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Shuukyoku no Dolls Vol. 6 Translation (Fay)

CV: Toriumi Kousuke

Fay’s way of speaking: Fay is a doll that was made hundreds of years ago, and this is reflected with the way he speaks. His choice of words are very sophisticated and archaic.

01 A Destined Encounter

The flow of time is monotonous, like a river that flows smoothly, calmly, and slowly. Everyone, in the middle of their unchanging and unprogressive lives, seek excitement and thrill. In a town in Europe, there is a place where many ladies gather to experience something new – Coppelia, where beautiful Sterne Dolls gathered by Master Bellemere present a splendid stage day and night. These dolls, who are supposed to be incapable of speech and movement, are put on stage to sing and dance like a living human. Though this might be already very surprising, this stage is as wonderful as a dream, and it leaves everyone watching in a daze. At the blink of an eye, these dolls steal the hearts of the ladies in town, and gain immense popularity. The flow of time is monotonous. And this is why people feel the need to seek excitement and thrill. Or better yet, perhaps humans are not the only ones feeling this way. The more you live, the more you get tired of life. Evens dolls themselves find themselves in boredom.

[2:05] (You and Fay are taking a walk at the park)

What if we just do this tomorrow morning? Are you starting to feel convinced?

Ahaha, is that so? It was just the right decision that we went outside then. Even if we’re together at home, one has no choice but do to something to entertain one’s self. On the other hand, if we walk together at a park like this, we can experience different sensations that can only be felt when being outdoors. Let me show you an example (Fay whistles) (a bird chirps) See? The little bird answered to my whistle, saying that I indeed exist. You’re finally convinced, aren’t you? Indeed, taking a walk outside was a very nice idea. Well, if we just call it “a walk outside,” it doesn’t sound interesting, does it? Hence, allow me to call this “a date so that we can become closer.”

[3:09] Oya? Feeling embarrassed? (laughs) How adorable. But well, I can say you adjusted quite quickly. When I first arrived at your house, I remember you having a shocked expression and you wouldn’t listen to anything I said.

When a doll receives a lot of love, it gains a soul. We Sterne Dolls have souls, and are capable of moving and talking on our own will. There are times when we stay in this town and socialize with our audience so that we can gain a deeper understanding of humans and hence improve our performance on stage. Though it’s not like I expect you to believe me immediately. But yesterday, when I arrived at your house, you accepted me and let me in despite your great shock. You were so brave at that time. Our master can immediately tell what kind of traits a person has and that must be why he chose you.

[4:22] Ah, no, we didn’t do anything like secretly investigating you beforehand. I’ve heard Master chooses the person from the audience who shows the most interest over a particular Sterne Doll. That way, the person has a higher chance accepting the doll upon its arrival. Also, we check where the person lives and whom she lives with…well, I could say it is a little similar to a secret inspection. (laughs) I apologize for that.

Really? To be honest, it’s okay to admit that you weren’t fine with it.

Is that so? Thanks, then. If you feel happy that I’m with you, then that’s good to hear. I have to work harder to prove that choosing me will give you the excitement you’ve always wanted.

[5:21] Hmm? What’s the matter?

Eh? (laughs) Is that so? It is only natural that I also look like a human up-close…because I am actually using one.

Ah, nothing important. That aside, I’m wondering what you like about me. Can you tell me?

[6:02] Eh? Isn’t that just the same as telling me you like everything about me? (laughs) What an honor. In this country, there are indeed only a few with an appearance like mine. You see, I am a doll from an eastern country. It has been a very long time since I’ve moved here but I’ll never forget the place where I was born. I’ve always looked like this ever since, so I am happy that you like my physical features. Thank you. Oh, there are stairs ahead. Please take my hand, young lady.

Why are you feeling embarrassed? It is just natural to escort a lady up the stairs, isn’t it?

(you take his hand after much hesitation) Well done. Watch your step, okay?

[7:10] We’ve been walking for quite a while now, shall we rest for a bit?

You think we’d stand out and cause a commotion if we did? Well, it is quite strange for a doll to take a walk outside when it should only be performing on stage, isn’t it? But usually, I just get mistaken for a fan trying to dress up like a doll. Sometimes people talk to me, but they don’t suspect anything of me. Also, I have an interest in humans, and I find it enjoyable to talk with them. Whenever someone talks to me, I think of them as good company. By the way, aren’t you feeling thirsty? Shall we drink something?

Alright! There should be a store around here…ah! I found one right over there. Shall we?

[8:20] Now I feel refreshed. Simply relaxing while indulging in a peppermint cocktail is a particularly nice experience, isn’t it?

Ahaha, no need to thank me. How’s your lemonade drink?

Is that so? That’s good to hear then.


Ahh, sorry for staring. That was very rude of me, wasn’t it? The truth is, I’ve been thinking about this since yesterday. I feel like we’ve met somewhere before.

[9:05] I know. It was your first time going to Coppelia yesterday so that was our first encounter.

Ah! Hmm? Something flew away.

Hmm, this looks like a child’s hat, and I think it is owned by a girl. I’m sure it was blown away considering how the wind today is very strong.

(a child approaches) Ahh, is this your hat? Here you go. (child leaves)

What an energetic little girl. I hope her hat doesn’t get blown away again. Hmm…a little girl…ah, I see.

[10:06] I remember now. You look like her. The girl who owned me before.

Yes, it has already been hundreds of years since I was made. A very wealthy and influential clan had me made so that their weak and sickly daughter who is always confined indoors has someone to talk to. She often talked about wanting to be loved, and henceforth, I was made, a doll who will serve as an older brother figure. The girl liked me very much and valued me. However, after several years, her condition became worse and she died at a very young age.

I was not able to notice it until now, and it is probably because of the gap between your ages, but somehow your facial features look similar to that of hers. Her mother was from a foreign country, so that could be a reason why. If she lived a little bit longer, she might have grown up to look just like you.

[11:25] Ah, sorry. It feels uncomfortable to be told you look like a dead girl, doesn’t it?

Destiny? If that’s the case, then this encounter might not be a mere coincidence, but a fated encounter.

I’ve talked with her a lot, too. I’m quite special, you see. Ever since I was made, I was already capable of moving and talking.

[12:03] Ahaha, who knows.  I myself do not know whether or not I was able to become the kind older brother she wanted to have. But even now I am being kind to humans, for it is because of their existence that I find excitement and keep my life from becoming dull.

As someone who has lived for hundreds of years, I sometimes find myself losing interest in my life, which is why everyday, I come up with plans on how to enjoy myself. And it is humans who provide me with that enjoyment. In this world, there are millions of people, and I discover something new with each encounter. That is what I enjoy. So, I am looking forward to living a life together with you.

02 On a Foggy Day

Good morning. Today’s weather doesn’t look very good, does it? At this rate, I’m afraid we can’t take a walk at the park like what we did yesterday.

Well, there’s nothing we can do about it, can we? Oh, are you still preparing? Allow me to help out.

Don’t say that. Let me help out. After all, we’ll be eating this breakfast together. Should I bring these plates there? Ah, I see that today’s breakfast is milk rice porridge. What a nice smell.

[0:54] Is this all you need? Alright, let us eat.

Hmm, this is delicious. You’re a great cook.

That’s not true. You’re good at cooking, and I am looking forward to eating more of the meals you make.

(Fay walks towards the curtains and opens them) There’s heavy fog outside. At this rate, we really can’t go outside. The windows are getting fogged up, too. Could it be perhaps due to the humid weather? Ah, I don’t like this. (closes the curtains)

[2:01] This humid weather makes me feel a sticky and uncomfortable sensation. I dislike dews. They degrade something important to me, and I don’t feel happy about it.

Yes, something very important, things like my collection and I myself.

That’s very perceptive of you. Yes, it’s because I am a doll. The humid weather makes it hard for me to control my body. (sighs) I’m beginning to feel under the weather. I’m sorry but I’ll be going to my room now. I just said a while ago that I’m excited to eat your meals everyday but can you eat breakfast alone today? I don’t feel like eating this morning. (Fay goes inside his room)

[3:10] (You knock at the door to Fay’s room) Yes? (You go inside his room) What’s the matter? I said I don’t need breakfast today.

Is that gelatin? You made it just for me?

My, aren’t they lovely with their vibrant colors. I feel cheered up just by looking at them. They seem to be easy to eat. Thank you. Hmm, delicious. The taste of peppermint and fruits feel refreshing and great.

[4:05] Ahaha, thank you so much. That was very kind of you.

But you are kind. I appreciate your taking care of me. Also, this somehow feels refreshing. Do you remember the girl we were talking about yesterday? When I was living with her, all I did was nurse and take care of her. This situation feels like the exact opposite of that.

Ah, how fortunate of me to have been assigned to live at this house. I have to properly express my gratitude, don’t I?

Hmm? You don’t like having your hair stroked? I like the feel of a human’s hair, you see. Also, your hair is beautiful so I wanted to touch it.

[5:12] Just as I thought, it feels so smooth and good to touch. Please, let me do this a little bit more.

Thank you.

Good morning. Thank you for yesterday. Thanks to the gelatin you made for me, I was able to go through my gloomy day.

Yes, I’m okay now. The weather’s great, too.  I have a stage performance this afternoon so I’ll be leaving after breakfast. I want you to go watch, too. If you ask Master, he will surely offer you the best seat.

[6:15] (laughs) You look very excited, aren’t you? I should be conditioning myself for today’s performance, too. Afterwards, let’s go home together. There will still be a lot of people inside the theater after the musical ends, so let’s meet somewhere outside. If you take a straight walk from the theater, there’s a café by the corner, right? I want you to wait in front of that café.

(stage performance)

What a beautiful river. Unfortunately, there seems to be nothing that can move my heart. To be honest, I am starting to feel sleepy.  Life works this way as well. You must not remain in tranquility. Stagnancy will make your heart fall into a slumber that will lead to its death. Let me offer you something wonderful. I am sure you will be pleased. Come here, there’s nothing to be afraid of….(audience claps)

[7:48] (You are waiting for Fay in front of a café) Sorry to keep you waiting. Ah—there’s a carriage and the horse is running wildly… (the carriage comes to a crash)


Ah…I’m fine…I barely got hit so I managed not to get dragged away. Good gracious, how bad is my luck that I got myself involved with a wildly running horse?

Ahaha…when I was trying to avoid the carriage, I fell and landed on my knees. The impact seems to be more severe than I thought. My skin split open that I can almost see my bones. Getting an injury on the joints could be quite troublesome. Master will scold me for this.

[9:06] Ah, sorry for making you worry. But remember I am a doll. As proof, you can see how there is no blood gushing out of my wound and I cannot feel any pain. As for this body, I shall talk to you about it another time.

Ahaha, don’t look at me like that. Only my right leg was injured.

Ah…why are you crying? Are you perhaps…relieved?

Ah, now I understand. You are crying for me.

[10:01] Don’t move.  Let me observe your face closely. Ah, such beautiful tears. Now your skin looks more beautiful than it already is.

Another thing I like about humans are their tears. They are the fruit of extreme emotions and they look wonderful. I am especially weak against your tears and your crying face. How irresistible.

I know. The more you cry, the more it shows that you’re worried about me. (Fay kisses you)

Ah, how adorable. Thank you for caring for me this much.

[10:58] I am relieved that the tears you shed for me were not those of sadness. The damage on my leg is a fairly severe but Master will definitely be able to fix this. Can you help me walk back to the theater? Normally, I can do it on my own but now doesn’t seem to be that time. Also, can I ask for a piece cloth to cover up my wound?

Thank you. ….I’m fine. Thank you for lending me your shoulders.

Shall we go? I think it will be impossible for me to come home by today, but I think I can come home tomorrow. Wait for me, okay?

03 A Special Person

I’m home. Sorry for causing you wor—There, there.  You don’t have to rush over me with that bright expression on your face. I came back as promised, okay? Though it was a lot of trouble that it took until dusk to finish.

Yes, it’s back to its beautiful form. You see how I can walk just fine, right?

Hmm? You’re curious? If you really want to know, then I’ll tell you. But before that, are you really curious about our leader’s skills and tools? Or are you perhaps curious about my body? After all, you saw it with your own eyes yesterday, didn’t you? The dried flesh and white bones exactly like that of a human being’s

[1:09] Ahaha, it seems that I’ve hit the bull’s eye, though I would appreciate it if you’d tell me your real intention. If you tell me the truth, then I shall also tell you the truth.

Well done. I shall tell you the truth, then. Even if all Sterne Dolls possess a soul and can move on their own will, I told you how I am different from them, didn’t I? The truth is, I am a human doll.

I am not made up of wood, cloth, or porcelain, but of human flesh.

[2:00] Ahaha, even if you’re that surprised, there’s nothing you can do about it. I am telling the truth. The clan who created me was seeking for someone who can serve as their daughter’s companion. The moment they found out they can make a doll made from a human who is capable of feeling and giving affection, possesses a soul, and can move exactly how a human does, they sought to make one. For the sake of the girl who wanted an older brother, the clan gathered numerous male bodies, meticulously selecting the best body parts and combined them together. That was how I was made. I am not lying. As long as one knows the proper methods, it is doable. From a disassembled body, one removes the internal organs, drains out the blood and connects the different body parts using the joints. As time goes by, ways of preservation and keeping me dry were discovered, so my life is now easier compared to those years when I was just made. Really, a long time ago, I was often made to suffer by the humid weather.

[3:25] Yes, because this time it was my knee that got injured. I had my whole right leg replaced. Usually, Master already has the materials prepared, but looking for a leg that matched the color of my skin seemed to take a lot of time, resulting in my late arrival.

What’s the matter? Are you still shocked? I didn’t want to scare you and receive rejection by revealing this right from the beginning so I kept it from you until now. But you wouldn’t do such a thing, would you?

For someone who told me I was like a beloved older brother, I know you will not hate me merely because of this. I told you this because I knew you would understand. No matter what I’m made of, I am myself and no one else. You understand me, right?

That’s good to hear. Thank you.

That’s right. It doesn’t matter what I am made of or what kind of existence I am. What matters is that I am alive. I knew you’d accept me for who I am, and I feel glad I told you this.

[5:13] (you knock at Fay’s door) Come in.

Good evening. What’s the matter?

No, you’re not a bother at all. As you can see, I was just smoking while gazing at the moon.* If you need someone to talk to, then go ahead.

Yes, I don’t smoke that frequently. I only do this when I feel like it. The moon looks so beautiful today, so I felt like relaxing and taking a smoke. Also, I was in the library since this morning so I wanted to take a break and get a view of the outdoors. You should take a look at the magnificent moon, too.

[6:16] Hmm? Could it be that you don’t like the moon? What’s wrong? It’s a little embarrassing that you’re staring at me like that.

I’m more beautiful than the moon? What an honor. Though the moon will get jealous if it hears that.

The moon is too far away, huh? But still, it has an intense moonlight that we are able to see it from here. I believe the light of the moon has the power to capture the hearts of people.

[7:07] Really? Thank you. I’m happy that you think I had a unique charm from the first time we met. Being told that I am different from the other dolls are the best words of compliment for me, because receiving praise and love is an accomplishment for us Sterne Dolls. However, your words were full of joy that I’m worried it might just be brought about by the heat of moment. (Fay draws near you) I’ll ask this just one more time. Even if I were a doll made up of different human body parts put together, are you really not afraid of me?

[8:04] That answer means everything to me. I won’t ask the same thing again. Nothing makes me happier than you telling me that being a human doll is exactly why you are being drawn to my beauty.

I am also attracted to you. You are very dear to me.

It’s mutual, then. Ah, what a wonderful night. As a remembrance of this moment, can I ask for a kiss from you?

You don’t want to? You won’t listen to the request of the person you love?

(You kiss Fay)

Ahaha. Thank you. I love you. I will also be giving you plenty of love, so I hope you’ll accept it.

–End of track 03–
Tracks 04-06 and Seiyuu Free Talk

Note: *Fay was smoking a kiseru, which is a Japanese smoking pipe. You can see him holding one here.


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