy days, a lot of members stay inside the dorm, so I have more chances of having someone watch anime with me. Just thinking about it makes me feel excited. Oh! There’s more! Idolish7 has lots of memorable experiences that happened on a rainy day. One of these happened during our pre-debut days. We had a live performance outdoors to introduce our new song to the public, and it was raining very hard. Because of that, we were suggested to postpone the show. But still, we chose to perform in hopes of brightening up the gloomy mood around us. How nostalgic. Lots of people stopped on their tracks to watch our performance with a smile. Singing Joker Flag always reminds me of that day.

Another one was when we had an outdoor concert in the middle of a thunderstorm. I noticed how it often rains when we have a live concert. Maybe the rain also wanted to watch us perform. Midway, there were technical difficulties caused by the lightning, and the audience were in shock. But because of that incident, a new kind of music was born – the sound of all of us clapping our hands. And then, Tamaki danced along the sound of our claps and the rain, and so, in the end, it became the best music, the best dance performance, and one of the best shows we ever had. The venue was filled with the seven colors of the rainbow and it looked so beautiful. I’m sure even Iori, Yamato, Mitsuki, Tamaki, Sogo, and Riku would never forget that wonderful sight and the sound of our audience’s cheers. And because the rain is also one of our audience, it might rain again the next time we have an outdoor concert. While it is not my wish for you to get yourselves wet because of the rain, I promise that our performance will be so memorable that you’ll forget about the bad weather.

Now, it’s time for me to read the messages you’ve sent! This one is from Miracle Cocoa-san, a 19-year-old female college student.

Hello, Nagi-kun.”

Hi, Cocoa! Your alias is so cute, and it makes think how maybe you’re the type who can stay energetic regardless of the season.

I was very excited for today’s episode of Twelve Hits. I’ve always wanted to listen to you talk like this. I also love your radio show with Riku. The randomness of your topics never fails to make me laugh.

Oh! I see that you listen to my radio program with Riku, too! I actually have fun myself every time Riku and I host that program.

I sent this message to ask for advice. Next month, I’ll be studying at Australia as an exchange student. Now that the start of the exchange program is drawing near, I’m starting to feel nervous. I’m not good at English and I might just screw myself up there. Plus, I’m worried about not being able to make any friends. I think you’re very awesome for being able to work as an idol here in Japan in spite of growing up in a faraway foreign country. Is there any advice you can give me as someone who plans to study at a foreign country?

Hmm…it’s natural to feel nervous when you are about to enter a new world. After all, you’re not sure of what lies ahead. It might be a dark forest with a monster waiting for your arrival. It might be a wide ocean with a gigantic whale that wants to eat you alive. It’s so scary that you end up closing their eyes. But there’s no need to worry! Don’t be afraid. Try to slowly open your eyes. Even in a dark forest, there will always be a ray of sunshine to warm you up. And if you get eaten by a whale, who knows? A new friend might be waiting inside. Beyond that door that leads to a new world lies many wonderful things that can only be found there and no where else. After all, I’ve experienced it myself. I was able to meet Idolish7, whom I hold dear. They are my friends whom I love very much. And I will never exchange them for anything in this world. So be brave, and take the first step. Wonderful new relationships await you! I hope your days in Australia will become something memorable and special. Good luck to you!

Now, let’s proceed to the next portion of this program!

Nandemo Variety: Get to know Rokuya Nagi (nandemo = anything)

In this part of the program, I will be doing requests for as long as time allows. These requests were gathered from my friends and colleagues. I shall explain the rules. Right now, I have a lottery box with me and inside it are pieces of paper where the requests are written. These requests were gathered from people with whom I am close or familiar with like Idolish7 and my other colleagues. I am obliged to do a request or tell an anecdote, no matter how absurd or extreme it may be. I have no right to refuse and there are precisely no bounds or prohibitions. Lastly, I have to answer any question, no matter how private it may be. (laughs) Finally, my turn has come! By the way, I know all the requests and questions inside this box. There are even requests that are a bit eccentric, but it’s okay! Bring it on! I’ll show them that I can complete any kind of mission!

Alright! As for the first request (shakes the box) Come on! (unfolds the piece of paper)

“Show us your mature side.”

Oh! It’s Mitsuki’s request! Are you listening right now, Mitsuki?! I got your request! You can compliment me later.

To be honest, like how I am acting right now in this program, I am always a mature gentleman. I want to give you a sweet romantic time, but for now, I’ll be talking about one of my achievements. There was a time when we stayed at a hot-spring hotel after shooting an episode of Kimi to Ananight. And guess what? I was able to stay in the hot water for 100 seconds! I heard that Japanese adults bath in hot water for long periods time. Also, Yamato told me how doing that would officially turn me into a Japanese adult! Tamaki challenged me to see who can stay in the hot water longer but since I am already an adult, I declined because I made up my mind to never do that again.

Anyway, it was very fun! And the milk I drank after the bath tasted so good!

Please do give this a try, too!

Time for the next request!

“For me, you’re always look stylish and cool, but are there times when your heart races really fast? If so, please tell us about it.”

Oh, this request is from Tsunashi-shi! Hmm…a time when my heart raced fast? Actually, I always feel that way, because each and every woman is beautiful and charming. And that includes 2D girls! Are you familiar with this lit anime called Mahou Shoujo Magical Kokona?* Iori told me not to talk about Kokona as much as possible, but there’s no way I wouldn’t talk about her after reading Tsunashi-shi’s request. I shall give Iori adorable Kokona merch later to make up for it. Going back to Kokona, she’s not only smart, brave and cheerful, but also a skillful, amazing, and one of a kind MC who possesses magical powers! Her very existence is enough to make my heart go wild!

Let me tell you something.

If every person living on Earth watches Magical Kokona, I’m sure we’ll be able to achieve world peace!

Kokona is that powerful. So to those 3D people out there, please do try watching it.

Oh, sorry. I didn’t mean to talk about Kokona too much. Anyway, there is one more thing that makes my heart race – our fans’ smiles. Our fans, who love Idolish7 so much. The smiles you show us are so bright and are prettier than anything in this world. Please continue to show us your wonderful smiles, and I promise to give back your love. And this concludes “Nandemo Variety: Rokuya Nagi Can’t Say No!”

Good times always pass by quickly, don’t they? Once again, you’re now tuning into Radio Station: Twelve Hits! Unfortunately, it’s time for me to say farewell. But don’t be sad, my angel. I’m feeling very happy right now, because of all the people who celebrated my birthday, and the warm messages I received. I, along with the rest of Idolish7, promise to return all the love you’ve given us. I’m doing all this for you.

Thank you so much!

The next episode’s host is no other than Idolish7’s center, Riku Nanase! Riku hosting a radio program alone? I bet it’s going to be exciting and full of surprises like opening a jack-in-a-box! You can’t afford to miss this episode, so make sure to mark your calendars!

Before this program ends, I shall be a playing one last song. This song is my solo track. It is an alluring piece of music with a mysterious melody and lyrics that would definitely cheer you up. Whenever I sing this song, I am reminded of everyone I hold dear, like Idolish7 and all of you. I hope my voice will reach you and make you smile.

Are you happy?

At times when your answer is “no,” why not listen to this song?

June is Natural.


Omg! Mitsuki got Nagi’s request and Nagi got Mitsuki’s request AAAAH I’M SO HAPPY.

If you haven’t read Mitsuki’s radio show yet, you can read it here!

Special thanks to noticemegenpai and Lex!

shi – an honorific that can be attached to people of all genders and is very formal (even more formal than -san). It is often used in formal writing (e.g. legal or academic purposes) (source: Coto Academy)

Nagi uses words that native Japanese people wouldn’t usually use especially in a casual conversation and this is most likely to emphasize the fact that he is not a native Japanese speaker.

Mahou = magic

Shoujo = young girl

Mahou shoujo refers to a girl who has magical powers. It may also refer to a genre involving such kind of characters.

Summer in Japan usually begins in June and ends in August. While summer in Japan is very hot, late June also marks the beginning of the rainy season and usually ends in early July. (source: MATCHA)


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