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Idolish7 4th Anniversary Translation Chapter 4

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Deceitful Liars

Gaku: Massan said we can take a break. Ahh, I feel hungry.
Ryuu: He said there’s a lounge around here, didn’t he? There might be stores selling snacks there.
Tenn: But wouldn’t people notice us if we go to a lounge?
Anesagi: I’ll be the one to buy food for us and let’s just sit somewhere without blocking the way.
Ryuu: Thank you, Anesagi-san.
Gaku: Let me accompany you in buying food. But before that, let’s decide where to meet. After all, we don’t have our phones with us.
Tenn: How about at that bench?
Gaku: Where?
Tenn: That bench over there beside the– (The lights go out.)
Gaku: …!
Anesagi: It’s so dark!
Ryuu: Where are you guys?
Gaku: Your voice is fading away, Ryuu. Don’t go that way!
Tenn: I can’t tell where your voices are coming from because your voices are echoing and there’s loud music coming from the shops.

Momo: Is there a power outage? I wonder what’s going on. Yuki…? HUH?! YUKI?!

Shop employee: Huh? Is there a power outage? But oh well, the lights will probably be back on right away. (An emergency alarm rings) Was that an emergency alarm? Maybe I should evacuate now. Oh, the emergency alarm stopped ringing. I wonder what’s going on. Might as well contact the head office through an extension…I can’t reach them. Maybe a lot of people are trying to report the issue at the same time. (emergency alarm rings) I can hear the emergency alarm again! Oh, hello there. May I ask where you are going?
Shop employee B: It’s pitch-dark and I’m afraid something might happen so I’m thinking of staying near the emergency exit.
Shop employee C: We were told to evacuate!
Shop employee D: But I heard we should stay where we are and wait for further announcements!
Shop employee: Huh? Ahh, what should I do…?

Torao: Is anyone there? …I give up. It’s too dark that I can’t see anything. (Torao bumps into someone) Oh, sorry about that. This person’s hair is quite long. Could she be a girl? Are you alright?
Minami: Yes. Judging from your voice, you are Mido-san, aren’t you?
Torao: Oh, it was just Minami. What a bummer.
Minami: Who are you calling a “bummer”? How rude.
Torao: Your hair’s long so I though you were a girl. Waah– (Torao bumps into someone) This person’s quite hair is long. Could she be a girl?
Yuki: This is Re:vale’s Yuki.
Torao: Re:vale?!
Minami: Why are you here?
Yuki: Where are we? And who are you? I feel like I’ve heard your voices before.
Torao: Well…umm…waah– (Torao bumps into someone) This person’s hair is quite long. Could she be a girl?
Tamaki: This is Idolish7’s Tamaki.
Torao: Tamaki?! You mean Sogo’s partner in MEZZO?!
Minami: I cannot believe even Idolish7 is here.
Yuki: Tamaki-kun? Where, where, where?
Tamaki: Here, here, here. Huh? Is that you, Yukirin? What a coincidence.
Yuki: I know, right? The truth is, no one else can know Re:vale is here. Can you keep this a secret?
Tamaki: Sure! Oh, same with me! Keep it a secret, okay? (to ZOOL) Can you guys keep this a secret, too? Who are you, anyway? I feel like I’ve heard your voices before.
Torao: Uhh…we’re…
Minami: (whispher) No one else must know we are here, Mido-san.
Torao: Oh, right…umm…
Yuki: Who are you?
Tamaki: Who are you?
Torao: I-I’m…a delinquent. And this girl here is a gang leader.
Minami: What are you talking about, Mido-san?
Yuki: Oh, I see. I’m surprised delinquents and gangsters still exist up to this day. That’s very old-fashioned of you.
Tamaki: It’s my first time hearing a gangster speak politely.* That’s some manners you have there.
Minami: (to Torao) What in the world do you think you’re doing, Mido-san?
Torao: (to Minami) Ryo-san’s made up story was the first thing that came to my mind. Can you somehow take it back?
Minami: But how am I supposed to do that?
Tamaki: So, what do we do? Maybe we should move somewhere. It’s not like the lights will go back if we just wait here.
Yuki: You’ve got a point. Can you gangsters help us move to a more familiar area?
Minami: …..
Minami: Follow me or else.*

Riku: Iori! Tamaki! I wonder where they are now. I think Mitsuki and the others are still in VR Land but I’m not sure if I’m almost there. Huh?! But this is a totally different place! Where am I?!
Touma: Hey! Hey, you there!
Riku: Are you talking to me?
Touma: Did you lose track of where your friends are? Be careful. You might bump into something and get injured if you just walk around carelessly.
Riku: Oh, sorry. I wonder where am I now. Are you a store employee?
Touma: You see, I’m– Oh, I almost forgot ZOOL being here should be kept a secret. Umm…yes, I’m a guy who works at this mall.
Riku: I see. Why are you here?
Touma: A colleague forgot his packed lunch so I came here to give it to him. How about you? I feel like I’ve heard your voice before.
Riku: I’m Nanase Riku from Idolish7!
Touma: Really?!
Riku: Oops. Just kidding.
Touma: What the hell are you playing at?!
Riku: Umm…err…I’m a fan of Nanase Riku! And I came here to see him.
Touma: So Riku is here?
Riku: N-no! I just thought that maybe I’d see him here by chance or something.
Touma: You’re Riku, aren’t ya? The way you absentmindedly make mistakes reminds me of him.
Riku: But I’m not Riku! You actually sound like someone I know, too. You sound like…umm…Inumaru Touma-san!
Touma: N-no, our voices are not alike at all.
Riku: You just changed your way of speaking just now, didn’t you?
Touma: Huh? Can you here the sound of people talking?
Riku: Yes…they’re coming near us.
Momo: …which is why I’m sure you’re Ryo-san! I can clearly tell from your voice!
Ryo: No, I am a security guard. How about you? Do you have proof that you are Re:vale’s Momo?
Momo: Of course, I do! Isn’t my face enough to prove that?!
Ryo: Ahh, I can’t see you. It’s too dark.
Momo: This guy is pissing me off…
Riku: Did he just say he’s Momo from Re:vale? …Are you Momo-san?! Hey! Momo-saaaan!
Momo: Huh? I think I just heard someone call me. Hey, there!
Riku: I’m here! I’m Nanase Riku from Idolish7! …..Just kidding! I’m just one of his fans.
Momo: Huh…?
Tsukumo: Huh?! Did you just say you’re a Riku fan? I bet I’m a more enthusiastic fan than you though.
Touma: I think I just heard Ryo-san’s voice.
Riku: You are Momo-san, right? I’m a fan of Nanase Riku, and this guy here is a store employee.
Ryo: But I am the Riku fan here! You aren’t really a fan, are you?
Riku: H-how did you know?!
Ryo: I knew it!
Riku: Oh, but thank you for being m– Nanase Riku’s fan. Please continue to support him!
Ryo: Huh? Who do you think you are?
Momo: I’m slowly realizing how you’re wasting what’s supposed to be the happiest moment of your life.
Touma: Stop that! Calm down, you guys. Anyway, let’s get along and wait for the lights to go back on. At times like this, we should just stay still and—
Yamato (VR video): (evil chuckle)
Riku, Momo, Touma: ….?!
Yamato (VR video): It’s too dark that you can’t see anything, right? But I can see you crystal clear from here.
Touma: I feel like there’s a dangerous guy around…
Riku: I heard him, too…
Ryo: (sarcastic) Oooh, how scary~ If only I had my phone with me, I’d take a photo of him, post it on social media, and obliterate him from this world.
Momo: I suggest we leave this area. Let’s walk forward! Be careful not to bump into anything!
Riku: Okay!

Haruka: It’s too dark that I can’t see anything. I wonder why the lights aren’t working. (a balloon pops) Waah! W-what was that? Did I just accidentally step on a balloon? I wonder if the store employee would get mad at me for this.
Tenn: Are you okay?
Iori: Are you alright?
Haruka: Ah…
Tenn: I just heard you scream so I was worried. Are you okay? Did you get hurt?
Iori: I also heard your scream and rushed towards your direction. You see, I know this person who screams a lot so…
Haruka: Ah…I’m okay. I just stepped on a balloon. Sorry about that.
Iori: You must be alright then. Actually, someone else also made a balloon pop a while ago.
Haruka: Will it take long before this gets fixed? I heard we should be evacuating.
Tenn: The emergency alarm only rang for a moment, so I think the lights will be back on after a while.
Iori: It is probably a specific electrical equipment problem, since the music playing inside some stores didn’t stop and the air conditioner is still working.
Haruka: Oh, what a relief. Are you both store employees? I feel like I’ve heard your voices before though.
Iori: Ahh– you must be mistaken. I’m just a…
Tenn: I work at a sushi restaurant.
Iori: A sushi restaurant?!
Haruka: Woah! I thought you were someone younger.
Tenn: I’m in my late thirties, and have been doing my job for 20 years now. How about you two?
Haruka: I’m– Oh, I almost forgot I shouldn’t be saying my name. Umm…I’m not a sushi restaurant chef but a…fish dealer.
Iori: A fish dealer?!
Tenn: Oh, so you’re a fish dealer, eh?
Haruka: I gut fresh ones everyday.
Tenn: Since I’m a sushi restaurant chef and you’re a fish dealer…
Haruka: Could it be that this person here is a…
Iori: What are you expecting from me? I won’t go so far as to match my job with yours, you know?
Tenn: What do you for a living then?
Iori: I’m…a rice dealer.
Haruka: I knew it.
Tenn: I saw that coming.
Iori: You shouldn’t be! By the way, do you really work at a sushi restaurant? Because your voice reminds me of someone.
Haruka: I though of that, too. He sounds like someone I know.
Tenn: But I’m not lying.
Iori: Can you please talk a little more?
Tenn: Rasshai! (Welcome!)
Haruka: Oh, he’s the real deal.
Tenn: Hey, omachi! (Here’s your order!)
Iori: You really are telling the truth. I am very sorry for doubting you.
Tenn: It’s okay.
Haruka: This rice dealer also sounds like someone I know, though.
Iori: Maybe we just happened to have similar voices. Who do I sound like?
Haruka: My classmates who’s just always by himself.
Iori: Don’t you think that person would feel depressed once he finds out you remember him that way?!
Tenn: Hey, fish dealer, did you just say “classmate”?
Haruka: Uhh– no, I was talking about a co-worker at my part-time job. (a balloon pops) (Haruka is startled)
Iori: W-what was that?
Tenn: A balloon. They seem to be scattered around this area. Make sure to watch your step.
Haruka: Okay…This just proves how I’ll never ever have a good experience with balloons.
Iori: Is that so?
Haruka: A long time ago, I was part of a church choir, and there was a time when we performed at a bazaar organized by volunteers. There were people selling balloons, you know, not those balloons that land on the ground, but those balloons that float in the air.
Tenn: I think you’re talking about helium balloons.
Haruka: Yes, those. I didn’t have enough money, so I couldn’t buy one. But the volunteer selling the balloons told me he’d give me one if there were any balloons left by the end of the day. So, I waited excitedly, but he ended up accidentally letting all the balloons fly.
Iori: And they flew away into the sky?
Haruka: Yes. But oh well, the volunteer looked like he was still a student, so I couldn’t really blame him. My life has always been like that. Whenever people tell me they’ll give me something, in the end, I don’t get to receive it.
Tenn: But that’s not a reason to be sad.
Haruka: …
Tenn: Just like the things you have, the things you don’t have can also make you happy someday.
Haruka: But how?
Tenn: If you’re satisfied with what you have, you’ll stop dreaming. But if you’re not, you’ll keep on working hard until you feel satisfied. As a result, you might even end up achieving something better than what you’ve wanted. Something that was destined for you. Everything happens for a reason, you know?
Iori: As expected from a chef who has lived longer years, your thoughts sure are deep and profound.
Tenn: Thanks.
Haruka: Destiny? I wonder if there’s something in store for me in exchange for the things I lost.
Tenn: I’m sure there is. As for me, I had to leave my family, but I was able to meet other people whom I value as much. And for that, I consider myself lucky.
Haruka: I see. Thanks.
Tenn: No problem.
Iori: Huh? Can you see that? I can see something glowing.
Tenn: Is that…a skull?
Haruka: Are you serious?! Does he look like a ghost from one of those mall horror stories?
Iori: There’s a glowing skull and it’s heading here.
Iori: It’s approaching us real fast!
Tenn: But it suddenly disappeared…
Sogo: Oh, it stopped glowing. I went and borrowed fluorescent party masks from a store but they don’t seem to be as useful as I thought they would be. I’ll just try out a different mask. Huh? One…two…three…four…five…six…seven…eight…nine…One mask is missing.
Tenn: Could he be the ghost from The Dish Mansion at Bancho*?!
Haruka: This is so scary….
Iori: I wonder why he is carrying ten masks with him.
Sogo: I’m gonna be in trouble for this. I have to go find it. But before that, maybe I should check if I counted them right. One…two…three…four…five…six…seven…eight…nine…I knew it. One mask is missi–
Iori: (whispers) Osaka-san…You’re Osaka-san, right? I’m sure about this. You’re Osaka-san, aren’t you?
Sogo: That voice…are you Iori-kun–
Iori: I’m a rice dealer, and you are an acquaintance of mine, right?
Tenn: He’s already claiming it.
Haruka: He didn’t even wait for the other guy to introduce himself.
Sogo: Oh, okay. I get it now. (to Tenn and Haruka) Hello, I’m this rice dealer’s acquaintance.
Tenn: I’m a sushi restaurant chef.
Haruka: And I’m a fish dealer.
Iori: (sighs) That was close. I wonder if the other people inside this mall are alright.

End of chapter 4
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Minami always speaks politely. (i.e., he ends his sentences with words that indicate politeness like desu or masu) and formally (i.e., the kind of words Japanese people use when talking to superiors at work or what shopkeepers use when talking to customers) I am not so sure if Minami speaks this way 100% of the time but if there are occasions where he speaks casually, then I am assuming they are very rare.

Just like what Ryo described in Chapter 1, Minami used the first person pronoun ‘atai’ which in fictional works is generally used by female gangsters and saying it gives off a tough vibe. If you find this aspect of Japanese quite difficult to grasp, just imagine the calm and collected, always sophisticated Minami suddenly being like “Back the fvck off, bitch.”

Banchou Sarayashiki, commonly referred to in English as “The Dish Mansion at Bancho” is a Japanese folklore about Okiku, who worked for a samurai. This samurai hid one of his own family’s ten Delft plates to trick her that she lost one of the plates, which would cost her life. So, Okiku counted the plates over and over, but she would always end up counting nine. (References: and Wikipedia)

For those who haven’t tried listening to the story itself, I highly suggest you listen to it for this chapter, because a lot of them were trying their best to hide their identities by changing their voices or way of speaking and I could only do so much in describing it through written words.

Touma: I feel like there’s a dangerous guy around…
Riku: I heard him, too…


Haruka is so vulnerable. Must protect.

I find it kinda funny hearing Tenn talk about skulls because of Gaikotsu Shotenin Honda-san LOL.


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