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Shuukyoku no Dolls Vol. 6 Fay Translation

Tracks 01-03

04 Falling Apart

Good morning.

I didn’t know you were here in the garden. I was looking for you.

Ah, will you be using these flowers to decorate the table? How nice. I feel like our meals will be even more enjoyable from now on. Because you always take of this flower bed, the flowers never fail to bloom. However, for me you are more beautiful than them. You look so pretty as always.

Oya? Feeling embarrassed over a kiss on the forehead? Have you forgotten I kissed you on the lips last night?

(laughs) Sorry. I couldn’t help but be drawn in by the lovely peach color of your lips. I won’t tease you anymore, so can you let me touch you more? Let’s go back to the room.

[1:25] Lend me that flower. I’ll put it into a vase. (Fay puts water on a vase and places the flowers inside) Will this do?

Alright, come here (Fay sits on his bed) You should also take a seat. No, not beside me, but on my lap.

You don’t have to hesitate. After all, it was I who asked for it. Come on…Ah, the scent of your hair is so sweet. It also feels good to touch. It feels smooth and silky on my fingers. I love it. It makes me want to always touch it. As much as I like touching your hair, I want to see your tears again. Can you show me those crystal-clear beautiful tears once more?

[2:51] I’m not talking about the tears you shed for me when you felt relieved. After all, there are many more kinds of tears. Like this one. (Fay bites you)

Sorry for that. If I told you beforehand I will be biting you, you’ll be able to brace yourself for the pain. But because I caught you off guard, tears are now falling from your eyes. Those are tears of pain. Ahaha, they look so delicious.

Hmm? What’s with that troubled face? Are you perhaps feeling angry? I just wanted to see your tears no matter what it takes, so I hope you would forgive me. (Fay kisses you)

[4:03] It has already been two weeks since I arrived here. How fast. I want us to have a date in celebration of our two weeks but sorry, I have to go to the theater today. The park is open but, my body’s condition is of more importance.

Yes, we’ve talked about this before, right? Maintaining my body requires regular inspections. Also, I have something to tell Master.

It’s about us. I want to tell him that we have mutual feelings for each other.

Are you starting to feel embarrassed again?  How adorable. I’ll be back by night so wait for me.

[5:06] I’m home.

Yes, the inspection is done and I’m fine. I’ve already told Master about us and he did some repairs on me so now I’m brimming with energy. I feel so refreshed as if I was born again.

Eh? You’re asking if I’m broken somewhere? My collar?

Hmm? What’s the matter? Why do you look so shocked?

Blood? Ah, you were talking about this, then. If there’s blood on my collar, then some blood on my hair must have tainted it. I made sure to wash it all off properly but I guess I missed this spot. Though a change of clothes will immediately solve this problem.

[6:14] In order to maintain my body, I need a constant supply of life energy. My body is that of a human being and while it’s important to maintain my physical body, it is also of importance that I maintain my soul. The rest of the Sterne dolls who are made of porcelain do not need to undergo this procedure, but I do.

In order for me gain life energy and revitalize my soul, I need blood. They say it’s the most effective means. When I bathe in pool of blood, life comes gushing through me. If the blood is fresh, then it feels even better. This time, Master prepared a large serving of fresh blood for me. I don’t get to have that every time I visit so I indulged in it my heart’s content.

[7:10] Hmm? Why do you look like you’ve seen a monster? I’d like it if you don’t act all surprised like that. This is a necessary procedure so that this body stays in its beautiful form. Didn’t you say you love the beauty of a human doll? I know you’ll understand why I needed to do this.

Ah. Well, you don’t have to worry about that. As long as the body is beautiful, even a body of a man living in the slums will do. But even if that’s not the case, Master has his own way of dealing with that. Afterwards, whoever disappears is completely forgotten as if he never existed at all.

[8:07] So, what is the problem?

You feel sorry for them? Why is there a need to feel that way? If they were to continue living their lives, in the end their bodies will just rot away, but if they become part of me, they remain beautiful and alive. Isn’t this something to be happy about? Also, their memories remain in their flesh, so I am in possession of the memories of hundreds of men, and I can keep these memories alive for them. Don’t we have all the more reason to be happy?

You don’t understand? It is I who cannot understand what you are trying to say.

Where are you going? You need to think about something? What is it?

Are you okay? Your face is pale. (You run off and leave Fay behind)

05 A Chasm

Good morning. I see you’re doing a great job watering the plants.

Yesterday, your face was very pale. Do you feel okay now?

Is that so? What a relief.

The flowers look so lovely. They are this vivid and lively thanks to your love and care.

Exactly. They look so happy to receive water…hmm?

Ah, it’s just you’ve got soil on your hair. It must have gotten there while you were covering your face in embarrassment. Here, let me t—

Oh– (sighs) do you really hate getting touched by me that much? Could it be that you are creeped out? Do you not love me anymore?

If you really think I’m kind, why did you distanced yourself from me like that?

I see, you are torn between loving me and fearing me. That is very indecisive of you. What’s the matter?

Eh? The ethics regarding human life isn’t that much of a big deal, is it? I honestly think there is no need to feel worried about it.

[2:05] Ahaha, it’s just that you’re concerned about our conflicting opinions? Now that’s a problem indeed.

Yes, I took care of my former owner until the last moment of her life. But what does this have to do with what we are talking about right now?

Life is valuable? Perhaps you mean the act of being alive?

[2:43] Ahaha, there is only one answer to that. The girl was indeed pretty and I was there for her as a brother figure. I also liked the girl, and we always got along with each other. But during the last few years of her life, as her condition got worse, her body became even thinner and weaker, until there was no single trace of the beauty she once possessed. The sight of her desperately clinging onto her life looked so pathetic that I couldn’t help but feel pity for her. After all, I was supposed to be his kind brother. Of course, I never told this to her, and I took care of her until her last moment, but when she passed away, I was so happy and thought, “Ah, at last, I am liberated from that stupid relationship.” I was honestly tired of hearing everyone saying “What a waste that someone so beautiful only has this short of a life.” I felt so relieved that she didn’t take me along with her.

[4:05] You’re starting to look pale again. Does that mean I wasn’t able to give the answer you wanted to hear?

Change my mind? I should value life the way you do?

Who knows if I can do that. After all, I have been like this ever since I was made.

I know that you are asking me to change my ways exactly because you love me. Otherwise, you wouldn’t feel the need to make me change, would you?

[4:57] (sighs) Considering the way I am no, there’s nothing I could promise about that. I am happy you decided to believe in me. However, I’m afraid I will not be able to fulfill your expectations. Indeed, if I change myself, then there is a chance I’ll be loved this much as well, but I am not that patient to try out something so uncertain, because isn’t it too tedious try it out and wait? Unfortunately, if you think you can’t accept me the way I am now, you leave me with no choice.

(Fay pins you to the ground and kisses you) Don’t move. You’re going to listen to whatever I say. Ahaha, you can’t move now, can you? Well, at the very least I allowed you to move your head. The truth is, I can do hypnosis. The kiss I gave you allows me to make you follow my every order. Your body is now mine. Even if you still love me, our values are different, and it’s impossible to continue living the way we used to. Hence, I shall turn you into my doll.

Ahaha. You seem to be very surprised. You don’t need to worry, because I will make you into the most beautiful doll in the world. It will take time to do my preparations so why not sleep for a while? (Fay snaps his fingers) Starting to feel sleepy? Sleep well, then.

06 A Lovely Pair

Ahaha…ahh I see you’re finally awake. Good morning. That chair isn’t very soft but did you have a nice sleep?

Those clothes? I put them on while you were sleeping. In my native country, that is what women wear. It’s beautiful, isn’t it?

We’re in Coppelia’s basement room where I keep my collection. I apologize for the dim lighting. But you can see what’s in here, can’t you? I want you to see my vast collection. They are my precious dolls.

They were the dolls I collected. And they were once human, just like you.

[1:12] The truth is, my arrival at your house for the sake of gaining a deeper understanding of humans was a complete and utter lie.

The reason why we offer ourselves to live with humans is so that we can take their souls. The master’s real motive is to gather as many souls as possible.

Yes, we Sterne Dolls have the ability to cast a curse on people, and that curse allows us to steal their souls. You already had the curse the moment we met. I think now is good opportunity to tell you a story. Master lost the girl he loved, but could not accept her death, so he thought of ways on how to bring her back to life. So, he gathered the Sterne Dolls, who possess the power to curse people. He plans on gathering souls and use them to revive her. Our stage plays were also for the sake of that girl. She loved dolls, so Master thought she’d be very happy to see a play with the whole cast being dolls. And this is the story of how the Coppelia Doll Troupe was formed. We, who were gathered so that our master’s wish can come true, may have varying beliefs and personalities, but as performers on stage, we were all able to gather plenty of souls. Once your soul is removed from your body, you will become a doll. You will not be able to talk and move like a Sterne Doll does, but you will become an immobile puppet displayed as a decoration.

[3:14] Yes, exactly like the dolls surrounding you now. Every time I remove a soul from a body, I keep the body and store it as a part of my collection. After all, I did spend time with them, no matter how short. Also, they help me bring back nice memories. It would be a waste to just throw them away, right? At first, I planned on removing your soul from your body and keep the latter as part of my collection like I usually do. But you are special to me, and you told me you love me. Hence, I shall not take your soul away. Master might object, but I love you to the point where I don’t care about his opinion anymore. You told me you want me to change because you love me. So, I shall let you live.

[4:27] Have you forgotten what I just said? You will be my doll, which is why I had you dressed in those clothes. If I didn’t become the kind of person you like, you might stop loving me, and I definitely don’t want that to happen.

I already told you that it is very difficult for me to change. I don’t understand the value of human life. Even if you believe I can, I find myself not being able to imagine a happy future with you. When that happens, I have no choice but to do this.

Hmm? They are exactly what you think they are. These are tools I will be using to reborn you into a beautiful doll. Let’s start with your hair, shall we?

[5:45] I will be cutting it. Your hair is so pretty, so I will add it to my collection as well. But because you will be my doll, I want you to look exactly according to my taste. I want you to have an appearance that matches mine. Like those oriental clothes I made you wear, I will also be putting a black wig that matches my black hair. Besides, you also told me you wanted to try out having black hair, didn’t you? Alright, let’s cut that hair short, shall we? You might get wounded so stay still. Sorry but I will be immobilize your neck. Of course, I don’t want you to get hurt because your head is moving about while I’m cutting your hair. Your hair is so smooth and soft. Don’t worry, I’ll take care of them…Done. If I cut it that short, there should not problem with putting the wig on. Next let’s…

[7:17] Transformation complete. You look so pretty. I like your hair for what it was before but I still like sleek black hair best. How beautiful. Do you like it, too?

Oya? You’re not saying anything, aren’t you? You’re still supposed to be able to talk but perhaps you are already tired? Nevermind, then. Next, I will put on some make-up to make you even more beautiful.

[8:02] Your skin is already white, but if I apply this face powder, it will become even whiter that your skin will become crystal clear.

Lastly, I’ll be putting red lipstick over your soft lips. Ahh, you look great. You’re as lovely as a ripe peach. Ahh, this is perfect. Even if I search the whole of my native country, I’ll never be able to find someone as beautiful as you. You look like a princess. Wonderful. You are special, so I shall not take your soul away and instead keep you as a human doll. You will be the centerpiece of this room, and I shall shower you with love everyday.

[9:16] At last, tears! Ahh, I’m so happy. Seeing you shed tears in that beautiful form makes me so happy I couldn’t contain myself. Fear, sorrow, and regret mixed up together to form tears of despair are the most beautiful of all. It would be a waste to just let them evaporate away, so I’ll be keeping it in this bottle. Come on, give me more tears. Yes, more. More. Ah, I’ve gathered quite a lot.

[10:01] Hmm, maybe this should do for today. I just wanted to hear your voice while crying just one last time, so I think it’s time to take away your voice. Because there’s no meaning to your words if they are not words of your love for me.

(Fay kisses you)

Ahaha. Now, your lips are immobile as well. From now on, all you can do is move your eyes. I am just using hypnotism so of course, you still have your consciousness and emotions. You are still capable of shedding tears as well. I will also be doing various treatments so that your body will not weaken nor wither away even if it grows old. I will visit you everyday, my beloved. Make sure to show me lots of your beautiful tears.

Goodbye. See you again tomorrow.


Special thanks to Melanie!

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07 Free Talk

Hello. I am Toriumi Kousuke who played the role of Fay of Amethyst.  Starting off with my impression of the work during the whole recording session…well, I voiced this suspicious…suspicious? Or should I say quite peculiar person but I can say it was easy and fun voicing him. Also, isn’t this volume long? It’s about 70 pages. I felt like it will take forever to finish. As for my general impression of the story, as it goes on it begins to feel creepy…or should I say it gets better (laughs)

[1:06] Q: Do you have any memorable experiences with dolls?

Well, I am a guy so I can’t recall a lot of experiences with dolls or stuffed toys but well, when I was young,  maybe around the time I was in kindergarten, I remember having lots of stuffed animals. My parents bought them for me when we went to a zoo. But as for dolls, I can’t remember owning one. Aren’t dolls kinda creepy? We had ones on the stairs but even if I saw one I never really felt anything supernatural from it. So, unfortunately, I don’t really have any memorable experiences with dolls. But I do sometimes buy figures, like figures of the characters I’ve voiced. I collect them and display them at home.

[2:30] Q: Sterne Dolls like Fay are dolls who can move and talk on their own will. What will you do if all the dolls and stuffed toys in the world suddenly became able to talk and move like them?

Well, I have seen something like that in movies, and I had fun watching them, but I wonder how I’d react if suddenly a doll or toy gains its own consciousness. I probably wouldn’t like it. If it were a doll around 20cm to 30 cm big and it were moving on its own then I think it’d look cute, but I don’t really wanna see a life sized doll doing the same thing. As much as possible, I want to live in a world where dolls like that don’t exist, because who knows whether or not we can properly coexist with them. Anyway, I just think it would be creepy, so I honestly don’t want that to happen.

[3:57] Lastly, my message for the listeners…So this concludes Shuukyoku no Dolls Vol. 6. I feel curious about what you felt after listening. Well, for me it was something made carefully and conscientiously, so even if it ended this way, I hope you all enjoyed it. I myself had fun voicing Fay, and I think it’d be nice if it had a sequel. Thank you very much for listening until the end. Once again, this is Toriumi Kousuke, who played the role of Fay. Let’s meet again sometime. Goodbye.

Additional note:

Iki ningyo – In reality, an iki ningyo or an iki doll are life-sized dolls that look very similar to humans. Technically, all Sterne Dolls fit this description. However, the concept of iki ningyo originated in Japan, and so iki ningyos in general have Asian physical features. Generally speaking, an iki ningyo is not made up of human flesh.  But in the Shuukyoku no Dolls world, Fay redefined this word to mean “a living doll made up of human flesh.” In track 03 [1:45], Fay said “Just like what the characters mean, I am a doll made up of a living human’s flesh.” Iki ningyo written in Kanji looks like this 生き人形 and生 is a Chinese character which means “life.”

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