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Idolish7 4th Anniversary Translation Chapter 2

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Falling in Love with Reality

Tsumugi: You all did a great job today! The VR experience “Dating Idolish7” will finally be available to the public!
Riku: Oh! It’s finally getting released, eh?
Banri: It will be released for the first time in Sorairo Mall, which will be having a renewal opening, in their VR facility called “VR Land.” On the day before VR Land opens, you guys will be going there so that they can take photos of you trying out the VR experience as part of their promotions.
Tamaki: Yay! I wanna try it out!
Yamato: Eh? Wouldn’t that mean we’d be dating ourselves?
Banri: Umm…yes.
Mitsuki: But that’s exactly what’s fun about it! Plus, we still don’t know the content of each other’s VR experience.
Tsumugi: Actually, copies of your videos during the trial shooting were sent to us. Would you like to watch them?
Nagi: Yes! I want to try dating myself! I’m sure myself would perfectly escort me.
Iori: That is very confident of you, Rokuya-san. Meanwhile, I am feeling quite embarrassed about mine.
Sogo: We were asked to act out certain roles so the finished product has an eccentric feel to it, don’t you think so?
Riku: I’m curious about how things turned out! Whose video should we start with? Who do you guys wanna date?
Tamaki: Who wants to date me?
The rest of i7: Huh?
Tamaki: Oh come on, raise your hands, guys!
Yamato: Ah, sorry. It’s just that I hesitated because of the word “date.”
Mitsuki: We’ll do it properly this time, so try asking us again.
The rest of i7: Me, me, me!
Tamaki: Oh, so you all wanna date me, huh? Alright, let’s start from my video then.
Tsumugi: Okay!

Tamaki (in the video): I made a move but you didn’t fall for me, huh? Interesting. It’s my first time meeting someone like you. Wanna come to my house?

The rest of i7: Smooth!
Tamaki: Don’t make fun of me!
Yamato: So this is what it feels like when one of the sexiest men in Japan gives his all, huh?
Sogo: Tamaki-kun won’t say something like this in real life though. Or maybe he would if he’s with a girl? Would you say something like this?
Tamaki: I don’t know but maybe I’ll invite someone who I think is interesting to my house.
Banri: Oh, I see. So this VR experience is about saying lines that girls would enjoy hearing. How was yours, Sogo-kun?

Sogo (in the video): These flowers are so pretty, aren’t they? You know what, looking at flowers calms me. I feel happy that I can spend a time like this with you. Look, this flower looks good on you.

The rest of i7: Smooth!
Sogo: Ahaha…thanks.
Riku: You sounded so kind, Sogo-san! But knowing you, I feel like you treat plants as plants, nothing more nothing less.
Iori: Contrary to what people think, he’s actually emotionless.
Sogo: T-that’s not true! Things that usually make people happy make me feel happy, too.
Tamaki: When I told Sou-chan about how people who find four-leaf clovers feel happy, he told me “It’s probably because mutations of the three-leaf clover plant are rare.”
Sogo: But there wasn’t anything wrong about what I said, right? I understand that happy feeling when you get something rare.
Nagi: You’ve got a point. After all, pink dias have more value than normal dias.
Tamaki: How about yours, Nagicchi?
Nagi: It’s the best rendezvous! Manager, please play my video.
Tsumugi: Okay!

Nagi (in the video): My sweet angel, which is more beautiful: a breathtaking night skyline or I? (chuckles) I knew you would say that. My sweet angel…Kokona.

Mitsuki: Kokona?!
Riku: Were you dating Kokona-chan or were you having a date with Kokona and your “sweet angel”?
Yamato: Whether Kokona and his “sweet angel” is the same person or not is an important plot point, isn’t it?
Nagi: I’ll just leave it to your imagination. How about yours, Mitsuki? I want to you watch your date!
Mitsuki: Mine is pretty cliche so I feel embarrassed about it.
Tsumugi: I’ll be playing Mitsuki-san’s video now.

Mitsuki (in the video): I had so much fun today! Umm…I…I’ve always wanted to tell you something.

Riku: Ah…
Iori: What’s with that reaction?
Riku: I felt like Mitsuki is gonna confess to me.
Iori: B-but it is just a VR experience.
Tamaki: I know but…damn. Mikki is gonna confess to me for the first time in my whole life.
Nagi: Oh, this is making my heart race.
Yamato: You guys sure make a nice audience.

Mitsuki (in the video): I’ve always…thought of you as someone special…and…

The rest of i7: …..

Mitsuki (in the video): Yeah…that’s all!

Yamato: What the– Say it!
Nagi: I even prepared myself emotionally for it!
Mitsuki: Don’t get mad at my self in the video!
Sogo: If Mitsuki-san were to confess to me, I’d rather he do it straightforwardly though.
Iori: I’ve had enough. (sighs) I felt nervous for some reason.
Riku: I know right?! My heart was racing, too. How about you, Iori? What’s your VR experience like?
Tsumugi: I’ll be playing Iori-san’s video now.
Sogo: Because he has a “younger boyfriend” image, I think he might act out the innocent kind of guy.
Nagi: Or maybe he acted out the cool type of guy. Oh, the video’s started.

Iori (in the video): I see that you’ve finally managed to approach me without feeling shy. Okay, fine. I’ll date you. After all, it might be a nice way to kill some time…Shouldn’t you be asking me out on a date first? Don’t make me wait…unless you want to be punished.

Mitsuki: A sadistic boyfriend?!
Yamato: Don’t you think this group’s younger members are given too much heavy tasks?
Riku: It made wanna pinch Iori’s cheeks.
Iori: Please don’t.
Sogo: A pure and innocent role would’ve been nice, but your acting as a sadistic boyfriend was great! Good job, Iori-kun!
Iori: Since it was a VR experience, I was thinking something entertaining would serve as nice content.
Yamato: Who knows? It might surprisingly become popular.
Iori: How is your video, Yamato-san? I am guessing you showed your charm as an adult.
Yamato: Well, mine is…
Mitsuki: Oh come on, don’t be shy! Manager, can you show us Yamato-san’s?
Tsumugi: Sure!
Riku: I can’t wait to see what it’s like!
Nagi: I’m sure it’s filled with sweet pick-up lines!

Yamato (in the video): (evil chuckle) It’s too dark that you can’t see anything, right? But I can see you crystal clear from here.

The rest of i7: …?!

Yamato (in the video): From here on I’ll be torturing you to my heart’s content. It’s no use even if you scream for help. No one will come to save you. You have no choice but to entertain me with your screams of horror.

The rest of i7: …
Riku: Is this a date with Yamato-san?!
Tamaki: What the hell were you doing, Yama-san? You were so creepy.
Yamato: Uhh…I guess the staff wanted to promote the image I have as an actor.
Mitsuki: I guess so…After all, your roles were usually characters who want to get revenge or serial killers.
Sogo: In my opinion, Yamato-san acting out the role of a handsome and gentle guy would’ve been better.
Iori: I’ve noticed this since a while ago but you sure do have a lot of criticisms about the videos, don’t you, Osaka-san?
Sogo: It’s because I know who you guys are in real life. I wanted Tamaki-kun and you to act out pure and innocent guys, I wanted Mitsuki-san to confess his feelings straightforwardly, and I wanted to spend a comfortable time with Yamato-san. And because of that, I liked Nagi-kun’s date the most. I think it’s fun going on a date with him and Kokona-chan.
Nagi: Thanks desu.
Mitsuki: What an insightful review you have there.
Iori: That was very helpful, Osaka-san.
Sogo: How about yours, Riku-kun? I wanna watch it.
Riku: I’m not sure if it will satisfy you but I hope it will. Manager, please play my video!
Tsumugi: Okay! I’ll be playing yours in a moment. This is the last one.

Riku (in the video): Hello, everyone!
Audience: Kyaaaaaaah!

Mitsuki: Ohhh, it’s a live concert.
Tamaki: Ah, this so like the real-life Rikkun.

Riku (in the video): I have an important announcement to make today!

Iori: Wait! Please stop that. What are you planning to announce during a concert, Nanase-san?
Yamato: My heart is racing now but it’s because of nervousness.

Riku (in the video): I’ve kept this as a secret but…I’m in love with someone.
Audience: Kyaaaaahh!

Iori: Uwaah…
Nagi: Wow! That’s so dramatic!
Yamato: I understand how you feel, Ichi. Just the thought of what can happen afterwards is making my palms sweat.
Tamaki: You’re so cool, Rikkun!
Sogo: Hmm…For me this reflects who Riku-kun really is and it’s possible he’d do something like this…or not.
Mitsuki: This is okay as a VR experience, but in real life, I don’t think you can do this in a concert that everyone is looking forward to.

Riku (in the video): The person I’m in love with is…the person I dated today, you!
Audience: Kyaaaaaah!

Iori: (sighs)

Riku (in the video): Please stay with me and continue to support not just my idol self but my self as a whole. Because I will love you forever!
Audience: Kyaaaaah!

Iori: I was so scared and nervous that at some point I stopped breathing.
Riku: But Yamato-san’s VR experience was scarier!
Iori: Nanase-san, please…please don’t do this in actual concerts, or at least consult me beforehand.
Riku: Of course, I won’t. It’s embarrassing. But…if I would fall in love with someone, I might feel as excited as that. Ehehe, just kidding.
Iori: Manager, can you please hand me some stomachache medicine?
Riku: Were you listening to me? Why do you look like all of your strength was drained out?
Iori: I suddenly feel very tired.
Tamaki: Since we watched all the VR experience videos, whom do you wanna date, Manager?
Tsumugi: They were all great dates that I can’t choose! How about you, Banri-san?
Banri: Me? Hmm…I wanted to see something scary so I’ll go with Yamato-kun’s. I don’t wanna die though.
Yamato: It’s not a survival game so you don’t have to worry about your life getting taken away.
Tamaki: Oh come on, Ban-chan, choose me!
Banri: But you’re gonna take me home.
Tamaki: That’s okay! You’ve been to my room before, right? You can hug my King Pudding plushie if you want.
Banri: Alright, I might as well go then.
Tamaki: Yay!
Mitsuki: I wouldn’t expect anything less from one of the sexiest men in Japan! That was so smooth!
Tsumugi: I hope people would enjoy “Dating Idolish7.”
Riku: I hope so, too! And I can’t wait to go to VR Land.
Banri: Oh, by the way, Sorairo Mall seems to be preparing a lot of surprises for their renewal opening. Apparently, each shop has a lot of projects that are yet to be announced publicly so if ever someone talks to you, make sure not to reveal anything to them.
Iori: We need to keep everything confidential? Maybe their goal is to announce their projects to the public through SNS and other media without anyone knowing any information beforehand.
Banri: That seems to be the case. Even the guests for the main event is a secret.
Sogo: I wonder who the guests are. Maybe they invited foreign artists?
Banri: I’ve heard the guests first met four years ago and seemed to have had a violent and chaotic student life.
Mitsuki: A violent and chaotic student life? I wonder who they are.
Tsumugi: Before the renewal opening, the mall will be busy with shop employees and there will be plenty of interior construction staff so except during your photoshoot, it would be better if you conceal your faces to avoid letting them know that Idolish7 is in Sorairo Mall.
Nagi: Alright desu! I shall do cosplay to conceal my identity!
Sogo: But wouldn’t that make you stand out even more?
Riku: I’m so excited for both VR Land’s opening and Sorairo Mall’s renewal opening! We have to do our best during the photoshoot the day before so that we can make a lot of people enjoy!

Kaoru: Great job, everyone! Your daily live concerts were well-received. After a long period of work, you have tomorrow off so make sure to rest well!
Tenn: Thank you very much.
Ryuu: Since we have tomorrow off, why not we go out and eat? Or should we just stay at home and cook?
Gaku: Uhh…sorry but I have something to do tomorrow.
Tenn: Is that so? Too bad.
Gaku: Matsuda-san, who used to work at grandpa’s restaurant to train himself, established his own shop at some point and now he’ll be having a 2nd branch of his shop at Sorairo Mall.
Ryuu: That’s awesome! Sorairo Mall is that big building undergoing a renewal construction in front of the station, right?
Gaku: Yup. But because constructing the interior started later than expected, they seem to be lacking manpower. Massan (Matsuda-san) helped me out when I was a kid, so I thought of helping him out in setting up his new shop.
Ryuu: Let me help out too then!
Gaku: Is it okay?
Ryuu: Of course! After all, it’d be better if more people could help out.
Tenn: I can help out, too.
Gaku: Thanks! I’m sure Massan will be glad.
Kaoru: Will you be okay? Wouldn’t the fans see you if all three of you go there?
Gaku: It’s okay even if that happens. Also, the mall isn’t open to the general public yet and only the construction workers will be there.
Kaoru: But it’s a mall so there’ll be shop owners and employees around, too. Make sure to conceal your faces.
Tenn: You’ve got a point, especially because Ryuu is tall.
Ryuu: I-I’ll do my best not to be seen.
Kaoru: Avoid calling each other using the names you usually use. Make sure to think up what false names you’ll be using.
Gaku: Massan is already used to calling me by something obvious so I might have a hard time.
Ryuu: What does he call you?
Gaku: Gaku-chan.
Tenn: Gaku-chan.
Ryuu: Gaku-chan…?
Tenn: How about “Gacchan”?
Ryuu: Nice idea! No one would think we’re talking about Yaotome Gaku.
Gaku: I know, right? How about Tenn’s name?
Ryuu: Tamaki-kun calls him Tenten.
Gaku: But that’s too long. Hmm…how about “Tecchan”?
Tenn: No one has called me that until now.
Ryuu: Don’t you think Tecchan sounds cute? Tecchan!
Tenn: Yes?
Ryuu: Nice!
Tenn: No problem.
Gaku: Our problem is Ryuu. I think people would find out if we call him “Ryuu-chan,” especially because Momo-san calls him that way.
Ryuu: And Ricchan, on the other hand, sounds girly. How about…Ri…Ri…Rikkun?
Tenn: But that’s Riku.
Ryuu: Oh, too bad.
Gaku: Ri…let’s just think up a nickname that doesn’t start with “Ri.” Ryuu…Dragon… (Ryuu means dragon)
Tenn: Dora-chan. (Dragon in Japanese is pronounced “doragon”)
Anesagi: Dora-chan? Don’t you think it doesn’t suit a grown-up man?
Tenn: Is that so? Too bad.
Gaku: How about something more manly like “Dragon”?
Ryuu: It does sound manly but I’d feel too embarrassed to turn around when someone calls me that.
Gaku: But if I were you, I’d actually like it.
Tenn: Now I know what we can call Ryuu.
Gaku: Oh, tell us.
Tenn: Tsuna-chan.
Gaku: Nice one.
Ryuu: Tsuna-chan, eh? It kinda sounds awkward and embarrassing but I like how it sounds warm and friendly.
Gaku: Tsuna-chan.
Ryuu: Yes?
Tenn: Not bad.
Ryuu: Gacchan! Tecchan!
Gaku: Yup?
Tenn: Yes?
Ryuu: We sound so clingy and friendly!
Anesagi: I feel my mind tearing apart. But if you’re fine with those names, then I’m fine with them, too.
Tenn: Make sure to tell Massan we’ll be helping out, Gacchan.
Gaku: Sure! I’m counting on your help tomorrow, Tecchan and…umm…
Ryuu: Tsuna-chan.
Gaku: Tsuna-chan! We need to practice calling each other using those nicknames. Let’s use those names from now on until tomorrow.
Tenn: I agree. I’m sure our hard work will pay off.
Ryuu: Okay! Let’s act as if we were already at Massan’s place.
Anesagi: You guys sure are taking this seriously, aren’t you? I’m still worried that you might cause a commotion but oh well, I’ll just hope things will be fine.

End of chapter 2
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Tenten, in the context of the Japanese language, has 4 syllables, because ‘n’ is counted as one syllable. Meanwhile, Tecchan is shorter because it only has 3 syllables.

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