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Yuugen Romantica Mantenka: Mary the Ghost Caller (CV: Toriumi Kousuke) Bonus CD

Yuugen Romantica Mantenka: Mary the Ghost Caller Tracks 1-8

Note: Youjutsu means youkai magic/techniques.

Ah, the broadcast room hasn’t changed even a little bit. It feels somewhat strange coming here even though we’ve already graduated. It feels nostalgic. I missed this place.

Yes, it’s my first time feeling like this. And I feel happy about it. Now that I think of it, this was the place when I was able to talk to you properly for the first time. If I remember correctly, there was a power outage and it was a lot of trouble to deal with.

That’s right. This is also the place where I first showed you my small form. (transforms) If I remember correctly, I was in this form when I checked out what caused the power outage. Ah, those were the days.

Umm…can you please not stare at me too much. It feels kind of…embarrassing.

AAAAH! Suddenly hugging me like that is bad for my heart! Umm…I’ve always been wondering about this but…could it be that you really like it when I’m in my small form?

Thank you. It feels embarrassing on my part but I’m glad you liked it. On the other hand, I think if you were the one to become small, you would definitely look more adorable than I do. After all, you already look very adorable in the first place. (transforms back) Thinking about how adorable you must have been when you were younger makes me want to see you as a child even once. The physical appearance of humans change with the passage of time. While I know that I can’t travel back to the past, I couldn’t help but wonder how it could have felt if I was able to meet you when you were a child.

Huh? Is it just me or do you look smaller than usual?

You didn’t just became smaller. You turned into a child!

What’s going on? Could this be someone’s youjutsu or curse? Did this happen because of what I said? That aside…you look very adorable just as I thought you would be. You look like a doll~

Huh? What’s the matter? AAAAAH. PLEASE STOP CRYING. Could it be that you turned into a child, not just physically, but emotionally as well? Uhh…umm…I may look like this but the truth is (low-pitched voice) I am completely harmless so don’t be afraid.

W-w-what should I do?! Should I leave this place? But I couldn’t possibly leave you alone here…I have an idea! It’s okay as long as you can’t see me, right? Allow me to go behind you.

Do you feel calmer now? Please don’t turn around, okay? That aside, I wonder why you turned into a child. You’re so small I wanna lock you inside a closet. That would be great! Keeping you inside a closet and gazing at you everyday as if you were my most treasured doll isn’t a bad idea, is it?

You’re trembling. Are you alright?

AAAAAH. PLEASE DON’T CRY!!! Could it be that you’re still frightened even though I’m behind you? Did I do something to make you cry? I’ll be moving away from you now so please calm down!

I’m stumped. Never have I ever been able to get along with a child. I have no idea what to do. What worries me the most is that if you start disliking me…(cries) I doubt I’ll still have the will to live. If you never turn back to normal…I don’t know what to do.

Huh? What’s the matter? Also, are you really fine with coming close to me like this?

You were…worried about me? Th-thank you very much. I’m fine. Don’t you feel scared?

Really?! That’s good to hear. You may have turned into a child but you’re still as kind as the senpai I always knew. (cries) I feel somewhat relieved. Sorry. I know this is not the time to be crying. I need to turn you back to normal. I think someone cast his youjutsu on you. Hmm…but I don’t think it was done with an evil intention. Anyway, I shall try to ask the other youkais in this school for help. They might have the knowledge on how to solve this.

Huh? It is very adorable of you to pull at my sleeve but my heart cannot take this anymore. Please let go if you don’t mind.

Could it be that you’re scared of being left alone?

I see. I should’ve known that from the start. Everything’s alright. I won’t leave you alone. I won’t do anything that will make you sad, let alone leave you by yourself. I promise that. So please bear with me for a while, okay?

(giggles) What a good girl. Don’t worry. I’m always here for you. Alright, let’s take a walk around the school premises, shall we? I’m sure the youkais are somewhere around here.

Hmm? What’s the matter? Do you feel exhausted when you take walks?

What? You want me to give you a piggyback ride? You may have turned into a child but you’re still after my tall height, aren’t you? But if I do that, I will die of too much feels.

Please don’t look at me. I feel more pressured to do it now that you are begging in front of me. (tries to resist) Okay, fine. I will do it.

Senpai becoming overjoyed just because of a piggyback ride is too adorable!!! Anything more than this will surely make me die, so I should turn you back to normal fast. Okay, I’ll now bring you up to my shoulders.

How’s the view? The ceiling is quite close so be careful not to bump your head on it, okay?

Oh, yes it is. It’s very high up there, isn’t it?

Senpai is too adorable. I need to turn her back to normal or I’ll die. I’m begging you, senpai. Please turn back to normal!

Oh my goodness, you’re back to normal, senpai! Your sudden change of weight is throwing me off balance–AAAAAAAH!!!

You’re pushing me down onto the floor again. Are you alright? Are you back to normal?

Huh? You don’t remember what happened?

I was surprised to learn that it was a prank by Hanawo-san. He did say he just did it “for a change” but he sure does like to play around, doesn’t he?

Ah, not at all! I never thought of it as a bother. After all, you looked very adorable as a child, too. Also, it was my first time being liked by a child so I’m very happy.

A human’s physical appearance may change with the passage of time, but your heart never changed. I was able to verify the truth of this after what happened. I’m glad we went back to our alma mater today.

Okay, but please stop pushing me down onto the floor, senpai. I suggest you don’t overdo it or you’ll be cursed.


For those who just read the translation without listening to the audio, I want to emphasize that the overall atmosphere of this track is very light and that Mary crying here is more of a kind of cry that makes you wanna laugh instead of cry lol.

Mary fanboying over his senpai is so adorable. He is so obsessed LOL.

Mary wanting to lock his senpai inside a closet reminds me SO MUCH of Fay from Shuukyoku no Dolls lol.


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