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Idolish7 4th Anniversary Translation Chapter 5

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An Ultra Happy 4th Year

Yamato: I wonder where they are now?
Mitsuki: Maybe it would’ve been better if we just stayed where we were a while ago.
Yamato: Yeah but Riku and Tama are probably scared by now, so I can’t really leave them by themselves.
Nagi: Alright! Let’s look for them while singing! Singing will definitely illuminate a path that will lead our friends towards us.
Mitsuki: You really think so?
Yamato: But if we sing one of our songs, they’d find out Idolish7 is here, right?
Nagi: Then let’s sing a Magical Kokona theme song — “Magical Power,” the best song of all time!
Yama, Mitsu, Nagi:
Mahou shoujo majikaru Kokona, majikaru Kokona
Daisuki, Kokona (I love you, Kokona)
Kimi ga soba ni ireba
(As long as you’re by my side)
Mugen no chikara ni naru no
(We’re invincible)
Majikaru Kokona, majikaru Kokona
Shiawase hyaku bai!
(It’s a hundred times happier with Magical Kokona)
Muteki no angel
(An invincible angel)
Gaku, Ryuu:
Suki suki, Kokona (I like you, I like you, Kokoka)
Daisuki, Kokona
(I love you, Kokona)
Kimi ga soba ni ireba
(As long as you’re by my side)
Mugen no chikara ni naru no
(We’re invincible)
Mitsuki: They really did appear!
Yamato: You said it!
Ryuu: Oh, sorry! I’ve heard of that song before, so I just found myself singing along.
Gaku: Are you store employees?
Mitsuki: Umm…yeah, something like that! How about you two? I feel like I’ve heard your voices before, though.
Gaku: I’m a soba vendor.
Mitsuki: Oh, the guy who always delivers soba to us!
Nagi: Oh! Thank you always for your delicious soba.
Yamato: How about this other guy?
Ryuu: Umm…err…I’m the restaurant manager!
Yama, Mitsu, Nagi: So you’re the manager, eh?
Gaku: (to Ryuu) Hey, wait a sec! Why the hell are you claiming a higher position?
Ryuu: (to Gaku) Sorry! It was the first thing that came to my mind.
Mitsuki: I thought the manager would be someone older. I didn’t know a new owner has taken over.
Yamato: Your employee here is a hard worker, you know?
Nagi: That’s true! You should reward his hard work!
Ryuu: O-of course! I’ll give him a nice reward later. Anyway, don’t you think we’ve met before?
Gaku: Yeah, your remind me of people that I know, especially that guy with a weird accent.
Nagi: (native Japanese accent) Is that so?
Gaku: Huh? Maybe I was just hearing things a while ago. Sorry if I misjudged you.
Nagi: (native Japanese accent) It’s okay.
Ryuu: So, where are you guys heading?
Yamato: We lost track of where are friends are so we’re looking for them.
Ryuu: We’re actually in the exact same situation as you. How about we look for them together?
Mitsuki: Sure! Having more people around feels more reassuring especially if something happens.
Nagi: Okay! Just like what we did a while ago, let’s look for them while singing the best song of all time!
Gaku: I knew your accent was weird!
Nagi: Let’s go~!
Yama, Mitsu, Nagi, Gaku, Ryuu:
Majikaru Kokona
Daisuki, Kokona (I love you, Kokona)
Kimi ga soba ni ireba
(As long as you’re by my side)
Mugen no chikara ni naru no
(We’re invincible)

Yuki: Is the staff room still faraway?
Tamaki: I feel so tired from walking while being careful not to step or bump into anything.
Minami: It would better if we go to the staff room because there will definitely be people there.
Torao: Oh, there seem to benches around here. How about taking a short break?
Yuki: Yeah, let’s take a break. I just came back from Hokkaido so I’m tired.
Tamaki: Did you buy food at Hokkaido for us?
Yuki: I think yes. I remember Momo buying some stuff.
Tamaki: I hope Momorin bought us some snacks. Nagicchi loves cookies, you know?
Minami: It seems that the two of you have no intentions of hiding your identities, don’t you?
Torao: Anyway, I’m glad the power outage happened today and not during the renewal opening tomorrow.
Minami: You sure are very optimistic to think of something positive in the middle of a problem, aren’t you?
Torao: I’m fine as long as tomorrow’s event goes smoothly. You see, events are highly prone to interruptions and problems. And I know this because of the time I spent as a member of the student council.
Minami: Was there an incident during that time?
Torao: There was this bazaar where volunteers were open to join. I never went to that event but there was this student from our school who volunteered. Unfortunately, he kinda messed up. Afterwards, he left the bazaar while crying. More often than not, those who did not help out at all would blame the person in-charge of a certain task. Ever since then, I stopped taking on any responsibility. I don’t get why Touma likes doing that, though.
Yuki: I’m also not the type who takes on responsibilities, but I trust people who do.
Tamaki: Same, same. So, what did you say to the guy who volunteered?
Torao: “Don’t worry about it. I’ll take full responsibility for what happened.”
Yuki: So you covered up for him? What a kind delinquent.
Torao: I said I regretted it, right?! I swear I’ll never do something like that again, because you’ll always be at the losing end.
Tamaki: Even so, I bet that person wanted to thank you.
Minami: I hope the lights go back on as soon as possible so that the people in-charge of maintaining the electric power system would not receive much complaints. If they were indeed irresponsible, then they probably would not be asked to address this issue in the first place. I think no one deserves to be considered irresponsible, for I am certain that everyone wants to do their job well.
Yuki: You said it.
Tamaki: I hope tomorrow’s opening goes smoothly so that the people can have fun.
Minami: Can you hear people singing?
Tamaki: Now that you mentioned it, I do. I can hear people singing a weird song.
Yuki: Wanna check it out?
Torao: Yup. Let’s go.

Riku: I’m glad the weird guy didn’t follow us.
Momo: I honestly don’t know where we are, and I don’t even remember how to go back to where we came from.
Ryo: Who the hell is in-charge of maintaining the power system? I won’t feel at ease unless I give him a roasting and make him break down.
Touma: Things won’t get solved even if you do that. No one wanted this to happen. Also, even if we get lost in the dark, we will always be able to find something that will guide us, no matter how unusual they may be.
Riku: Something that will guide us?
Touma: Yes. There was a time when I had to go somewhere because of my job, but I got lost along the way. While walking, I was on the phone with a person who was at the place where I needed to go. Even so, it was difficult to find my way because I couldn’t find a good landmark.
Momo: Oh, this is so relatable. Some parts of city centres are very complicated so some places can be hard to come by. Also, most stores look similar to each other so it can be pretty confusing.
Riku: So how did you manage to arrive at your destination?
Touma: I saw lots of colorful balloons flying into the sky. I’m not sure but maybe it’s because there was a wedding or something. Thanks to those balloons, I managed to arrive at my destination while asking for directions over the phone. I’d be dead meat if I arrived late, so I can say those balloons saved my life. If I didn’t look up at the sky during that time, I wouldn’t be who I am now.
Riku: What a wonderful coincidence!
Touma: I know, right?
Momo: The movie I watched with Yu– my partner at work also had a scene like that . It was a horror movie, and the ending was a tearjerker. I especially loved the last scene where balloons flew into the sky because I really felt the sadness the movie wanted to convey. But I heard those balloons were just caught on camera by chance.
Touma: Ohh. Really?
Momo: My coworker doesn’t like horror movies, but he said he liked that scene very much, too.
Riku: It makes me wanna watch it, too. What’s the movie called?
Momo: Umm…what was it again…
Ryo: Shh!
Touma: What’s the matter?
Ryo: I can hear a weird song.
Momo: A song…? Oh! I can hear it, too! Their voices remind me of people I know…
Touma: There seem to people over there. Let’s approach them!
Riku: Okay! Ahaha, you were right.
Touma: What do you mean?
Riku: You were right that there will always be something out there that can guide us.
Touma: Yup! Always.
Riku: Ah– The lights are back on!
Yamato: Riku!
Mitsuki: Riku! What a relief! Are you okay?
Nagi: We have finally reunited! I missed you all!
Riku: Yamato-san! Mitsuki! Nagi!
Yamato: Where were you?
Riku: I met some people when I got lost and– huh? Where did they go?
Tamaki: Rikkun!
Iori: Nanase-san!
Sogo: Riku-kun! Guys!
Riku: Tamaki! Iori! Sogo-san!

Mall announcement: Good evening, everyone. This is an update regarding the current situation.
Store employee: Oh, there’s an announcement.
Mall announcement: The issue regarding our electrical power system has been resolved. We are very sorry for the inconvenience it may have caused. You may now continue preparing for tomorrow’s renewal opening.
Store employee: Ah, finally. Alright, let’s do this!

Tsumugi: Having overcome the sudden power outage, the people of Sorairo Mall continued their preparations as their renewal opening drew near.

Sorairo Mall CEO: Welcome to Sorairo Mall’s renewal opening!

VR Land announcement: VR Land is now open! Also, “Dating Idolish7” is now available to the public!

Matsuda-san: We are happy to announce that we were able to open the first branch of Matsuda Soba! Thank you for your continued patronage!

Manager of Anniversary: Welcome to Anniversary Cafe!

Ryo: Happy 4th year anniversary to you guys as well!
Torao: I don’t get why your telling us that, though.
Haruka: Just let him be. Everything happens for a reason.
Torao: What the hell are you talking about?
Haruka: I met a man who works at a sushi restaurant and he told me that.
Touma: Were you able to call the person you needed to contact, Ryo-san?
Ryo: Yup. Where did you get that balloon, Minami?
Minami: I was given this balloon after trying out “Dating Idolish7.” Here you go, Isumi-san.
Haruka: Balloons are childish.
Minami: Really? I actually think they are wonderful.
Ryo: If you don’t want it, can I have it? I wanna make it pop.
Haruka: DON’T DO THAT. Okay, fine. Let me have it then.
Torao: Minami, you said you tried out Idolish7’s VR date, right? Whom did you date?
Minami: Sorry, but I will not be answering your question.
Torao: Hmm…Nikaido Yamato?
Touma: I bet it was Rokuya. I feel like Minami likes that sort of face.
Haruka: Don’t you think it was Osaka Sogo?
Minami: Like I said, I have no plan on telling you.
Mall event staff: Hello, ZOOL. Please be on standby. Also, happy 4th year anniversary!
ZOOL: …..
ZOOL: Thanks.


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Ultra happy is an expression that Momo uses often.

Thank you very much Teddie for pointing out that one of Haruka’s lines was missing! (When ZOOL was guessing which member did Minami date.)

*Haruka receives a balloon*
Me: *crying sounds*

God, Egu’s voice acting is TOP TIER. I like how he made Nagi sound like he CAN speak in a native accent but not quite yet.

Onii-san was worried >////<

Nagi: We have finally reunited! I missed you all!
*insert crying sounds*

ZOOL members were destined to meet *cries*

Lastly, Kokona-chan saves the day! LOL

P.S. Who do you think was the Idolish7 member that Minami dated?


3 thoughts on “Idolish7 4th Anniversary Translation Chapter 5

  1. I’ve just realised…
    When Haruka was on about his incident with the balloons. They were let go by the person who messed up at Torao’s bazaar. Those balloons also led Touma to his job and – according to Momo – were caught on camera during that horror movie him and Yuki watched. My guess is that film was the same one that Minami was talking about at the start of the story – the one he acted in 4 years ago.
    Turns out it actually was ZOOL’s “4th anniversary” after all. 😂

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