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Idolish7 4th Anniversary Translation Chapter 3

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Gacchan’s Quality Inspection

Momo: Today was another long week. Our day-off is drawing near, isn’t it?
Yuki: You said it. Wanna go out on our next day-off?
Momo: Are you sure about that?! After all, you always end up telling me you just wanna sleep some more whenever we have a day-off.
Yuki: Then we should just go out in the evening. And we’ll go to…somewhere nearby…somewhere there…
Momo: Since we have the day off, we should wake up early and go to the beach or climb a mountain! I wanna use my leisure time actively!
Yuki: You sure are full of energy, aren’t you? I need 5 days off for me to even consider going hiking or swimming. Let’s just watch a DVD or something. While I’m not a fan of the splatter films you like, the one we watched before was nice.
Momo: Don’t lie to me. You also slept through that movie, remember?
Yuki: That’s not true.
Okarin: (voice coming from a speaker) Hello, you two.
Momo: What was that? Where is Okarin’s voice coming from?
Yuki: Oh, there’s a speaker on the ceiling.
Momo: Really?! Oh, you’re right!
Okarin: (voice coming from a speaker) Can you hear me?
Momo, Yuki: Yup.
Momo: Why are you talking to us through a speaker?
Okarin: (voice coming from a speaker) Are you familiar with the TV series “Johnny’s Venus” which has been becoming popular lately overseas?
Momo: Oh, you mean that series about a detective agency filled with female detectives and then their boss, Johnny, gives orders to the Venuses through a speaker?
Okarin: (voice coming from a speaker) Exactly. Our president said he wanted to try it out…
Yuki: Is he stupid?
Momo: You’re using a speaker just because of that?!
Okarin: (voice coming from a speaker) It seems he wanted to talk to his employees as if he were assigning missions. I think he’ll soon get tired of it so please bear with him for a while.
Yuki: I don’t like being uncompromisingly told to do something, especially by Rintarou.
Momo: But it’s kinda fun! Try talking like a boss of a detective agency, Okarin.
Okarin: (low-pitched voice) This is your next mission.
Momo: Wow, you really did sound like one! Cool!
Yuki: Woah. I almost though you were the real deal.
Okarin: (voice coming from a speaker) Was it good?
Yuki: I wanna try it out, too.
Momo: Me, too! Me, too!
Okarin: (voice coming from a speaker) Ahh, but before that, allow me to talk about your schedule. After your shooting at Hokkaido tomorrow, we will be heading to Sorairo Mall, which is located at the city cent–
Momo: Say it like a detective agency boss!
Okarin: (low-pitched voice) Your mission is to go to Sorairo Mall to visit a soon-to-open organic cafe called Anniversary.
Momo: Yes, boss!
Yuki: Understood, boss.
Okarin: (low-pitched voice) We will also be having a photoshoot the day before the cafe opens and sign the walls of the cafe. I am sure you can do this without getting caught.
Yuki: The amount of recompense we’ll be getting from this has been settled, right?
Momo: (feminine speech) Leave it to us, Boss!
Okarin: (low-pitched voice) That’s all I have to say for now. (back to normal voice) Was that clear?
Momo: Yup!
Yuki: That cafe brings back memories. It was the cafe the allowed us to use their shop as a venue when we just debuted, wasn’t it?
Momo: Yup! They allowed us to hold our first ever fan meeting there! We were asked to sign our autographs on the walls before their new branch opens, but we never had time to pay a visit. So we have no choice but to go there on the day before it opens.
Yuki: We can finally return the favor. I hope our flight won’t get delayed though.
(Okarin enters the room.)
Okarin: I’m back.
Momo: Welcome back!
Okarin: Oh, before I forget, for tomorrow, please conceal your faces and make yourselves as as unrecognizable as possible. Sorairo Mall will be having their renewal opening and they seem to have plenty of events and projects that must be kept confidential until the renewal opening day, so they are applying strict precautionary measures to avoid information leakage.
Momo: Oh, I see.
Okarin: Bringing phones, cameras or anything that may be used to take photos or videos are prohibited, unless you were authorized by the mall.
Yuki: It’s like those museums with a “no photography” policy.
Okarin: While we are only coming to meet an acquaintance, I think we might cause a commotion if the people around find out you are there.
Momo: Okay, I’ll do my best not to stand out. But my Yuki is an ikemen, so I think we’ll still stand out anyway.
Yuki: You said it.
Okarin: Alright. Tomorrow will be quite tough as we have to stop by the city centre after your shooting in Hokkaido, but anyways, I’m looking forward to working with you tomorrow.

Mall event staff: Greetings, ZOOL. Thank you for accepting our offer as live show guests for our renewal opening tomorrow. For today, we will be having a briefing session and then a rehearsal. While it was originally planned that we finish this early–
Ryo: Before that, can I ask why do I have to surrender my phone, too?
Mall event staff: As mentioned before, we do not allow the possession of any object that may be used to take photos unless given authorization. If you wish to contact someone, please use one of the mall’s phone extensions.
Ryo: Okay, fine.
Touma: We’re looking forward to working with you.
Minami; We’re looking forward to working with you. I see that a lot of people are working today, probably because they need to finish setting up their respective shops by tomorrow. Some of them might even spend an all-nighter here.
Touma: Is that so?
Haruka: Setting up a shop looks fun.
Mall event staff: Alright, I shall assist you until we arrive at the venue of the opening ceremony and live show.

Riku: Wow! We’re at the VR facility, VR Land!
Mitsuki: Our billboards are placed beside each other and are on display!
Tamaki: And there are advertisements being played in the monitor at the entrance!
VR Land staff: Your VR experience is at the main hall located at the inner part of this facility. You may now try them out!
Tsumugi: Will it be one member per shooting session?
VR Land staff: Yes! One session will approximately take 5 to 10 minutes, so it will probably last for 7 minutes.
Yamato: Understood. Who’ll be going in first?
Tamaki: Me!
Sogo: But you get bored when there’s too much leeway time after your turn, right? I suggest you let someone else go in first.
Tamaki: I’ll be fine. I wanna be the first one to try it out!
Nagi: Oh! There are lots of balloons.
Iori: The balloons will probably be given away to tomorrow’s customers. They’re so adorable…
Riku: I heard they’re for an astronomy VR! I wanna try it out if ever we get to come back here.
VR Land staff: Would you like to try it out? That is, if you have time to spare.
Riku: Can I? Yay!

Matsuda-san: Gaku-cha– I mean, Gacchan! Can you open that box and check the products inside?
Gaku: Sure thing! So there’s donburi inside, eh? Help me count them, Tecchan.
Tenn: Sure thing, Gacchan. Tsuna-chan, can I leave this to you?
Ryuu: Sure! I’ll assemble the remaining stuff for you. You can go ahead and help out Gacchan.
Anesagi: I’ll just leave the tea I bought for you here, Massan.
Matsuda-san: Thanks, Kaoru-chan!
Gaku: Haa…I didn’t think this would take this much time. It seems that we won’t be able to finish it by 9pm as planned.

Manager of Anniversary: Oh my goodness, I didn’t expect you guys would come. After all, you’re now Japan’s no. 1–
Momo: Shh! We’re ninjas today. We bought some white chocolates from Hokkaido for you!
Yuki: It’s amazing how you now have shop in a station mall. What magical trick did you use?
Manager of Anniversary: Like the two of you, I kept on working hard. By the way, I want you to try this out.
Momo: Waaah! Anniversary’s Swiss rolls bring back memories, don’t you think?
Okarin: Allow me to take a photo. Please stand beside each other. 3,2,1–

Ryo: Oh, I just remembered I need to contact someone. Torao, go find a place with a phone extension for me.
Torao: A staff member will be arriving soon. You should ask that person instead.
Ryo: Nevermind, then.
Touma: Who were you supposed to contact?
Ryo: It’s not really a big deal. If I fail contact them, the only consequence will be a few people losing their jobs.
Touma: (taken aback) Then go and call them! I’ll look for a phone extension.
Ryo: Okay. Hurry up.
Touma: Yeah, I know.
Ryo: ….
Ryo: What’s taking him so long?
Torao: But he just left!
Minami: You sure do dislike waiting, don’t you, Ryo-san?
Haruka: Stop fidgeting, will ya?
Ryo: Go find a phone extension, too, Haruka.
Haruka: You should just wait for Touma to come back!
Ryo: Who knows, he might just be roaming around without looking for a phone extension at all. Go on now.
Haruka: (sighs) Okay, fine.
Minami: Be careful not to get lost, okay?
Haruka: Okay.
Ryo: …
Ryo: Don’t you think he’s taking too long?
Torao: I don’t.
Minami: I do not think so.
Ryo: I need one of you to–
Torao: Hell no.
Minami: Sorry but I refuse.
Ryo: Are you trying to say you’re fine with innocent people losing their jobs? Celebrities are so cruel.
Torao: You should just wait!
Ryo: And what do I do while waiting?
Minami: You can meditate if you want.
Torao: Why don’t you try counting your fingers?
Ryo: Aww. It’s so boring when you don’t have your phone with you. Ahh, this is so frustrating.
Torao: Stop hitting the display.
Minami: Stop biting your nails.
Ryo: I’ve had enough. I’ll go look for a phone extension by myself.
Minami: It would have been more convenient to just wait.
Torao: Just let him be.
Ryo: Geez, this sucks. I’m gonna turn this floor filled with brand new stuff upside down and make that phone extension come out.
Torao, Minami: …
Torao: Wait a sec, Ryo-san!
Minami: Please calm down. Ah– (The lights go out) Is there a power outage?

Tamaki: Is the photoshoot almost done?
Iori: No, it will still take some time. Could you perhaps be already bored?
Tamaki: What do you think that place is?
Riku: I was actually curious about it, too! Maybe it’s an arcade. It looks like another one of their attractions.
Tamaki: Is your photoshoot over?
Riku: Yup! Wanna go and check that place out?
Tamaki: Sure!
Iori: We were told not to wander around, remember?
Riku: But we won’t be wandering around. We’ll just check something out real quick. We’re wearing masks so we’ll be fine!
Tamaki: Exactly! We’ll just be dropping by somewhere after going to the toilet.
Riku: Exactly!
Iori: …I feel worried about letting you go by yourselves. Let me accompany you. Please excuse us, Manager. We’ll be back in a moment.
Tsumugi: Okay!

Tamaki: Wanna go to that place, too, Rikkun?
Riku: Is that a candy shop?
Iori: Wait a second, you two! (The lights go out) The lights just went out. Even the emergency lights aren’t working.

End of Chapter 3
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Hokkaido is the northernmost island of Japan.
donburi – Japanese rice bowl dishes that may include meat, fish, or vegetables. Examples of donburi are katsudon (pork cutlet rice bowl) and gyudon (beef rice bowl).

i7 staff, thank you for making Okarin talk like a detective agency boss. Gochisou sama desu.
Meanwhile, Re:vale + Okarin doing a detective agency roleplay is just LMAO. Why are they so cute? ;-;
Omg will Rintarou be appearing in the mobile game soon?! aksjdkaskjdlk


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