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Chapter 3: Gozen Yoji no Dusty Love (4AM’s Dusty Love)

(On Torao’s birthday)

Touma: I’m so glad we were able to gather for Torao’s birthday. We were even able to prepare a cake!
Haruka: Isn’t it because we were together all day long for work? …Ah I like this cake from Fonte Chocolat.
Minami: Isumi-san is right. We would not be able to gather like this if not for our work. Mido-san’s phone has been ringing since this morning.
Torao: (on the phone) Hello? …Today? Hmm…
Touma: Hey, Tora! We made an effort to gather here for your birthday! I told you to turn off your phone, right?
Torao: (to Touma) I don’t remember myself asking you do to that (on the phone) Ah, don’t mind that, I was just talking to someone else. So, about that…
Touma: Geez! Give me that!
Torao: Ah–
Touma: Umm…H-hello?… This is Inumaru Touma speaking… I was wondering if you’d allow us to spend some time with Tora…Okay. (to Torao) Her voice was so cute.
Torao: Didn’t you say that before, too?
Haruka: Come one, let’s eat the cake!
Minami: I agree.
Touma: There’s a candle so you have to blow it first, Tora.
Torao: Me?
Touma: Who else has a birthday today?!
Torao: (blows the candle)
Touma: Haha! Why did you look like you weren’t used to blowing candles? Happy birthday, Tora! I’m glad we were able to celebrate for your birthday!
Haruka: Happy birthday. Can I have this part with a large strawberry?
Minami: Happy birthday, Mido-san.
Torao: Thanks…
Touma: Alright! Time to slice the cake.
Haruka: I’ll be the one to do it! …(singing) Shiruku no shiitsu ni puraido taoshite kuchibiru wa fusaide shimaouka~ (What if I just throw my pride away on these silk sheets and kiss your lips?)
Minami: My, my. I am surprised to hear Isumi-san say something suggestive.
Haruka: I-it’s not what you think it is! I was just singing Torao’s song.
Touma: Yeah it’s Torao’s solo song! Good job, Minami! Though it sounds like being with a woman at the disco, I could feel the loneliness, too.
Minami: Thank you very much.
Torao: Thanks. I guess it’s not bad receiving a compliment from a guy after all.
Touma: I even downloaded it!
Torao: You bought it even though you already had a copy?
Haruka: I bought it, too. Besides, it helps the sales go up.
Minami: I purchased the song, too.
Torao: I see…Was there any use to our hanging out together?
Minami: Isn’t it you who knows the answer to that question best?
Torao: Well, I guess so.
Haruka: You did a great job composing the song after going to Usamimi Friends Park, Minami.
Minami: Thanks. Our time at the amusement park was so fun, wasn’t it?
Torao: It was! Especially the hero show.
Touma: I didn’t know there were heroes at Usamimi Friends park!
Torao: That was just a play with rabbits as characters. Who knows whether heroes really do exist?
Haruka: Which reminds me, Torao looked like he was having so much fun, so I took a video. Wanna watch it?
Minami: Oh my, were you recording a video in secret?
Haruka: It’s not like I was doing it secretly!


Location: Usamimi Friends Park. ZOOL members are watching a hero show (a stage play about superheroes often held in public places like amusement parks)

Boy: You can do it! You can win this battle!
Torao: That’s right! If you lose, what will happen to the girl you love?
Girl: I’m sure someone will come to help you out, so don’t give up!
Torao: Just like how there’s no such thing as a night that never ends, there is no such thing as a problem that can’t be solved! Believe in the man you love. Wait for him and he will come to save you.

Touma:  Now that was amusing!
Minami: Mido-san joining the children in cheering for the characters looked like he was having so much fun, didn’t he?
Torao: Guys, why do you think we were there? We’re part of the audience! There’s no meaning in sitting there if you don’t let yourself get immersed in their world.
Haruka: But why a hero show of all things? We could’ve watched a movie about a superhero instead.
Torao: I thought you wanted to know the real me.
Touma: Y-yeah it was awesome, right? Especially that part when the rabbits combined their powers and defeated the enemy!
Torao: In fact, they’re already making the movie version.
Haruka: Seriously…?
Minami: What a great accomplishment.
Haruka: Ah! I remembered I also recorded another funny video.
Torao: You took videos of me that much? But well, I’m pretty sure it’s because I’m photogenic.
Touma: If you weren’t…

(video) Location: Usamimi Friends Park

Torao: Hey, Touma. You still have ice cream left near your mouth.
Touma: Really? Where?
Torao: Not there, here.
Touma: Uhyaa— W-why the hell are you wiping it off with your hand?! I’ll wipe it off by myself!
: Isn’t it quicker this way? There’s ice cream on my hand. Touma, hand me your handkerchief.
Minami: Wouldn’t it be better to use wet wipes? I have some with me.

Torao: Ahaha. Touma was like, “Uhyaa!”
Haruka: I know! That was so funny.
Touma: Why the hell did you take a video of that? Delete it!
Minami: Isumi-san, can I also have a copy of that video? Since I will be making Inumaru’s solo song as well, it would be ideal to gather as much data as I can.
Haruka: Sure! After we finish eating this cake, that is.
Touma: Don’t use it as “data”!
Minami: (evil chuckle)
Torao: This cake is too small.
Haruka: What’s the matter? The slice with the big strawberry is mine, okay?
Minami: Were you not satisfied with the way it was cut?
Torao: No. It’s just that it’s my first time having a birthday like this.
Touma: Well, this might be different from the grand and luxurious birthdays you’ve always had, but I’m sure we can have celebrations like those once we gain more popularity.
Torao: Well, about that…this celebration was surprisingly fun.
Touma: Tora…
Haruka, Minami: …
Torao: I was suddenly reminded of the things I’ve given up on. I’m sure Gozen Yoji no Dusty Love will be popular, Minami.
Minami: Of course, because it was a song that I made.
Touma: Ahaha! The night has just begun! Let’s enjoy the night, Tora!
Haruka: I’ll let you take the lead role for today, Torao.
Torao: Great! Like an aphrodisiac, I’ll turn this into the best night of your life.


Minami – Dejavu Rabbit TV

Thank you very much to Dean who provided me with a copy of the Rabbit TV because I wasn’t able to get the card

The word biyaku (aphrodisiac) was mentioned in the chorus of Gozen Yoji no Dusty Love

Dusty Love…I wanna kiss you
Suriru wa marude biyaku (It’s so thrilling I feel like I’m on love drugs)


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