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Idolish7 Drama CD 03 English Translation (Let's Move Forward Little by Little!)

Tsumugi (narration): Even a sudden power outage was not able to beat Idolish7! Tamaki-san’s dance performance was followed by Sougo-san’s solo, and the group was able to smoothly carry out their live performance. Afterwards, the members were excitedly talking about their success.

Mitsuki: You guys were awesome, especially you, Tamaki!

Yotsuba: Did I appear on TV?! DID I?!

Riku: Your perfomance was flawless, Sogo-san!

Sogo: Thanks. Good thing I didn’t make any mistakes.

Yamato: Alright! Why not we all relax and have fun tonight? Let’s go back to our dorm and have a drinking party!

Everyone: YAAAAAY!

Location: dorm

Iori: However, we are not of legal age, so we won’t be drinking, will we?

Mitsuki: Here you go! I made some yakisoba for you guys.

Iori: Thank you very much. Nii-san, you have gone drinking with Nikaido-san and Osaka-san before, right?

Mitsuki: Yes, I did! It was a freaking blast! I can’t remember what happened tho.

Iori: …

Sogo: I can’t recall much of what happened, either. I just remember waking up in my room the next day.

Iori: …Uhh. Is it really okay that we’re having this drinking party?


Riku: Tamaki, this is for everyone, okay?

Tamaki: I’ll be eating your share, too.

Yamato: This onii-san remembers everything tho. Sou was curled up in one corner while drinking cocktails and spirits whose names appear in song lyrics. (1)

Sogo: Oh, that! I remember now! I’ve always wanted to know what they tasted like, and they were great! There were lots of varieties, and I wanted to try them all.

Yamato: Is that so? Uhh…anyway, I suggest you don’t drink too much, okay?

Mitsuki: Don’t be such a wet blanket, ossan! (2) We’re supposed to party hard tonight, right?

Yamato: You freaking got drunk before Sou so you have no freaking idea about what happened!

Mitsuki: Weren’t you the one with the red face? (opens a can of beer) Here ya go, is it okay for you to start with beer?

Yamato: Yeah, thanks.

Mitsuki (to other members): Everyone, get your glasses. Underage members, no alcohol, okay?

Tamaki, Riku, Nagi: Okay~!

Riku (to Iori, Tamaki, Nagi): What do you guys wanna drink? Orange juice, soda, or oolong tea?

Iori: Oolong tea, of course.

Tamaki: I go for soda!

Nagi: I want wine but I abide by the laws of Japan (3). Anything that goes well with yakisoba, please.

Riku: It’s gotta be orange juice! *pours orange juice onto Nagi’s glass*

Tamaki: It’s gotta be soda! *pours soda onto Nagi’s glass*

Nagi: NOOOOO! Please don’t mix them!!!

Mitsuki: Alright! Does everyone already have their glasses? Cheers!

Everyone else: CHEERS!

Riku: Sogo-san, what are you drinking?

Sogo: This is a kind of cocktail called Rusty Nail. It’s in the lyrics of the third track of the CD I rented before. There’s also this cocktail called White Russian and it’s in the lyrics of the fifth track. I heard it’s sweet so I wanna try it out, too.

Riku: So they are alcoholic drinks whose names appear in songs?

Sogo: Yes, that’s it! As for this night’s party, I’m planning on trying out other cocktails, especially Gimlet, Godfather, and Whisky Mac.

Riku: Cool! I’m so excited to become 20 so that I can drink with everyone, too! Sogo-san, you don’t seem to be drunk at all.

Sogo: You think so?

Yamato: Sou, come and sit next to me.

Sougo: Okay. (stands up from his chair and approaches Yamato)

Mitsuki: Yamato-san, don’t tell me you’re gonna just make Sogo pour drinks for you. Don’t freakin’ order people around just because you’re the eldest!

Sogo: (laughs) I don’t mind, tho.

Yamato: (mumbles) Don’t you freaking understand that I’m offering myself as a sacrifice here?

Tamaki: Sou-chan, I wanna try using this shaker thingy.

Sogo: You mean that cocktail shaker? Go ahead, but no drinking, okay?

Tamaki: I know, I know. Hey, Nagi-cchi, how do you use this?

Nagi: Why are you asking me?

Tamaki: You look like someone who knows how.

Riku: I feel you, Tamaki! Nagi looks a bartender, right?

Nagi: Sorry, but I only drink. How about you, Iori?

Iori: I’m not sure but don’t you just normally put the drink inside and shake the container?

Tamaki: Can you put any drink inside?

Nagi: Hmm…if it’s a cocktail for Sogo, why don’t we put something that he likes?

Tamaki: How about tabasco, then?

Riku: Wouldn’t tabasco be great?

Iori: It wouldn’t really be a cocktail if we just put tabasco, would it? We should include an alcoholic drink.

Tamaki: Hmm…how about beer and…this.

Riku: What’s that?

Tamaki: Vo…vod…ka. (Tamaki has a hard time reading loan words.)

Riku: This is called ‘vodka.’

(Tamaki starts shaking the drinks inside the cocktail shaker)

Nagi: Because this is Beer Buster, it’d better if you just stir it. Though I’ll warn you that if you shake it, the beer will-


Tamaki: That was cold af! It freaking exploded!

Iori: Come on, you two, dry yourselves with this. (gives towels)

Riku: Ah!


Riku: I finally remembered the name of Dad’s bartender! His name as Barter!

Iori: You are so random, Nanase-san. Is this regarding the showclub your parents owned in the past?

Tamaki: I’ve always wanted to ask this but…what’s a showclub?

Riku: Umm…it’s like a cabaret.

Tamaki: What?! Is it, like…R18?

Riku: N-no, no! Umm…

Mitsuki: YELLOW CARD!!!

Riku: Whaaaat?

Mitsuki: You kids should only talk about wholesome things! And the one in-charge is…

Iori: In-charge?

Nagi: Mitsuki, are you drunk?

Mitsuki: …YOU!!! (hits Nagi on the head)

Nagi: Ouch! 

Mitsuki: Aren’t you the eldest one here?! LINE-UP ACCORDING TO YOUR AGE! FROM THE YOUNGEST. NOW!

Tamaki: One.

Iori: Two.

Riku: Three!

Nagi: Four! Oh! I never realized I was the eldest!

Mitsuki: Exactly. You’re the leader!

Nagi: Yes, I’m the leader! I’m gonna do my best, Mitsuki!

Mitsuki: Good. Wholesome topics only, okay?!

Tamaki: Mikki’s face is red af.

Iori: Nii-san’s face usually goes red easily when he drinks. Being able to clearly inform others about his drunk condition, you can say Nii-san is a good communicator, isn’t he?

Riku: I’ve been hesitating to say this but…

Iori: What is it?

Riku: Iori, you sure do have brother complex, don’t you?

Iori: What do you mean? I was just doing an objective analysis. I am not like you, Nanase-san.

Riku: Haa? I also think my older brother is cool and I’m not even biased about it!

Tamaki: Don’t fight, you two! Let’s just continue what we were talking about a while ago. Umm…what was it…Rikkun’s–

Nagi: STOOOP!!!  Stop it or else Mitsuki will scold me again! Let’s just use a different word when talking about “that.”

Tamaki: Okay. Rikkun’s…umm…FSC?

Riku: Oh! You mean that big company, right? It’d be better if we just say that instead. Umm…my family’s business was not “FSC.” There were just live band performances and stuff like that.

Tamaki: That’s it? Weren’t there any “FSC” girls?

Riku: Well, there were some who wore “FSC” outfits. I was just a kid back then but there were times when me and Tenn-nii would hide under the performers’ skirts.


Riku: We were just kids, okay?!

Iori: Whether or not it was “FSC,” why not just accept that it was so that we can get over with this.

Nagi: Well, didn’t everyone have pleasant “FSC” moments at least once in their lives? Who knows, maybe even the proper and responsible Sogo had some “FSC” days.

Sougo: (triggered)

Riku: Sougo-san couldn’t possibly be “FSC.”

Tamaki: I also don’t think Sou-chan is “FSC.”

Nagi: You can never be sure. He has got to be “FSC.”

Iori: Perhaps he really is “FSC.” I wonder.

Sogo: Wh-what? H-hey, guys–

Yamato: What’s wrong? You’re face is getting pale.

Sogo: N-nothing. No need to worry. (starts chugging his glass of cocktail)

Yamato: Hey! I told you not to drink that in one go! What is that?

Sogo: Godfather.

Yamato: (sighs) What’s up with drinking only the hardcore ones? I’ll drink that. Go and drink some water, okay?

Sogo: No, I’m fine. I’m not drunk. Yamato-san, you also seem fairly sober today, don’t you? On our previous night out, you got drunk way too fast, though.

Yamato: It doesn’t really show on your face, does it? Not until your switch gets turned on, at least.

Sogo: Switch?

Yamato: You were adorable and seemed to be having fun, so I thought there wasn’t much need for me to stop you from taking a drink. Besides, you’ll be fine as long as I look after you. So if you think you’re about to get drunk, you should tell this onii-san ahead of t–

Sogo: Fufufufufu….


Sogo: I wanna drink some whiskey~

Yamato: I told you not to drink that! Just settle with the light drinks for now, okay? Why the hell do you only drink the strong ones?

Sogo: Because they’re in rock song lyrics~ Fufu~

Yamato: I’ll go and start a rock band and our song will go like “No alcohol, yeah!” so you just settle for beer for now, okay?

Iori: I wonder what’s going on between Nikaido-san and Osaka-san. They seem to be acting weird.

Riku: Hmm…I think it’s more like when you’re riding a train and the passenger next to you is sleeping and later his head falls onto your lap.

Iori: That is impossible.

Riku: It happens! Haven’t you done that before, Iori? The top of your head was so exposed!

Iori: NO WAY.

Tamaki: Is Sou-chan drunk? I forgot to give him this shaker thingy. Should I give it to him now?

Nagi: Oh, if you give that beer buster to Sougo now, it might turn into a Sogo buster.

Riku: Oh! Sougo-san is looking at us.

Sogo: Fufufufu~

Tamaki: He’s doing a freaking zombie pose while laughing. Scary.

Riku: If it were a zombie pose, his hand would be in the opposite direction. I think it’s more of a “I hope these feelings reach you!” kind of pose.

Nagi: It’s gotta be a Magical Crash pose!

Iori: If you think about it normally, he is mostly likely just asking for something. Could it be that he wants another serving?

Sogo: You’re right, Iorin~!

Tamaki: Huh? “Iorin”…?

Nagi: Sogo, what’s going on?

Sogo: Nnnh–

Riku: Oh! Yamato-san covered Sougo-san’s mouth!

Yamato: You freaking idiot! If the kids find out you’re drunk, you’re definitely gonna regret it tomorrow!

Sogo: (takes off Yamato’s hand from his mouth) Fufu~ I will definitely regret this.

Yamato: EXACTLY. Geez, let’s call it a day and go back to your room. This onii-san will keep you company, okay?

Sogo: Ah!

Yamato: What’s wrong?

Sogo: Umm…there was a lighting strike today.

Yamato: Ohhh, yeah…there sure was!

Sogo: Good thing I didn’t make any mistakes during today’s performance.

Yamato: Yeah, it sure is! Ahaha…

Sogo: (super adorable laugh)

Yamato: Alright, let’s go to your r–

(Mitsuki hits Yamato)

Yamato: Ouch!

Mitsuki: YELLOW CARD!!!

Yamato: What was that for? I didn’t do anything to deserve that, did I?

Mitsuki: Who the hell said you can go back to your rooms when everyone is out here having fun?! YOU FREAKING MOLE!!! (5)

Yamato: You don’t understand! Sou here is already dead drunk so–

Mitsuki: DEAD DRUNK?! Sogo, you’re not drunk, right?

Sogo: No, I’m not~~~

Mitsuki: Told ya he’s not!

Yamato: YOU’RE THE ONE WHO’S DRUNK. WHY NOT FREAKING EAT THIS LEMON. (forcibly puts a WHOLE lemon inside Mitsuki’s mouth)


Nagi: Oh I’m coming to the rescue! Lie down. (performs a chest compression)

Iori: Rokuya-san! If you really want to help out then don’t do that while sitting on Nii-san’s torso!

Tamaki: WHAT THE HELL IS ALL THIS CHAOS?! Geez, you guys are freaking adults! Especially you, Sou-chan!

Sogo: Hnn….Riku-kun, come here~

Riku: What is it, Sogo-san? Huh? Should I put my ears closer?

Sougo: Yes. (whispers) Tamaki-kun is just beside us.


Sougo: Ouch!

Riku: (laughs) Sogo-san is so amusing today!

Sougo: Yaaaaay~

Riku: You wanna lean on me, Sogo-san? I’m already used to seeing the top of people’s heads so it’s fine with me!

Sougo: Riku-kun! Sing for me~!

Riku: Okay!

Nagi: Great! The surgery was a success! I managed to remove the lemon.

Mitsuki: (coughs) THAT WAS SO SOUR. What the hell was that heart massage for?! You should’ve freaking took the lemon out earlier!

Nagi: It’s called “special service.” If you want, I’ll even add a wink (winks) Ciao!

Iori: This is all Nikaido-san’s fault! Don’t you dare do horrible things to Nii-san just because he’s drunk and defenseless!

Yamato: Defenseless?! He was the one who kept on calling us out for no reason!

Iori: He was just looking after us! But look at what y– (Yamato puts a lemon inside Iori’s mouth)

Yamato: YOU BROTHERS DESERVE TO EAT THESE LEMONS. From now on, I’ll call you the “Lemon Brothers.”

Sogo: What’s that? A new band~?

Riku: Should I sing a Lemon Brothers song, Sogo-san?

Iori: That was so sour….

Tamaki: SHUT UP YOU DRUNKARDS. If you keep that up, you leave me no choice but to do this! (starts shaking the cocktail shaker)

Mitsuki: Tamaki! Standing on top of a table is rude, you know! By the way, what’s that?

Nagi: NOOO! Tamaki, I told you not to shake beer or it will–

Tamaki: TAKE THAT!!! (Tamaki opens the cocktail shaker and beer scatters everywhere)

Riku: Ah! So cold!

Nagi: O-oh my god! There’s beer and tabasco in my eyes! OHHH!!!


Sogo: Ouch! (pauses) It hurts but it tastes nice.

Tamaki: Hehehe~ A-aaaaahhh! Emergency!!! MY EYES HURT. MY EYES WON’T OPEN. Emergency! EMERGENCY!! Someone get a towel!!

Iori: Weren’t you the one who started it, you fool!

Tamaki: But…

Yamato: (realizes his eyes didn’t get soaked with beer) Aren’t glasses just freaking convenient?


Sogo: More please~

Yamato: Victory is mine!


Note: This ends the first part of the drama CD. The second part will be posted soon.


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    1. Hello Ry! Sorry about that! I removed it for the meanwhile because I’m still not finished translating it ^^; Anyway, the drinking party ends here and I hoped you enjoyed it! I will tell you once I’m done translating the 2nd part


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